Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 231

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 231 Where Is That Clown Coming From? Part 2

Konrad's group's sudden appearance took the warring sides aback. While the disciples didn't have the luxury to shift attention, the leaders stopped their confrontation to turn toward the newcomers.

And seeing a human youth, their eyes contorted into a frown. At first glance, he bore little similarities to the Barbarian Continent's humans. The outlandish purple eyes and skin tone giving him the appearance of a Holy Continent slave.

Albeit an unreasonably good-looking one.

Even Miraz failed to recognize him. After all, the last time he glanced on him, Konrad was nothing more than a baby. But for some reason, Konrad's face bothered him.

Still, all recognized him as a secular world "ant." But with their priests guarding the entrance, how did he manage to barge in?

All eyes shifted toward Miraz.

"Is this overreaching man somehow related to your house?"

Jaenera asked him in a mental message. While Konrad's figure was eighty percent similar to Talroth's, the last twenty came from Gulistan, their cult warchief. And when Jaenera's words echoed within his mind, Miraz frowned.

Now he realized why Konrad's looks bothered him so. Clearly, his face bore faint similarities to his aunt's!

"Could it be…"

And thinking of the possibility, Miraz's eyes widened in fright!

"No relationship whatsoever."

Miraz categorically replied and shifted his attention back onto the three spirits.

Although he didn't know what plans they had in store for him, with his aunt and grandfather having ordered Konrad's identity kept secret, he didn't dare reveal it. But despite the negative answer, Jaenera thought otherwise.

Eighteen years ago, the Serkar depleted their entire merit quota for a summoning ritual after which Gulistan's cultivation base skyrocketed, pursuing that of her father, and becoming the Infernal Cult's third strongest.

At the same time, many Serkar elders saw their cultivation base increase. And overnight, the Serkar that ranked last among the three ruling houses now pursued the Torul!

The most dreadful thing in all this was that while Gulistan and the Serkar elders' gains were obvious, no one knew what Berken gained!

Yet, although they seemed to have obtained massive boons, Jaenera's father, the Infernal Cult leader firmly believed their real advantages lied elsewhere.

But even he couldn't figure it out.

Now, an eighteen years old looking man bearing a slight resemblance to Gulistan appeared. How could this be a coincidence?

"Secular world clown, I don't know from what podunk you hail from, but the matters of our two forces are not what you can meddle in.

Having reached such a stage, you can be considered a talent. However, if you think that gives you the ability to berate your superiors, you're sorely mistaken."

 The sun spirit, Volker declared and threw a casual palm strike. Dazzling sunlight erupted and morphed into a ten meters wide sunlight palm that flew toward Konrad.

His smile broadened.

But before the palm could reach him, Jasmine stepped forward.

Purple Lightning burst from her form, and she met the sunlight palm with a casual strike of her own.


In a flash, the sunlight palm dissolved while Jasmine still stood firm and undisturbed. 

"With this level of skills, how are you qualified to target our husband?"

Jasmine jeered while her mocking eyes nailed Volker.

And instantly, all were startled. Volker more than the rest. Better than anyone, he knew that while this was but a casual palm strike, it was enough to turn anyone beneath the Holy Rank to ashes!

Where did that girl come from?

"Well said, I'm afraid none of them are fit to lick his boots, to say nothing of trading blows."

Iliana's scornful voice echoed.

Only now did the six truly pay attention to the nine breathtaking fairies standing by Konrad's side. Each endowed with startling beauty that could launch ten-thousand warships!

Although they didn't believe them all on the same level, if they were only half as strong, they were a force to be reckoned with!

In tandem, the nine demonesses stepped forward, forming a perfect line before their man. Their auras erupted, and though they went from fourth-step Semi-Saint to early-stage Rising Saint, the dreadful intensity made the six disciples unable to look down on them.

Inwardly, Miraz despaired! As a dual cultivator, seeing nine breathtaking fairies appear out of nowhere, of course, he wanted to pluck them! But alas, they belonged to his aunt's son, the only cousin he didn't dare vie with!

Worse, to maintain the sham, he had no choice but to battle them!

"What a pity! What a shame! What a loss!"

But while Miraz experienced the inner struggles of a lifetime, the others' thoughts wildly differed.

"When did the secular world produce such experts? Impossible. After all these years of neglecting the secular world, could a secret force have emerged from the shadows?"

Many wondered. Meanwhile, though nine peerless beauties blocked his sight, Marian's eyes couldn't leave Konrad.


He whispered while a strange glint flashed within his eyes. And while they didn't dread the newcomers, the six also didn't dare look down on them.

"My beloved consorts, I must cultivate. Make sure no one disturbs me. Oh, and, don't kill the team leaders. As for the rest…hack as you like."

Konrad ordered, then stepped forward.

With that step, he vanished, reappearing in the air behind the six leaders to stand above the clashing disciples and bronze army.

The six shivered! Better than anyone, they understood that only the space attribute allowed teleportation. Everything else was speed!

However, they couldn't track Konrad's moves at all!

To their trained eyes, his casual steps were no different from teleportation!

With that one move, they realized they didn't play in the same league at all!

Jaenera's suspicions deepened, and a strange thought flashed within her mind.

"Could he be…her son? No, if he were, why stand opposite to Miraz? Opposite to us?"

But she wasn't given time to ponder the issue.

Konrad summoned his broadsword, letting his Semi-Holy force erupt alongside the sword force.

Driven by his Embryonic Dao, the two energies merged into an organic whole while Konrad's eyes locked on the bronze army's formation.

Thanks to his Origin Sight, he could see the formation's hidden flaws, and target its most vulnerable spots.

Driving his sword in a frontal thrust, Konrad released a dazzling sword-shaped beam that pierced the formation's weakest spot and obliterated it in a single blow.

His sword then drew a dazzling arc that illuminated the bronze army and half the disciples below.


The leaders all thought in tandem and tried to rush toward their teams' aid but…



…it was far too late. Alongside the fifteen-hundred-man strong bronze army, the dozens of elite disciples turned into a plethora of masterfully carved pieces that flew in all directions…without an ounce of blood.

The Guardian was no exception, and besides the spellcasters that stood several steps behind, all elite disciples perished!

Unfazed, Konrad took another step forward and landed above the black mar.

The leaders' eyes trembled and went bloodshot with veins beating on their temples. Each came with about thirty elite disciples. A total of ninety for each camp.

Now, ninety elite disciples of the two factions had perished in a single move, leaving only mini pieces to bury.

Volker and Jaenera, in particular, were struck hard. As the youngest children of the Celestial Church and Infernal Cult leaders, never had they experienced such a slight!


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