Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 96

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 96 Let Him Take Care Of You R 18

"Good girl."

Konrad used the system to upgrade his Hundred Flowers Scripture to the Transcendent level. At this stage, even if they possessed no foundation in one, his partners would see their cultivation increase in both the martial and spiritual path.

He then activated his Hundred Flowers Scripture and established a spiritual connection with Freya for a perfect dual cultivation session.

Their minds intertwined, and her fresh passion spread within Konrad, electrifying him as her body succumbed to her aching need for him.

Freya rubbed herself harder on Konrad's lap, causing his shaft to harden beneath his clothes, and poke her entrance from below.


She moaned while still breathing in his scent. Konrad pressed her breasts against one another, and took her two nipples into his mouth, tugging on them as he stood up, and causing new moans to escape Freya's lips. Her slender legs enlaced his waist while his arms held hers, making her appear like a butterfly folding its wings around sweet nectar.

Keeping her in balance, Konrad brought her against the adjacent wall and dropped onto his knees. Lifting the bottom of her dress, he rubbed two fingers against her flower entrance, using her own love juice to lubricate them, before pulling them away and kissing her lower lips.

While flicking his tongue on Freya's clit and swallowing her juice, Konrad poked her butthole with his moistened index, testing the territory before slowly inserting it inside.


The unexpected intrusion brought a groan from Freya's moaning mouth. She straddled Konrad's neck, making him shoulder her body weight with it alone, while he attacked her on two fronts and brought waves upon waves of orgasms out of her.

After his index explored the many corners of the new territory, Konrad pulled it out, replacing it with his middle finger, while his tongue dived deeper into Freya's snatch and brought more blissful moans from her honest lips.

Soon, his face and neck soaked in her juice. If the abundant wetness wasn't enough signal, Freya's voice made her needs clear.

"Enough…I…I…want to feel your cock inside…please, fuck me!"

She begged, and faced with such a straightforward partner, Konrad could only oblige.

Holding Freya's waist with one hand, he stood up, keeping her lifted in the air while he unbuckled his belt and caused his pants to drop onto the ground. His golden rod had already risen to attention. However, an unexpected event occurred.

Right beneath Konrad's rod, another one was rising, this one possessed no golden light, but was instead surrounded by a violet mist and rippled with demonic energy.

Seeing the second dick appearing with no warning, Freya knew this day was bound to turn into one of the most memorable events of her life. As Konrad aligned his rods with her two holes, her eyes glazed with lust.



Konrad pressed Freya's back against the wall and drove his rods into her prepared tunnels.


Her tight pussy, and tighter butt clenched hard on his spears, adjusting to their lengths as their supernatural powers spread within her.

Once he felt her ready, Konrad dragged his rods all the ways down to the entrances, then pushed back to the hilt, settling into a rhythm, and thrusting into her hard, fast, and to both their hearts' content.

The Kracht walls had little barriers. Freya's pleasure cries spread throughout the mansion. Alarming all its denizens and causing many blushing cheeks.

Meanwhile, Zamira, Daphne and Iliana were sitting within the latter's room, failing to engage in productive talks.

Initially, Iliana merely wanted an opportunity to chitchat with her mother and discuss her father's contract with Konrad. However, it soon became evident that Zamira had no interest in doing so, and once Freya's cries reached her, she also lost the desire to do so.

A faint wave of jealousy undulated within her chest.

Zamira waved her hand, using her spiritual energy to isolate the walls and prevent the noise from reaching them.

Iliana was about to give her thanks when she saw the gloomy look within her mother's eyes.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

A long sigh escaped Zamira's lips as she lowered her head.

"This is…no never mind."

The apparent reluctance within Zamira's tone only aroused Iliana's interest and suspicion.

"Aunt, there are only us girls here. You don't need to hide anything."

"Right mom, if there's something wrong, you can just freely speak. I'm here for you."

Iliana reassured while holding her mother's slumped shoulders.

Another deep sigh escaped Zamira's lips.

"It's your dad. It seems he no longer has the same regard for me…"

She spoke slowly, putting a strong emphasis on her words.

Iliana was startled, it was well-known that Wolfgang only had eyes for Zamira. How was it possible for him to no longer desire her?

"How can this be?"

Facing her consternation, Zamira shook her head from left to right.

"It's my fault. Recently, I've not been feeling the same in bed, maybe the many decades spent together have finally dulled our lives, but the pleasure waned. Your dad sought help from Konrad, and received it through a demonic contract."

Having heard something similar from the exchange between Konrad and her father, Iliana wasn't surprised.

"I know."

She nodded to show her understanding of the situation.

"However, it seems that after he got Konrad's boon, your father's sexual appetite vastly increased. In the three days he spent dealing with them, he seduced and took Wilhelm Schoner's wife and many other beauties of house Schoner as his concubines, lying with them days and nights.

With all this fresh passion, and his new ability to tame women through his rod, he no longer has eyes for me…"

That wasn't a total lie. Wolfgang had indeed taken many of house Schoner's women into a small harem of his own. But what Zamira forgot to mention was that he did so on Konrad's orders, and while he certainly took great pleasure in the task, that didn't mean he no longer had eyes for Zamira.

However, since she was now part of Konrad's harem, he could only let go.

"Men are really all the same! Relishing in the new and forgetting the old, how typical!"

Iliana burst in rage.

"Now…I don't know what to do. I'm losing confidence. Perhaps I should just accept that I can no longer attract him."

Seeing her mother's distress, Iliana's heart soured. It was imperative for her to find a way to soothe her anguish, but how?

"Humph, uncle is really excessive! Aunt, any man, would feel delighted having a ravishing beauty such as you by his side. If he can no longer appreciate you, many others will!"

Daphne proclaimed. But while Iliana inwardly agreed, the thought of a new man stepping into her household's affairs didn't sit well with her. Moreover, most men couldn't enter her mother's eyes.

At that time, Zamira purposely dispelled the sound barrier, causing Freya's pleasure cries to once again reach them.

"Sorry, I was distracted."

She apologized, but now, the sound of Freya's bliss brought a new thought within her mind.

"Why do we need others? Isn't Konrad here? Let him take care of you, when dad's head wears a green and glossy hat, I want to see how exactly he can disregard you!"

There was also a bit of selfishness within Iliana's motives. As Konrad's harem multiplied, keeping those women in check would get increasingly difficult. However, with her mother by her side, the situation would get easier to manage.


Wolfgang sneezed within his cultivation abode.

"Strange…I have not sneezed in decades. Is someone talking about me?"

He wondered, but quickly dismissed the thought and focused himself back on cultivation.

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