Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 97

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 97 The Cardinal Sin R 18

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Within the master bedroom, Freya's reward carried on. She laid with her back on the bed, her legs spread wide and her fingers clawing at Konrad's back. As he hammered his hips faster, pounding demonic orgasms into her, his balls rhythmically kissed her ass cheeks, while her clenching holes drained him of all the juice he had to offer them.

Freya's snatch and ass were already filled to the brim with white-purple semen. However, driven by insatiable lust, she refused to let go, allowing Konrad to pound her without restraint.


What remained of their clothes had long since been shredded onto the ground, and as their warm entangling body met in passionate squeals and groans, Freya fell to the umpteenth orgasm. Her body went limp, and her tongue lolled out. Feeling her complete defeat, Konrad sheathed himself to the hilt of her holes and blasted his two loads deep inside with a thunderous roar.

The dual cultivation session ended, Konrad pulled two his rods free of Freya's cum drooling holes, and the second one vanished in purple mist.

With his cultivation being much higher, Konrad didn't get many benefits from this. However, for Freya, it was another story. In those four hours of dual cultivation, Freya's martial cultivation shot up. Going from the first step True Knight Rank to the third step Grand Knight in one go. One step above her previous cultivation level.

Previously she didn't possess any spiritual cultivation. But now, her magical power flowed within her body, and from zero, she directed reached the fourth step True Priest Rank.

"Thank you…master…for your reward…"

Satisfied, Konrad stood up, got dressed in a simple full-length blue robe, and sat cross-legged on the bed.

"It's time to make the inventory. System, show me my current stats."

"At once."

Konrad stepped into the system, and his stat sheet appeared within.

"Name: Konrad

Rank: Harem Master

Cultivation level: Sixth Step Arch PriestSixth Step Arch Knight

Race: Incubus Dream-Weaver

Physique: Arch Primal PhysiqueTranscendent Anzu Beast PhysiqueTranscendent Stolas Beast Physique

Attributes: LightFireWaterStormPoisonLightning

Acquired Abilities: Body RegenerationEcstasy FingersEcstasy CloudsOrigin SightFlesh Healing KissInvisibilityHeart Mending KissTotem Manifestation

Bloodline Abilities: Female Dream TheftTransformation SkillArousal AuraDesire FlamesBewitching FogTelekinesis

Exp: 30,555,225"

Improving the Hundred Flowers scripture to the Transcendent level cost 4,500,000 exp while Hel brought 25,000,000, Freya 2000, and Iliana's recent session 600,000. Therefore, Konrad wasn't surprised by the count.

Even with the discount, his next bloodline upgrade cost 600,000,000 exp. Therefore, he didn't even spare it a glance. He would need a two days orgy with all his Semi-Saint women, both those in his space mansion and those still inside the church to afford the cost.

Currently, that wasn't viable.

"Improve my Arch Primal Physique to the Transcendent Primal Physique."

As a top-notch physique, even with a 50% discount, the upgrade still cost 4,500,000 exp. Konrad's exp count shrunk to 26,055,225.

"And this is only for Transcendent Rank upgrades. When I do Semi-Holy, and Holy Rank upgrades en masse, how much am I going to need? Must I first screw all the female cultivators of this country?

Truly, the life of a philanderer is not easy."

Konrad exhaled a frustration-filled sigh, before regaining his composure.

"I'm more curious about how you plan to split your resources. Will you strive for equality, or will you show clear favoritism?"

The system's voice echoed within Konrad's mind.

"Obviously, equality is impossible. In fact, your word choice is incorrect. It is either favoritism or fairness.

If I want to be fair, I should reserve the top resources for those with higher cultivation and/or talent."

"However, you won't do that, am I right?"

The system asked in an amused tone.

"Of course not. I'm a by nature biased. In a world where even talent is subject to change. Why should I care about fairness? The more I care for someone, the more resources I will put at their disposal. The less I care, the less I will give. It's that simple."

"Great men were never known for nepotism."

To the system's remark, Konrad burst into laughter.

"I don't want to be great. I want to be supreme!"

For an instant, the system turned silent. If it had thoughts, Konrad could make nothing of them. At times, it felt more like an observer than a robotic aide. Perhaps the Happiness God was watching his every step through the system? Or perhaps he was overly concerned.

"If you want, I can help you organize the repartition."

The system offered, following the moment of silence.

"How so?"

"I can draft a chart separating your ladies in various categories depending on how much affection you have for them. You are free to choose the categories' names."

"Oh? Very well, let's do it."

A new blank screen appeared before Konrad.

"From lowest to highest, what are the categories you want, and who do you want to put inside?"


Maids: Most of my brainwashed harem members will fall here, and might rise to new ranks with time.

Loyal Lovers: Harem members who proved their loyalty and worth through deeds.

Trusted Lovers: Those I can entrust with great tasks, and who would not abjure me because of my demonic nature.

Treasured Lovers: Those few, I will eventually make my official consorts. Women I genuinely care for and treat as my equals.

That should be enough."

The system immediately filled the screen with different categories.

"It's not bad, but I feel like you should add one."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"True Love: The one who owns your heart."

Konrad blankly stared for a few seconds before stifling a laugh.

"It seems you have not been following me well. The cardinal sin of any philanderer is falling in love. I do not fall in love."

"I never did, and I never will. Don't mistake my shows of affection for a loss of my self. Those who fall in love surrender themselves to the whims of another. How could I let such a thing happen to me? It can only work the other way around. In any case, my heart is too broad to belong only to one person."

Konrad stated, causing the system to let out a mild chuckle.

"I am not saying it needs to be filled. Why not keep it as a blank category, and as a reminder of your own words?"

"Have it your way."

The system then filled the various categories with the corresponding names, leaving the "True Love" case blank.

Jasmine and Iliana fell into the "Treasured Lovers" category, Zamira and Daphne in the "Trusted Lovers" category, Faidra, Aliki, and Freya in the "Loyal Lovers" group.

The rest belonged to the "Maids" group.


Meanwhile, within the holy consort's palace, a riveting young woman that outwardly seemed to belong to the human race, but whose eyes concealed a mesmerizing, demonic charm, played the lyre for Else.

That woman was Jasmine.

Else was lying on her side within a large, blue velvet sofa and silently enjoying the tune.

As it ended, Jasmine set the lyre aside and gave Else a polite bow.

"Good, you've improved."

What Konrad didn't know was that from the moment he left the palace, Else took Jasmine in as her new personal attendant, and had been training her in various arts.

As for the purpose, only she knew.

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