Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 129

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 129 Konrad Vs. Yvonne Part 2

This time, Yvonne was genuinely astonished. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect Konrad to possess God-Meridians. And from their confrontation, she could sense three!

How did he obtain them?

As for Konrad, better than anyone, he understood the meaning of God Meridians. Therefore, he couldn't understand why those would appear on Yvonne's body.

"It is indeed what I feared. When I saw her Supreme Overlord Physique, I already doubted this, but now, I'm thoroughly convinced. That woman must have refined a large quantity of blood from a Divine Ascension expert from the Infernal Realm.

The Supreme Overlord Physique is the trademark of hell's most dreadful family. In this world, only the founder of the Infernal Cult possessed this physique. She must have chanced on his corpse and refined his blood.

That is how she established her Supreme Foundation."

Konrad recalled that the Tower of Rebirth concealed the corpses of all the leaders of the Celestial and Infernal Realm throughout history. Was it possible that Yvonne went through the trials of the Tower of Rebirth and obtained such a chance?

But he wasn't given time to pursue his thoughts that Yvonne's voice echoed.

"You were right, I underestimated you."

There were only two sources of God Meridians in the world, the bodies of the Infernal Cult and Celestial Church's founders. If Konrad obtained his from them, it meant he went through the Tower of Rebirth and found the current location of their corpses.


Although she'd only taken three steps back, Yvonne could feel her right arm slightly trembling. With the gap between their physiques, that was completely abnormal. And from his God-Meridians, she felt a degree of purity that completely surpassed hers.

Unless he was a peak stage Divine Transformation expert in disguise, the only explanation was that he was born with those meridians.

But how could that be? What would the son of a god be doing on this world?

Her mind overflowed with questions. However, she set them all aside to focus on the fight at hand.

Even the son of a god would have to kneel in front of her!

As Konrad steadied himself and activated his Origin Sight, Yvonne's eyes shone with unprecedented battle intent.

She stretched out her hands, summoning a longsword which she held within her two hands while adopting a fighting stance.

Within that stance, Konrad could see absolutely no flaw, and it was almost as if Yvonne became one with her sword, making it an extension of her body.

The vast killing intent coating her at all times exploded alongside that unparalleled aura of martial excellence as she shot toward Konrad. He dared not meet the blow head-on, using his full speed to step out of her range, but to no avail.

Wherever he went, she would greet him as if her peerless fighting instinct allowed her to predict his moves before he could make them.

Her sword came crashing from the side, Konrad turned into three afterimages to evade the blow; however, Yvonne spotted the true among the fake and drove her sword through him!

Purple light burst from Konrad's body, and he turned into light particles, avoiding the blow, and reforming a few steps away.

Yvonne gave him no time to breathe. Before he could regain his foothold, she was again on him. Konrad used his light attribute, bloodline, physiques, and meridians to push his speed to the limit and evade another three blows.

However, he was constantly on the defensive, unable to find an opening to strike back. Yvonne's blows were masterful, her swordsmanship having long since reached the pinnacle. There was neither waste nor excesses, and each stroke aimed to destroy the opponent.

"At this rate, before I can establish her pattern, I will lie on the floor. Moreover, her style is ever changing. There is no definite pattern. "

Yvonne had yet to use an attribute, spell, or one of her physiques' special abilities. Yet, Konrad had already been pushed back to this level, even resorting to his light attribute. If things carried on in this way, it would be a miracle if he could take a hundred moves.

Konrad spun, summoned a war hammer, and rotated to crash his massive weapon upon Yvonne's sword slash.


His hammer blow met Yvonne's sword in a loud ringing noise, the sheer force of the collision pushing them both back. However, Yvonne took seven steps back while Konrad only took two, and in a flash, he was upon her with his hammer raised for another smashing blow.

The blow came from her left. Yvonne didn't evade, doing something Konrad had failed to expect. With her sword, she deflected his blow, making his swing go wide and letting his own strength turn against him as he lost balance.



She kicked him right in the jaw, sending him spiraling in the air to drop onto the ground.

