Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 238

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 238 Konrad Dont You Dare Part 2

Restlessness. Deep, relentless restlessness welled up within the system's soul as Konrad sacked the Infernal Cult Leaders' graves while humming his merry tune.

The third leader, the fifth, the fourth, the seventh, the ninth, and the sixth. One after another surrendered their corpses, blood, organs, and legacies for him to harvest.

Eleven coffins remained, and it went without saying that finding the Infernal Cult Founder's was only a matter of time. Landing on another coffin, Konrad pushed open its lid and dived in. This time, it was the second leader's resting place that awaited.

The second leader was the only surviving demon of the First Holy War, the exiled son of a vampire lord, or pisaca as they were called in Hell. It's said that he was a distant descendant of Ashara, the pisaca progenitor, and eastern king of hell.

As his retainers, the Torul blood fiends followed him to the Ancient Crystal World.

His death marked the end of the pureblooded demons' presence on the Ancient Crystal World.

Following the integration of dozens of infernal souls, Konrad's understanding of the two factions' history had reached an expert level. This, alongside his Origin Sight, allowed him to effortlessly figure out the identity of his grave robbing victims.

Of course, it mattered not.

"What cultivation level would my demonic beasts reach if I let them feast on his corpse…I wonder. Surely, they would at least all reach the Restoration Beast Rank. A compelling thought…"

Konrad mumbled, his words causing the system's restlessness to reach new heights. Following this grave's plundering, Konrad shot to the next one. With his Extermination Lightning Dome turning all the guards to ashes, he again dived in. And this time, landed before the corpse of a strikingly handsome young man that seemed to be in his early twenties.

With back-length, jet-black hairs that shone with the luster of youth and his pearl white skin that remained unblemished throughout hundreds of thousands of years, one could easily mistake him for a slumbering expert.

However, slumbering, he did not. To the deceased, he belonged. And feeling the tyrannical air swirling around his fallen form, even without his Origin Sight, Konrad recognized him as Marduk, the Infernal Cult's Founder!

His lips curled into a smile. A devious one that heralded mischief.

Although Olrich had taken many infernal souls away, those were only the one protecting Marduk's blood fountain below. The souls guarding his corpse still remained.

And as soon as Konrad approached, a battalion of one-hundred infernal souls burst from the shadows to shoot toward him. Again, to no avail! As Konrad swallowed them all and refined them within his belly, only their roars of indignation echoed.

Undisturbed, he landed before Marduk's corpse, eying it from head to toe like a peerless treasure.

"The hegemon of an era. Today, he could have probably ranked among the Infernal Realm's mightiest gods. A pity…"

Konrad sighed and summoned the Divine Sword. But at that time…

"What are you trying to do?!"

…the system's voice boomed within his mind. Ignoring it, he aimed his sword at Marduk's chest.

"Obviously, I'm about to carve out his heart for personal use, then hack his body into pieces for my beasts to feast on. I've been thinking...if they could gorge on the flesh and blood of Marduk himself…what level could they reach?"

Konrad asked in a perfectly innocent tone.

"Nonsense! Your mother wants his unharmed corpse. You can take the blood, but you can't harm the body! Or do you think you can exchange her God-Heart with a sack of bones?!"

The system roared, and undisturbed, Konrad shrugged. 

"True, on top of my Divine Stolas Physique, I need a God's heart as ritual anchor to take control of the plague when it starts. However, I've been thinking…my cheap father wasn't likely to give more than a Minor God's heart.

Meanwhile, Marduk was mightier than most Minor Gods. Instead of trading his corpse, why not just use his heart, and put what remains to good use?"

Hearing this, the system's soul trembled.

"Muddled! While it's true that most Minor Gods couldn't compare to him, a God's heart is a God's heart. A Sage's heart is a Sage's heart. You can't just trade one for another!"

Again, Konrad stood unfazed.

 "I'm willing to take the chance. At worst, I can't fully control the plague, and a few billion die. Big deal. As long I can reduce and minimize the loss, that's also fine."

"You dare?!"

"Best bud, having been by my side for so long, you should know, that there is nothing I don't dare do."

Konrad replied, then brandished his sword and drove it toward Marduk's chest!

"Stop! Konrad, don't you dare!!!"

The system howled within Konrad's mind.

The sword stopped an inch away from Marduk's chest.

"Or what?"

At that time, the Holy Flame Empire avatar subdued the last consort, thus completing the main quest.


The system's soul cursed, but couldn't resist its duty.

"Main quest, level 6 completed.

Promotion to Harem Lord Rank.

Two Extra Physique Slots.

Bloodline Upgrade from phantasm lord to lust embodiment.

New System Functions.

Ability Rewards: Valkyrie MarkValkyrie Surge."

Instantaneously, Konrad could feel the demonic part of his lineage rise to the next level, making him go from phantasm lord to lust embodiment.

With the upgrade came another substantial strength leap. The titan and lust embodiment lineages perfectly overlapped to let Konrad's strength skyrocket. Meanwhile, he now had access to new abilities.

His smile broadened.

"See? You don't give me things out of the goodness of your heart. You do it because you have to. You reward me for completed tasks or allow me to exchange points for new tools, all because you have to.

Bluntly said, you're a manager with little freedom. You can lie, but you can't refuse me what I earn.

You owe me nothing.

But in what world do I owe you anything? 

That being the case, why should I take your feelings into consideration before making a decision?"

Konrad leisurely asked while poking Marduk's chest.

"What do you want me to do?"

The system asked, defeated.

"Now, we're talking. Set aside the lies and reveal your true identity."

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