Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 95

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 95 Reward

With Wolfgang gone, Konrad was now alone and surrounded by four beauties whose thoughts drifted to the same direction: his rod.

Pleasure aside, it was necessary for him to dual cultivate with them and devise ways to promote their cultivation at the fastest pace possible. With seven Semi-Saints waiting for him in his spatial pouch's mansion, his needs for spiritual energy had drastically reduced.

Moreover, the Arch Rank was the last cultivation rank in which accumulating spiritual energy tremendously mattered. Starting with the Transcendent Rank, it was all about the nature and number of meridians the cultivator could unlock. For that reason, there were many individuals with initially shocking cultivation speed who upon reaching the Transcendent Rank saw their progress dwindle until they became ordinary and lost themselves within the sea of talents.

Although Konrad didn't fear such a fate, the same couldn't be said for all his ladies. With his new exp gains, he would need to browse the system and find the best physiques for them, improve their bloodlines and cultivation methods while also setting aside cultivation resources for their use. A quick calculation showed that given them all the same treatment was at best, a fantasy.

Another more pressing issue was…

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Iliana questioned upon seeing the odd gaze Konrad cast on her.

"No reason…"

Although thanks to Wolfgang's "cooperation" Konrad managed to make Iliana accept the contract's situation, he was now facing another dilemma.

How would he make her accept Zamira as one of his harem members? The Daphne case had been trying enough and even required some incubus manipulations. However, Konrad clearly understood that even if he could make her accept Zamira through an overbearing stance, having to share her man with her mother would inevitably create a knot within Iliana's heart.

"Unless she proposes it herself, or I rewire her, this can never work out. I will, of course, not rewire one of my most cherished ladies. What to do…

If she proposes it herself…"

Konrad's eyes shifted toward Zamira, who stood by Freya's side with a distant look.

"I know!"

"I need you to act a little play for me."

He told Zamira in a mental message. Though perplexed, she knew that the mental message indicated a need for secrecy, so she didn't let her face show her surprise.

"What can I do for you, master?"

"While I "reward" Freya, I want you to feign dejection and lead Iliana into a girls talk. When she asks you what's wrong, tell her that…"

Konrad imparted his new Machiavellian plan onto Zamira, who struggled to not show her bewilderment.

"It really seems to be the only way to make her welcome the new situation. Worry not, I will properly handle this."

With his evil ploy set into motion, Konrad returned his attention onto Freya.

"You've done well. Not only did you substantially increase our resources, but thanks to you, father-in-law was able to take down house Schoner in record's time. You deserve ample rewards."

The word "reward" rang the same in every single one of the ladies' ears. Clearly, Freya was about to get the spear.

"It's not fair! What about me?"

Daphne pouted while rubbing her head against Konrad's left shoulder.

"I, of course, haven't forgotten about you. However, I need to help Freya get back to her previous cultivation level as soon as possible. This will take some…personal guidance. Don't worry, we will have a big celebration tonight."

Quick-witted, Daphne understood "celebration" in Konrad's licentious vocabulary meant "orgy." Therefore, she no longer pressed him. As for Iliana, she, of course, had no interest in staying to watch the show. She'd not reached that level of moral degradation yet!

"Humph! Mom, let's leave this debauched bastard to his "rewarding" and discuss the recent events."

She snorted, stood up, and left with great strides, bringing Zamira alongside her. Believing Daphne could also help in the convincing ploy, Konrad brought her into the plan.

"Do a good job, and I will also give you plentiful rewards."

Daphne's eyes lit up with mischief. She leaped onto her feet and ran after the mother-daughter pair.

"Hey, wait for me!"

In the bedroom, only Konrad and Freya remained. The sight of that ravishing pair of golden eyes devouring him with hunger and lust, caused Konrad's lips to curl into a devilish smile.

"Come here."

He beckoned with his right index, causing a surge of telekinetic power to wrap Freya, lift her from the ground, and carry her into his arms in the blink of an eyelid.

Not startled, she wrapped her arms around his neck and sat on his lap with her bubble butt comforting his thighs, and her cushy chest pressing his. Konrad dispelled the Anselm disguise, reassuming his true form. The return of his matchlessly handsome face set Freya ablaze.

Her heart wildly beat within her chest, making her gasp for breath as she took in his spectacular sight. At the same time, she remarked striking changes that only enhanced Konrad's appearance.

In his human form, Konrad initially possessed a pair of pitch-black eyes, but now, although the left was still black, the right one had permanently turned purple. He no longer needed to use his demonic powers to cause the change. As for his body, it was even taller. If before he stood at around 1.85 meters, now he easily approached the 1.9.

His already well-defined muscles now rippled with supernatural power and mesmerizing charm, his face had transcended the limits of human beauty, becoming an artwork surpassing any Greek God fantasy.

In short, his entire body was a marvel, and the orchid scent overflowing from it only heightened his overwhelming presence. In his current form, he didn't even need to use his powers to make the average woman lose her mind in craving for him, and swoon within his arms.

The transformation was astonishing.

"Like what you see?"

Just by sitting there and breathing in his scent, Freya could feel her mind surrendering to desire.

"I don't like, I love. I feel like a god is about to fuck me silly."

She replied without a hint of bashfulness while bringing her face closer to Konrad's and brushing his nose with hers while debating if she should just devour his lips or wait for his next move.

Konrad chuckled, brushed aside strands of red hairs falling over her left eye, and pulled her lips onto his for a passionate kiss.

His tongue was like a furnace swallowing Freya's spirit for a rebirth in an incandescent world of lust and debauchery.

Her heart rate had already reached a life-threatening level on mortal standards. And though it seemed like it could explode at any time, Freya didn't care. Passion overwhelmed reason, as she abandoned herself to Konrad's touch.

As he trailed his tongue down her neck and teased her sensitive nipples through the fabric, her moistened snatch soaked his clothes, announcing her body's eagerness to take him whole.

Konrad lowered the straps, causing Freya's dress to fall below her chest, all the way down to her waist. Her bare breasts sprang free, and as she gasped due to Konrad's tongue, and rubbed herself on his thighs, they bounced against his chest.

"No, undergarments?"

Konrad remarked, seeing that below her dress, Freya wore no underwear.

"I want to be ready to take you at all times, so I don't wear any…"

An excellent reply.

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