With a somersault, Konrad managed to land back on his feet. However, blood now dripped from the corners of his lips.

This was the ninth move.

"The hammer might be a mighty weapon, but first and foremost, it is a battlefield tool. In a duel, it can't compete with a sword.

Your tremendous arm strength might make up for the speed impediment, but you cannot enforce versatility on a weapon that doesn't possess it."

Yvonne vanished, reappearing right by Konrad's side. With a feint, she misled him to the left, then sent another kick into his right side.

Again, he flew but landed back on his feet.

"Theoretically, that's eleven. Congratulations, you're now entitled to stay by my side.

The warmup is also over."

Yvonne held her sword in a vertical axis, aiming it toward the ground.

"If you have any skills, bring them on. Less you say I didn't give you a chance.

Realm of Eternal Darkness!"

Yvonne's hairs fluttered in the air, while dark fog erupted from her body, and spread into the vicinity, covering everything in a dark field.

Konrad fell victim to the dark field. In a flash, all light vanished from his sight, and only pure darkness remained.

But that was only the beginning. First, he lost his sight, then it was his smell, hearing, taste, and touch. One after the other, he lost control of his five senses.

This was one of the abilities of Yvonne's second physique. Her true natal constitution.

The Extreme Dark Physique!

Yvonne then flipped her sword on a ninety-degree angle, and four dark circles appeared by her side.

"Fourth Circle Spell: Shadows' Call!"

The soil became a wave of dark fog from which dozens upon dozens of dark hands grew and flew toward Konrad who still struggled against the sudden loss of his senses.

And as the shadow hands approached him from all sides, Konrad dropped on his knees, barely holding onto his hammer. But at that time…

"Fourth Circle Spell: Light Spear Rain!"

Four circles of purple light appeared by Konrad's side, and from them, a deluge of light spears descended onto the incoming shadow hands, splitting them into fogs of darkness.

Purple lightning erupted from Konrad's body as he rose back from his feet and with dilated pupils, stared at Yvonne.

"You're right, only now does the real fight begins!"

"Good, very good. Konrad, I've never held this much expectations for a fight at the same level."

Yvonne couldn't suppress glee from spreading within her words. The more she looked at Konrad, the more pleasing to the eyes he seemed and the feeling of catching up to years of wasted time slowly grew within her.

It was time to go all out!

Using his Origin Sight to make up for his senses' loss, Konrad turned into forty-four afterimages, then summoned his Imperial Avatar!

A miniature Konrad gleaming in diamond light appeared within the air, hovering above the field.

As if endowed with a mind of its own, that little Konrad began casting spells.

"Fourth Circle Spell: Lesser Light Elemental!"

"Fourth Circle Spell: Lesser Fire Elemental!"

"Fourth Circle Spell: Conflagration!"

In a flash, Konrad's Imperial Avatar simultaneously fired three spells. Multicasting was something only high-level Soul Avatars could accomplish. As for triple casting, that was a privilege of Imperial Avatars. Moreover, the might of the spells they fired was tremendously higher than that of the lower ranked avatars.

Two sets of four fire circles and four light circles appeared within the air. From them emerged two giants. One of pure light, and one of pure flames while from the remaining four, a torrent of fire erupted, soaring toward Yvonne.

At the same time, the forty-four Konrad shot toward her in dazzling rays of purple light and lightning.


Yvonne whispered with a smile. Although she also possessed an Imperial Avatar, due to the church monopolizing everything that concerned the spiritual path, her panoply of fourth circle spells wasn't as diversified as Konrad's.

However, she still knew a few.

A miniature version of Yvonne appeared above her head, also glittering in diamond light.

"Fourth Circle Spell: Mirror of Evanescence!"

A tall shadow mirror sprang from four circles of darkness and shot toward the geyser of flames, eroding them then pressing onto the two elementals.

Meanwhile, Konrad had surrounded Yvonne from all sides and descended upon her with a flurry of blows.

"Shadow Doppelgangers."

Yvonne used the second ability of her Extreme Dark Physique and from the dark fog surrounding her, condensed six doppelgangers. But while their number seemed inferior, unlike Konrad's which were only speed mirages created by his light attribute, Yvonne's were made of flesh.

