Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 188

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 188 Mortal Realm Godhood Requirement Part 2

"No, it's possible, and I've already set the plan in motion. Therefore, Konrad, as long as you listen to me, you're doomed to become this world's ruler. World Gods are different from the average higher realm deity.

Because of the inherent difficulty of polishing a Godly Foundation in a mortal world, their talent doesn't lose out to the higher realms' elite.

Moreover, with the faith power of billions empowering them, their battle-power is leagues above the average God at the same level. As a matter of fact, besides invincible deities like the kings of hell, not many can contend with a World God at the same level.

I need your help to fulfill my end of the bargain and receive additional boons. You need my help to reach that altitude."

Gulistan declared, the rippling confidence within her jet-black eyes clear for all to see.

"Between the two of us, there may be no genuine mother-son relationship, but with our aligning goals, why can't we become our most trusted partners?"

Though the words sounded like honey, Konrad remained undisturbed.

"Is what she says correct?"

He asked the system while keeping his eyes focused on his interlocutor.

"Indeed. When you reach a certain level in the main quest, you should obtain your own gate to the higher realms. Therefore, you can ignore her words and once ready, head to the Infernal Realm to carry on with your cultivation.

However, if you do that, you can forget about your dreams of supremacy. At the very least, you'll never catch up to your father in a lifetime."

The Flame-Mark's categoric statement caused a frown to form on Konrad's face.

"Not just Talroth, the mightiest gods of the Infernal Realm are all Race Primogens. Born deities, straight from the essence of hell at various moments in history. They have cultivated for either millions or billions of years, and their name spread throughout countless mortal worlds.

As a matter of fact, there is no mortal world that doesn't know at least one Primogen under a name or another. You can thus imagine that besides their peerless foundation, the faith power they wield must have reached a dreadful level.

Even Asmodeus who has long since been overthrown and became Talroth's slave is still worshiped in some backwater worlds. Therefore, if you want to surpass them, at the very least, you should first become a World God."

Konrad nodded. The Race Primogens were all born at a rank he was still aspiring to. Konrad wasn't so conceited as to think himself their equal, yet. Moreover, this might be challenging for others, but with his unique skillset, Konrad didn't doubt that time was the only barrier he faced.

As for the other faiths?

When he trampled the two religious forces beneath his heels, wouldn't they naturally crumble?

Therefore, Gulistan's use was minimal.

"Your words have merits. Unfortunately, only my most beloved women are qualified to be my partners. Others can only be my servants. Therefore, unless you're willing to warm my bed, I don't need you.

As long as you don't bar my path, you can watch at ease how I tame this world."

Though his lips had curled into a joking smile, no one doubted the seriousness of Konrad's words.

Gulistan frowned, but before she could say anything, the butler interfered.

"Young master, even if you don't want to rely on house Serkar's name and resources, at the very least, you should accept its protection. After all, in the future, your true nature is bound to spread throughout the world.

At that time, are you truly confident that you can, alone, suppress all the evil-hearted? The Celestial Church will hunt you down to offer you in sacrifice to their merit stele while some within the Infernal Cult will chase you to refine your bloodline.

Only with the lady and patriarch protecting you can you cultivate in peace!

Moreover, the Holy Continent's secular world is doomed to destruction. The Celestial Church won't intervene. That being the case, the Barbarian Continent is the next destination. Are you going to hide within some low-level kingdom just to avoid falling under the Infernal Cult's radar?"

He exclaimed, urging Konrad to accept what he saw as the inevitable.

And before Konrad could retort, another voice attacked.

"A man of high aspirations knows how to use all available resources and when to follow the tide. If because of your pride, you're not willing to rely on house Serkar, then allow me to be blunt. Even if your talent defies all cognition, your future achievements will be limited.

Also, you shouldn't get full of yourself because of your current prowess. Of our seven inheritors, Eysan was by far the weakest. The sixth is already at the Fate Wrestling Saint Rank while the first is a Quasi-Sage, half-a-step into the Divine Seed Rank.

Anyone of them can pinch you with ease. And relying on this backwater place's resources, you can't catch up at the fastest pace."

Diyana, who'd remained silent until now, stated in an emotionless tone.

Inwardly, Konrad disagreed. First, what he cared about was the secular world's vast human capital. Things like talent and resources he could breed on his own. They were no longer that important.

But to build his invincible regimen of one-hundred-thousand Saints, relying on the secular world was unavoidable.

Second, in his opinion, those who looked down on the secular world were all retarded. They easily forgot that all cultivation resources came from the secular world. Be it holy crystal mines or rare alchemy ingredients, the secular world was the primary provider.

It didn't lack resources. It lacked the means to put those resources to good use. After taking over the empire, he could freely use the system's recipes and Krann's knowledge to untap the country's hidden potential and lay down the foundation of his hegemony.

By the time the Celestial Church deigned to pay him attention, it would be far too late. But if he abandoned this treasure trove to rush to the Serkars, in the future, his growth pace was determined by them. A disturbing thought.

Still, Konrad didn't let anything transpire on his face, and ignoring Diyana, lifted his gaze toward Gulistan.

"Mother, I understand your concerns. However, I didn't come here to bargain with you. I just want to understand the plague you unleashed and how it will affect me. Let's discuss that before anything else. Shall we?"

The naked disregard she received from Konrad made Diyana's stomach churn, but there was no way to voice her grievances. So, she just kept her mouth shut to avoid further disgrace.

"Both are linked."

Gulistan sighed and dropped into her seat.

"To reach our goal, getting rid of the Celestial Church is inevitable. However, it's not enough. We must get rid of both the Celestial Church and the Infernal Cult then reform the world's faith."

Again, the gathered individuals were startled. Did Gulistan dare fight with the Infernal Cult? But seeing their reactions, she dismissed their rising thoughts with a wave of her hand.

"Don't misunderstand. I'm not that crazed. What very few know is that from lord Talroth, I obtained a Demon God's heart. Using that heart as anchor, my true self is carrying out a ritual as we speak. When the plague begins, and death drops on the Holy Continent, that ritual will wrest the souls of the deceased from the reincarnation cycle and use them to feed Hell's Gate."

Instantly, Konrad understood Gulistan's ploy, and his eyes widened in fright.

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