Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 183

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 183 Greetings Mother Part 2

As Konrad stepped into the Red-Light district, a faint dark mist snuck up on him and trailed him from the side while he bypassed the sea of people. Although the area didn't see much activity in broad daylight, there was still a substantial amount of lost causes that couldn't resist the temptation.

But as he crossed a desolated alley leading to his mother's brothel, Konrad stopped in his tracks.

"Alright, show yourself."

Having kept his Origin Sight activated, he could see the faint dark mist on his heels. However, since his demonic senses couldn't detect any ill intent from it, he didn't pay it much attention.

The dark mist expended into a full-blown dark fog, then morphed to assume a riveting figure Konrad knew very well.


Yvonne stood before him with her lips flashing an enthralling smile.

"Congratulations, husband. Your semen is truly incomparably nutritious and helped me accelerate my recovery process. This morning, I returned to the early stage of the Profound Saint Rank. This is my second Pure Self."

Black lines flashed on Konrad's forehead.

"I didn't know you to be so shameless."

"I learn from the best."

Yvonne gave the humble bow of disciple to master.

Konrad stifled a laugh and rubbed his beardless chin.

"Oh well, your nectar is not half bad either. My cultivation made great strides toward the seventh step of the Transcendent Knight Rank and the ninth step of the Transcendent Priest Ranks. Once I seclude myself to fully digest the gains, a breakthrough is inevitable."

"That is natural. You are privy to the world's number one garden. As long as you're diligent, prosperity is yours."

Yvonne brazenly replied while putting a bronze mask on her face and stepping toward Konrad's side.

He offered her his arm, and without hesitation, she took it.

"Let's hope this shameless couple of ours receives mother's blessings."

Thus, arm in arm, they carried on toward Gulistan's brothel.

Shortly after passing the door, an overly eager procuress welcomed them. Konrad ignored her, letting his eyes sweep the brothel where several guests were currently being entertained by the prostitutes.

The place echoed with many memories his previous self found rather unpleasant.

"Lord, please step inside. Here we have all flavors and will definitely leave you begging for m…huh…do I know you?"

Initially, the middle-aged procuress had begun her speech by looking at attire rather than face. Using clothing to determine the depth of pockets, she assumed she got herself a big fish.

After all, Konrad especially dressed in a luxurious blue silk robe to give the air of a wealthy young master.

That added to the lady by his side who, though masked, showcased fascinating curves, convinced the procuress of the accuracy of her choice.

However, as her eyes rose to meet his, though the purple orbs and perfectly muscled physique didn't match anything in her memories, the face was rather familiar.

In an instant, she superposed the images of the previous Konrad and the current one.

But, as the thought echoed within her mind, the procuress immediately dismissed it.

How could that adorable pretty boy match the tyrannical Adonis before her?

Konrad's eyes lowered onto the fifteen centimeters shorter procuress. Browsing through his previous self's memories, he recalled her as one of the ladies that caused the previous Konrad's fear of women.

Confused by his half-incubus scent, she'd almost forced herself on him and would have succeeded were it not for his loyal cat defending him.

Still, like all the rest, she could never conceal that voracious gaze his scent produced in her.

Thus, traumatizing the lad. However, Konrad didn't have time to waste on this level of goods.

"Tell the burgundy lady that she has a customer."

His voice echoed like an inviolable order that forced the procuress out of her stupor. Instantaneously, she turned heels and rushed upstairs to find the -burgundy lady.-

Meanwhile, all eyes fell upon the dreamlike pair that just passed the entrance. As if drawn by a magnet, the ladies couldn't pull their gazes from Konrad, ogling him with soaring desires, and floundering as they resisted the urge to pounce onto him.

Thankfully, he'd restrained his orchid scent. Otherwise, the consequences were hard to fathom. As for the drunken men, a mixture of rage and thirst flashed within their eyes as they went between the mesmerizing Yvonne and the statuesque Konrad.

Several were ready to cause trouble. But before they could rise from their seats to spout drivel, Konrad raised his hand, forcing all the onlookers to face the other way and preventing them from shifting their gazes back onto the couple.

Startled by this sudden display of might, they shivered within their seats, not daring to make a rash move to avoid provoking a calamity.


Yvonne commented in an amused tone.

"You're absolutely right."

Konrad approved with a firm head nod.

At that time, the procuress returned, and this time, she brought with her a burgundy-clad beauty endowed with the longest hairs Konrad had seen in his life.

So long in fact that they reached her ankles and almost brushed the ground.

At a glance, with her olive skin tone that reminded him of Zamira's and stood out within the Holy Continent, Konrad could see that she hailed from the Barbarian Continent.

Her eyes rose to meet his, and although no cultivation was discernable from her body, Yvonne who stood by Konrad's side immediately turned serious.

"Welcome, young master. Please allow this humble servant to entertain you."

Gulistan's mellifluous voice echoed, teasing the ears of the listeners.

But for some reason, Konrad found it grating. The feeling didn't belong to him but stemmed from his previous self's lingering resentment.

"Good. If this young master is pleased with your job, this young master will reward you."

Konrad swept his left sleeve, and with Yvonne still at his right, climbed the stairs to access the second floor where Gulistan entertained her guests.

Seeing Konrad's indifferent gaze, Gulistan's smile brightened, and turning heels, she caught up to him, leading the way back toward her "business chambers."

"Young master, are you sure you want to bring your lady with you? After all, she might not be pleased with what we'll do inside."

The words caused no ripple on Konrad's face.

"My lady is broadminded and willing to accompany me throughout all endeavors. You don't need to worry about her."

Gulistan nodded and said nothing further, leading the two into her room.

There, she helped the couple toward their seats before bringing in two jugs.

"Tea or booze?"

Gulistan asked while waving the two jugs in Konrad's face.

With a wave of his hand, Konrad soundproofed the room.

"You can cut the act. It never suited you.

Greetings, mother."

Konrad replied, dismissing the two jugs while keeping his eyes locked on Gulistan's.

Her lips flew into an "O" shape while her eyes widened in glaring disbelief.

"Young master, look at you, look at me. How could such a big fellah possibly come out of me? I'm afraid you wouldn't fit…"

Beneath her bronze mask, Yvonne was startled. Meanwhile, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

"How do you know about that? We won't know until we try."

Konrad unabashedly replied.

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