Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 3chapter 173

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 173 Please Help Me Part 3 R 18

In a gentle motion, Konrad lowered Nils onto his bed, breaking their kiss to take in her silver doe eyes. Naturally, he'd reassumed his true appearance. Held captive by his shimmering purple eyes, Nils raised her hands to stroke his cheeks, before pulling him into an ardent kiss of her own and using passion to make up for what she lacked in skills.

Their tongues intertwined, dancing and coiling like mating snakes while Konrad's roguish hands caressed Nils' clothed body, fondling her modest mounds, and teasing her nipples from beneath the fabric.


Nils moaned within Konrad's lips, her body heating up under his touch while a novel sensation tangled within her lower abdomen. And as drops of his saliva slid down her throat, her temperature shot up, her body set ablaze by an unknown source.


Their lips broke with Nils panting beneath Konrad's depraved gaze. Her burning cheeks and eyes echoing the mixture of expectations and dread blending within her mind.

Konrad lowered his lips onto her dress' straps, pulling them down with his teeth while teasing her with his glances and letting his fingers trail her inner thighs. Nils' heart thumped with trepidation, her inner thighs moistening at rapid pace while apprehension gradually made way for lust.

As he undressed her with his teeth, Konrad unbuckled his belt, letting it drop on one side, while Nils removed his crown and instinctively helped him out of his large imperial duke robe.

Her panting breath grazed Konrad's nose, bringing a contented smile on his face while the drumming of her heart enchanted his ears.

With their clothes out of the way, Konrad hickeyed Nils' neck, kissing her bare body from top to bottom, from the chest to the feet, before rising to her flower bud and flicking his demonic tongue over it.


Nils' body trembled, electrified by this unexpected move. With his left index, Konrad teased her clit while his right hand played with her breast, and his lips embraced her flower bud.

Using her moans, he determined the pace, and when they reached a crescendo, his tongue dived in, exploring her fold with masterful expertise.

"Oh…yes…right there…oh!"


Having never experienced such ministrations, Nils surrendered to Konrad's touch, her hands holding on the back of his head to instinctively keep him pressed against her slick fold.

The first orgasm then hit, and her tasty nectar gushed in Konrad's mouth while she clenched her thighs around his face.

Swept by the pleasure wave, she lied down, arms spread on the cushy bed while her lips remained in an "O" shape.


She whispered for herself.

"We're only getting started."

Konrad rose, his erect incubus meat-rod towering above Nils at full-length.

"Are all men's things this…imposing?"

Nils couldn't help but ask, startled by the meat girth and length before her eyes. And though its scent kindled her lust, thinking of this mighty spear piercing her unexplored garden, she shuddered.

"Just the well-born."

Konrad replied with a mild laugh before aligning his rod with Nils' flower entrance.

Feeling the fear returning in her eyes, and her body tensing up, he let his orchid scent spread to ease her.

"Stare into my eyes and think only of me."

Konrad said while lifting Nils' leg to give himself better access.

Obediently, she nodded, and as Konrad poked her entrance, she stretched out her hands to welcome him.


The whisper came like an invitation, Konrad activated his Hundred Flowers Scripture, golden light erupted from his rod, and he dived in, breaking Nils' hymen in a small thrust.

The sharp pain pulled a yelp from her lips, but before it could expand, the golden light spread within her, soothing her insides and turning ache into bliss. With small thrusts, Konrad explored Nils' gripping fold, letting it accommodate his girth and adopt his shape before driving faster into her.


The delightful moans spurred him on, and as his golden light created pleasure spots throughout Nils' inner garden, Konrad no longer held back, conquering her insides with firm thrusts.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The pounding then began, and Nils soon found herself wrapping her arms and legs around Konrad's flawless body, holding onto him and moaning in reckless abandon as he hammered her insides and brought her to unknown pleasure worlds through a succession of orgasms.

Spooning her, Konrad took her from the side while she held his face and twisted her neck to kiss him as he hit home, so to speak.

Sensing his peak approach, Konrad sped up, shortening the intervals between the *pah* sounds until he grunted and exploded within Nils.

Meanwhile, as his soul returned to his body, Adelar's bloodshot eyes widened, while his irises shrunk and his muscles spasmed.

"Second brother? What's wrong with you?"

Laurens asked in stupor, but no answer came from Adelar's lips, blood flowed from his orifices, while veins burst all over his body. He dropped onto the bed, arms outstretched and eyes still wide open.

However, Laurens could see his consciousness lost. Were it not for his heart that still beat, he would have truly thought him dead.

"What is the meaning of this? What am I supposed to do?

Should I…use the pill?"

Laurens' mind almost surrendered to fright. But before it did, he recalled Adelar's trump card, and his eyes flashed with hesitation.

"But it's too soon…what to do…what to do?"

Following a long moment of hesitation, Laurens pulled out a bronze box from one concealed drawer, then cut open Adelar's wrist to let his blood flow onto it. The box opened, revealing a bright red pill that basked in crimson light.

Laurens' eyes shone with determination. Grabbing the pill, he forced it down Adelar's throat, letting it dissolve within him.

In his soul world, the wounded Adelar battled against an eldritch purple fog that prevented him from patching the holes within his soul.

At that time, red light descended from his soul world's sky and crashed onto him.

Adelar scowled.

"Damnable Laurens…Damnable Konrad…Hateful…"

But as quickly as it came, his scowl vanished, replaced by indifference.

"Oh well, man proposes, heaven disposes.

In any case, preparations were almost complete, and I wasn't far from the threshold.

Father, Konrad, I pray you enjoy your last days in this world...because when I wake up, my rebellion begins, and your lives end!"

The crimson light filled Adelar's soul, turning his left eye from grey to red.

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