The seven Yvonne counterattacked, exchanging dozens of blows with Konrad, while the dark force surrounding them eroded his strength.

"To think that even when limited to the Transcendent Rank, her Divine Physique can exhibit such terrible powers.


Primal Force!

Noxious Field!"

Konrad used two of his Mastered Physiques' abilities, to first obliterate Yvonne's field of darkness, then take control of the area with a poisonous fog of his own.

The more challenging the battle was, the greater Yvonne's delight. Black flames burst from the seven Yvonne's bodies and spread in the vicinity, obliterating the poisonous fog as she shot toward Konrad.


Vibrations spread throughout the air alongside a terrible suppression force that locked Konrad from all sides, preventing moves and escape.

"Primal Force!"

The Primal Physique's Primal Force once again erupted, this time centered around Konrad. His strength and resilience shot up while the suppression force around him drastically lessened.

Still, as they exchanged blows, his moves dulled, and at this rate, defeat would ensue.


Empowered by their dark blaze, the seven Yvonne simultaneously struck, sending Konrad flying while the two avatars still clashed within the air.

"Anzu Beast Form!"

Since the Primal Force wasn't enough, Konrad threw caution to the wind and resorted to his Anzu Beast Physique's ability.

His shape changed, and in the blink of an eyelid, he morphed into a terrifying lion-headed eagle!

In that form he spread his wings, condensing a conflagration at his left, a tidal wave at his right, and a dreadful storm from his bleak. The three forces barreled into Yvonne, destroying her six shadow doppelgangers and sending her flying backward with blood spurting from her lips.

"Isn't he human? Why can he use the physique of an Anzu Beast?"

Yvonne didn't waste much time in contemplation, steadying herself in the air.

"Never mind, let the dance continue!

Overlord's Might!"

Terrible force erupted from Yvonne's body. It was as if the world was falling onto his knees, bending to welcome the arrival of its sovereign.

Meanwhile, the black flames still blazed around her while her hairs fluttered erratically, making her look like a berserk demoness!

Facing the Anzu Beast Shaped Konrad, her battle spirit only soared.

They turned into meteors and slammed against one another in a resounding boom!

Then, they exchanged dozens upon dozens of moves. Yvonne's sword met Konrad's claws while she danced amidst waves of flames, water and storms. They wantonly clashed, battling to their heart content, and bringing the satisfaction of orgasmic battle to the other's mind.


Konrad's claw collided with Yvonne's sword. His claw broke, and her sword flew backward, falling onto the ground and dispersing in particles.

Thrown off-balance, Yvonne plummeted toward the ground, and unwilling to let go of this golden opportunity, Konrad pursued!

But as he approached her to deliver the final blow, Yvonne flashed a wolfish grin.

She wrapped her legs around his feathery neck, using it as support to lift herself up.


Konrad realized his mistake, but it was too late.


Yvonne locked his beak, lifting her head above his to…


...headbutt him right in the middle of his forehead. The impact destroyed Konrad's transformation, and he reassumed his true form. But Yvonne didn't stop.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Headbutt after headbutt, she hammered him as they dropped onto the ground.


In an explosion of dust, they crashed with Yvonne sitting above Konrad, legs stretched around his neck while blood dripped from both their foreheads.


Konrad groaned with aching bones.

"According to my calculations, the count should be 647. Konrad, you lose."

But inwardly, Yvonne felt otherwise.

At the end of the day, although she'd lowered her cultivation level to his, she wasn't a true Transcendent Rank cultivator.

A Transcendent Rank cultivator couldn't use Divine Physiques' powers to this extent.

A Transcendent Rank cultivator didn't have her sword and battle skills.

If Yvonne, back when she'd just reached the Transcendent Rank, replaced Konrad, to say nothing of fighting as equals, shouldering a hundred moves was impossible.

Therefore, she may not have lost the fight, but in the contest at the same level, she'd been utterly defeated.

But she would never admit to it.

At least not openly.

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