Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 124

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 124 Slap Them

"Unfortunately, since they're high-grade Divine Physiques, if her cultivation doesn't at least approach the Divine Rank, unless she obtains outlandish opportunities, reaching the Mastered Stage is a pipe dream."

The system's words drummed within Konrad's head, forcing him to realize he'd still underestimated this new target of his. Even if it merely remained at the Awakened Stage, a high-grade Divine Physique was a terrifying concept. Across the Ancient Crystal World, who could boast such a physique.

And she even had two? Was there still any justice left in the world?

"However, battle power is one thing. Speed is another. This still doesn't explain why her cultivation speed was so fast. Unless she gained some opportunity in the Transcendent Rank…"

Konrad set those thoughts aside and returned to his dwelling. Since he now remained under Yvonne's watchful gaze, it was best to avoid vanishing into the space mansion for the time being. He pulled out the box he'd been entrusted with by Hubert, scrutinizing it to find anything peculiar.

However, he couldn't. As for what it contained, that was something he couldn't pry on, less he ruined their established relationship.

"Next time, I will find an opportunity to give it to her."

However, little did Konrad know that the "next time" wouldn't come anytime soon. For the following four days, Yvonne no longer paid him any attention, letting him handle his daily tasks without butting in.

At first, he believed she was still observing him from the shadows and deciding what to do with him. But as his first week within her palace ended, he began doubting the thought.

Naturally, he also didn't have an opportunity to present the box.

Konrad believed that box was the first step in gaining Yvonne's trust. However, now that she didn't seem intent on seeing him again, he could only request an audience.

That night, the soothing sound of musical instruments spread from outdoor, reaching Konrad's ears. Annoyed by the monotony of his days and attracted by the melody, he stepped out, heading toward its origin.

Unbeknown to him, he reached the central courtyard, and there he witnessed a sight that stole his breath.

Yvonne danced under the moonlight while her attendants formed a large circle around her and played various stringed instruments.

Nimble, powerful, and full of sex appeal, her dance compelled the eyes and gripped the soul.

If Else was the most beautiful, Verena the most elegant, then Yvonne was without a shred of doubt, the most sensual. Her entire body brimmed with suffocating sex appeal that would bring most men to their knees were it not for that killing intent and overbearingness surrounding her.

For some reason, in Konrad's eyes, the combination only made her look more alluring.

And as she danced under the crescent moon's watchful gaze, Konrad felt that disturbing such marvel would be a sinful deed. Therefore, he silently observed from afar, then returned to his dwellings.

Unbeknown to him, his every steps and deed were registered by her.

When the sun reared its head, announcing the next day, Konrad firmly intended to request audience.

However, heavy disturbances shook Yvonne's domain, preventing him from making his move.

"Measly head eunuch guards dare block me at the gates? GET LOST!"


The entrance gates were blown away alongside the guarding eunuchs who flew across the air with blood gushing from their lips and their bodies half-broken.

The words, the noise and the sight of the flying gate and eunuchs all spread throughout the palace, alarming its denizens.

At the now destroyed gate stood a group of three women all dressed in the luxurious clothes befitting imperial consorts. At first glance, they looked spoiled and conceited, as if across all those centuries of existence, they'd yet to grow up.

Alongside all of Yvonne's servants, Konrad rushed toward the gate, arriving first to see the damages.

The two half-crippled eunuchs laid on the ground alongside the debris of the broken gates with blood flowing from their orifices. Konrad's eyes moved from them to lock on the three ladies who swept him with contempt.

The one leading them was a paragon spirit woman whose face didn't sit well with him. Because oddly enough, it bore a striking resemblance to Nils'.

A paragon spirit woman with a figure similar to Nils' that dared cause trouble in Yvonne's den?

The only possible candidate was Noble Imperial Consort, Anke von Jurgen. The mother of Nils, Elmar, and Holger.

As for the two imperial consorts by her side, Konrad couldn't identify them. But judging from their clothing, their ranks in the inner court couldn't be low. They were very likely also mothers of princes.

And indeed, he was right. The one at the left was the seventh prince's mother while the one on the right had given birth to the fourth prince.

Though the three dazzled with beauty, the brattiness within their faces prevented Konrad from enjoying the sight or taking them seriously.

However, even if he didn't want to, he'd still have to. The left and right goons were both high-level Semi-Saints.

As for Nils' mother, she was said to be a Quasi-Saint, only a step away from the Holy Rank. However, the pressure emanating from her body made Konrad think otherwise.

"What is the meaning of this? How dare you cause trouble in her grace's palace?"

Konrad understood that this was an opportunity to earn merits and step into the ranks of Yvonne's trusted officials. Therefore, he couldn't shirk from the fight.

"Like a caged bird, Yvonne is always alone within her palace, unable to mingle with the rest of us. Out of goodwill, I came to visit and provide her with entertainment. But who would have thought that trivial head eunuchs would block my path!

Am I causing trouble? Or are you?!"

Anke's words were incoherent. Even if the empress was visiting a palace, if she didn't announce herself beforehand, it was the guards' duty to first stop her and inform their mistress.

Those were the rules. They'd done nothing wrong. Clearly, she came looking for trouble and was seeking all excuses to start a fight.

And indeed, Konrad was right. Following Elmar's demotion, Holger's cultivation destruction, and both their imprisonment, Anke boiled with hatred all aimed at the Kracht and Hubert Voight.

However, trapped within the inner court, she could do nothing to neither. Therefore, she could only vent her frustration on Yvonne, Hubert's daughter.

Coincidently, she'd recently broken through to the Holy Knight Rank.

Today she was determined to give "that arrogant winged-serpent slut" the humiliation of a lifetime!

"The guards were merely following regulations and did nothing wrong. However, you grace heavily injured them for doing their duty. With such arbitrary manners, do you still remember that there is a holy empress above you?

Wait for us to report this matter to her majesty, I really want to see what her judgment will be!"

Hearing Konrad's words, Anke frowned. In normal circumstances, a childless empress couldn't have born much weight. However, Verena's cultivation was not only profound, but she also possessed Olrich's favor.

If she ruled against her, she could indeed not defend herself. How dared that eunuch boy threaten her?!

"Since you're that eager to die, allow me to oblige!"

Anke unleashed the full might of her holy force, firing it onto a helpless Konrad.

At his current level, if he bore the brunt of such a blow, becoming a cripple was the best option.

However, as the holy force approached him, it dispersed, fading into nothingness.

A woman then appeared before Konrad, letting him gaze on her enchanting back as she faced the troublemakers.

Naturally, that woman was Yvonne.

Seeing her, Anke dropped all pretenses and revealed her true colors.

"Yvonne, you've always been an arrogant slut, and now even your servants imitate your demeanor, not giving face to their superiors. Today, if I don't teach you a lesson, who would remember the rules and hierarchy of the inner court?!"

Anke barked while gathering her holy force. Having broken through to the Holy Rank, she was no longer afraid of Yvonne who was still stuck at the peak of the Semi-Holy Rank.

"What rule?

The servants of Yvonne are naturally superior to all the leaders of the inner court combined. That is only right, proper, and correct. What's wrong with them being condescending toward you?

Even if they slap you, you should kneel and accept it.

Because they are my people."

Yvonne made a grasping motion, and the two consorts by Anke's side flew toward her, unable to resist.

They then fell on their knees, and suppressed by the formidable force emanating from her, couldn't make a single move.

Instantly, they were terrified.

Yvonne's gaze never fell onto them, remaining locked on Anke.

"Konrad, slap them. Don't stop until I tell you to."

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