Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 1chapter 275

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 275 Contracted Bail Part 1

Erhardt, Bayiz and the third elder's son, the three violently maimed captives appeared before Konrad, broken, and unable to speak.


The third cult elder and Anatol's wife roared in tandem and shot toward the Anti Divine Power screen! This time, even Anatol could no longer restrain himself and joined the fray.

The appearance of the three experts did nothing to deter Konrad. With the Anti-Divine-Power screen standing between them, even if the Celestial Church's leader was one of the two most powerful experts on the globe, he still couldn't alter today's result.

Seeing the three land before him, in his thousand-headed World Devourer form, Konrad's maw formed the semblance of a smile, creating a grotesque sight that intensified the dread of those observing the scene from afar.

As soon as they arrived, the third elder and Anatol's wife unleashed their strongest strikes on the Anti-Divine-Power screen, fighting tooth and nails to obliterate it. However, all of their attempts were futile. Anatol then joined the fray, condensing a dazzling golden sun that fired a succession of blinding beams upon the screen.

In the world's knowledge, Draven, Anatol, Berken, and the Celestial Church's Great Elder were the Ancient Crystal World's mightiest experts. They'd been stranded in the late-stage of Divine Transformation for thousands of years, and failed to break through to the peak not because of talent, but due to lacking resources.

However, of those four, the two leaders were ranked higher due to their ownership of their respective factions' Supreme Artifact while Berken was believed stronger than the church's great elder. Of course, without battles to determine the truth, this was nothing but hearsay.


Anatol's sunbeams barreled into the screen but failed to leave a dent. Meanwhile, Konrad flew toward the screen, bringing the maimed captives closer to their relatives. And seeing Bayiz's state, Berken, who observed the scene from a distance, didn't even bat an eyelid.

Mild disappointment flashed on his face, and he turned heels.

"There is nothing else to see. In the future, we will all meet within the Barbarian Continent. In the meantime, I'd recommend you devise a way to make up for your blunder. Otherwise…"

Berken didn't finish his words and vanished in a golden haze. Gulistan's smile remained unchanged, and she observed the battle's conclusion with rapt attention.

Anatol unleashed strikes upon strikes on the screen, all to no avail. At a loss, he summoned a white bow which overflowed with unfathomable divine power.

This was the most potent artifact of the Celestial Church, the Heavenly Star Bow.

Wielding this high-grade Divine Artifact, Anatol's already tyrannical pressure rose to new heights.

But as he armed his bow, and fired a white light arrow which seemed endowed with the power to obliterate the sun and moon, Konrad merely shook his head.


And indeed, the arrow slammed against the Anti-Divine-Power screen and vanished like all the previous moves.

Anatol despaired. But what was the point of desperation? Since an offensive stance was useless, he could only lower his pride and seek a compromise.

Returning his Heavenly Star Bow to his space treasure, he raised his defeated eyes toward the towering Konrad's central heads.

"You won."

He admitted, in a calm tone that concealed the waves of emotions within his heart.

"How could I not? I warned you, but you didn't listen. Whoever came could only perish. Having been forced to slaughter so many lives, my heart is full of grief. Believe me, this hurts me more than it hurts you."

Konrad replied, and in his thousand-headed horned serpent form, his words echoed like a perfectly matched choir. An evil choir that grated the ears of his foes. However, Anatol kept his composure.

"From now on, the Holy Continent is yours. Half the world belongs to you, no one can challenge that fact. However, better than me, you should know that the Holy Continent is not just your domain, it is your prison. As long as you step outside, you can only perish."

Anatol stated, attempting to suppress Konrad's confidence. And indeed, his words were sensible. Although for the current Konrad death was no simple matter, in a real confrontation, he couldn't resist the two factions' leaders. All agreed on this truth.

"But I'm only a Rising Saint. Although at the moment, cultivation isn't a critical part of my strength, as it grows, its might multiplies. By the time I reach Star Connection, in this world, who can challenge me? To say nothing of my improving Divine Physiques. I only need to bring one to the Mastered Stage, and you can surrender your lives. Meanwhile, my cultivation speed is far beyond what you can fathom. Your point is…moot. "

Konrad retorted, undisturbed by Anatol's words. How many years would he need to reach Star Connection? Ten? Fifteen? Although due to the strange energies within his body, Anatol couldn't use his Origin Sight to access his true age, he didn't doubt that Konrad was nothing more than a youth.

A Saint's lifespan was ten-thousand years. With Konrad's current appearance, he definitely was less than one-thousand years old. And considering the discrepancy between his horrifying battle-power and cultivation, Anatol hypothesized that his breakthrough was recent. Perhaps, he wasn't even one-hundred years old.

Such a monster was doomed to rise at breakneck speed. Anatol didn't doubt that in the near future, even he couldn't restrain him.

A sigh escaped his lips.

"You've made your points, and displayed your might. Killing them serves no purpose besides indulging your pettiness. For my son, I'm willing to complete an exchange, even an unreasonable one. As long as you drop the nonsense about concubines, anything is discussable."

Anatol declared, his clear tone showing neither hesitation nor falsehood.

Konrad was startled. Never did he expect Anatol's love for his son to go to such an extent. Among the leaders of great factions, this level of paternal love was, at best, unusual.

"The Heavenly Star Bow in your possession. Give it to me, and I can return your son to you."

Konrad directly asked, and hearing this, the Celestial Elders all rushed toward the scene, and regardless of race and clans, shook their heads in disapproval.

"Church leader, you absolutely cannot! The Heavenly Star Bow is the most powerful weapon of our church. Your ancestor received it from the founder due to their meritorious services! Although it belongs to house Wirth, calling it one of the foundations of the Celestial Church is not an exaggeration!

Under no circumstances can it fall into the hands of outsiders!"

They roared in tandem, setting all their differences aside to convince Anatole of not taking this suicidal road.

However, they'd underestimated his resolve.

"Like you said, it is my family's weapon, and I'm house Wirth's head. Profane Prince, I'm willing. But how can I make sure you will keep your hand of the bargain?"

Again, Konrad was startled. Sun spirits indeed were incomparably passionate individuals. This level of familial devotion was a rare sight in the cultivation world.

And at that time, the third infernal elder's voice echoed.

"As long as you can provide me enough insurance, I'm also willing to surrender my house's number one artifact. Although it can't compare to the Heavenly Star Bow, it still can't be underestimated."

Konrad's two-thousand eyes swept those loyal fathers with incredulity.

"Impressed, I'm impressed. Very well, I can return your children in exchange for those items. We will sign a Mutual-Obligation contract."

Konrad replied, and in a twister of jade light, the contract was drafted. Both Anatole and the third cult elder could read the demonic language. Therefore, they could see its simple content.

In exchange for their mightiest artifacts, Konrad pledged to return their children alive, without any further damage.

The contract flew toward them, and immediately, they signed it. Seeing this, a strange glint flashed within Konrad's eyes.

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