Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 127

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 127 Tribulation Poison

While Yvonne refined Hubert's dark fog, Konrad activated his Origin Sight to analyze that problematic body of hers.

However, Yvonne's two Divine Physiques were like shields, covering her inner body in a mirage that prevented anyone from seeing its secrets. With Konrad's current cultivation level, he couldn't break through their concealment.

Likewise, his Female Dream Theft couldn't peer into her core desires. Not that he was thinking of using it at the moment.

"Is there any way for me to help her?"

At his wits' ends, he asked the system.

"Well, theoretically, there is more than one. None that you can use at the moment though."

Konrad frowned. The system's vision seemed all-seeing, capable of breaking through any barriers. Therefore, Konrad wasn't surprised that it could see through what he couldn't.

"First, although the root of this poison is in blood, it is not physical. This is a poison bred through the Tribulation Force of two Tribulation Stage experts. Considering the might and density, at least one of them should be at the Crossed Tribulation Saint Rank, while the other should have reached the Fate Destroying Saint Rank."

Immediately, Konrad attributed the poison's concoction to Gerhard and Amalia.

"Heaven doesn't punish without reason. Tribulation doesn't fall without cause. It exists because of that cause and is bound to her body and fate. To cleanse it through normal means is impossible. But if you just want to suppress it, you can use three methods.

First, use a large amount of Tribulation Force from a Crossed Tribulation Saint, to temporarily suppress its effects. That is what she's currently doing."

Konrad nodded in understanding.

"Second, use the blood of the medium. The one whose blood was used in the poison's concoction to temporarily suppress the poison. All her sins are bound to that person's lineage. I believe you know who that is."

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Olrich was the medium.

"Third, you can also use a Tribulation Suppressing artifact. As long as she wears it, she will never feel the poison's effect. That's also the first method available to you. It's also the cheapest."

"The cheapest?"

While Konrad had never sought such an artifact, the Tribulation Stage was the second great strata of the Holy Rank. How could an artifact of that level be cheap? At least hundreds of millions of exp would be required.

Still, with his current resources, this was something he could obtain in just a few days. Therefore, calling it cheap wasn't necessarily excessive.

"What about the other methods at my disposal?"

"Now it gets more complicated. And they're all bound to you. The second method at your disposal is your Stolas Physique. Currently, it has reached the Mastered Transcendent level, but if you could bring it to the Mastered Holy level, you could erase that poison in a heartbeat.

Lord Stolas is the founder of all poisons, be it physical, spiritual, or cultivation related. As long as it falls into the poison category, there is nothing his lineage cannot control or obliterate.

Unfortunately, you have the physique but not the blood. However, for such a poison, the physique should be enough."

With the system, Konrad could directly upgrade his physiques to whatever rank he could afford, and instantly bring them to the Awakened Stage. However, the system couldn't propel him to the Mastered Stage. This was something he had to do on his own.

That being the case, this option would cost too much time.

"What else?"

"Upgrade your bloodline to the Phantasm Lord stage. At this stage, among other things, you can use the power generated by a contract to turn all desires into reality as long as they don't exceed the scope of your bloodline. That would be the Holy Rank.

Therefore, if she's willing to sign a contract with you in exchange of dispelling that poison, you would obtain the means to eradicate it on the spot."

Although limited by a contract, this was a monstrous ability that terrified even Konrad.

However, at the end of the day, Yvonne was from the Holy Continent. With their current relationship, how could he reveal himself as a demon? That was at best unwise, at worst suicidal.

He couldn't take that gamble yet.

"Another option is to upgrade your Primal Physique to the Holy level. The Great Primal Ancestor is the founder of righteous dual cultivation. His aim, to provide a method for two souls to cross the bitter, lonely road of cultivation hands in hands.

That forever, they could rely on one another, sharing worries and woes. If you can bring your Primal Physique to the Awakened Holy level. You can bind your souls, dual cultivate with her and help her cross that Tribulation, restore her Pure Selves, and return her to her past glory.

There is even a chance that she can directly reach the Tribulation Stage.

Those are all the options available to you."

While this option seemed to be the easiest solution, the dual cultivation requirement made it relatively complicated.

Still, in the business of subduing women, Konrad never lacked confidence. That being the case, he would go with that one.

His eyes returned onto Yvonne who breathed in and out at regular intervals while the refinement carried on. One after the other, the veins popping across her body vanished while she returned to her usual self.

Following three hours, she completely refined Hubert's dark fog, thoroughly suppressing the poison…for the time being.

She exhaled one last time before her eyes opened, falling back onto Konrad's.

Complex emotions flashed within, but surprise prevailed above all others.

"Surprising that after all those centuries, the father that abjured me still cares enough to condense such a large amount of Tribulation Force for my sake.

More surprising, that he is willing to entrust this to a seventeen years old boy with doubtful background.

Speak true, who are you that my father is willing to let go of all apprehensions to entrust this task to you?"

To Yvonne's inquiry, Konrad's lips curled into a winning smile.

"The world's number one talent, his chosen son-in-law, and your future husband."

Konrad's unabashed reply, caused even Yvonne to feel startled. She arched her eyebrows while blinking in silence with disbelief clearly written on her face.

"I believe it is the first time, I see someone call himself "talent" in front of me. Even the prime disciple of the Celestial Church didn't have that courage.

Audacious. I like.

However, what makes you think that you can succeed where so many before you failed?"

Yvonne had after all centuries behind her. Nothing Konrad did could truly startle her. At best, it would make her appreciate him and increase his value in her eyes.

"I believe all others failed because they missed the first step. Understanding. No one can understand you, they only know how to please you.

I will understand you.

Then, I will conquer you, forever imprinting myself on your soul.

When the sun rises in the sky, it is me that you shall see. When it descends, replaced by the moon, my image shall still hold your sight. And at the interval between the two, your yearning for me shall drive you onward."

Konrad's eyes gleamed with unconstrained desire. Though in the past, she had many admirers, among those who dared approach her, none had the nerves to make their intentions so blatant. To speak such overbearing, dissolute words.

In a way, it was endearing. Yvonne didn't take Konrad seriously, seeing in him a way to relieve the boredom she'd been accumulating across all those centuries.

Her lips curled into a demonic smile while her eyes nailed Konrad's soul.

She stood up, stepped toward the door, then turned to face Konrad while condensing a longsword out of her Semi-Holy Force which she aimed at his neck.

"With just those words, I could kill you a thousand times. However, I've never been a narrow-minded person and always liked a challenge.

I will give you one opportunity. The same I've given so many before you.

Fight me, at the same cultivation level, in the same conditions.

If you can shoulder ten of my moves, I will not kill you, allowing you to remain by my side. If you cannot, then it means you only have worthless arrogance.

If you can take a hundred, we can be friends.

A thousand, and I will support you throughout a lifetime, regardless of your endeavors.

Do you dare?"

Konrad didn't bat an eyelid, facing Yvonne with the same carefreeness.

"What if I defeat you?"

Yvonne shook her head.

"That is impossible. However, if by some untold miracle you managed to do it. I can open my heart to you.

Though, you might not like what you find within."

"Did his majesty go through the same deal?"

A barely noticeable ripple flashed within Yvonne's face.

"Of course not. To say nothing of the past, even today, whether Olrich can withstand ten of my moves at the same level, is still a matter of debate.

The nature of our relationship involves many secrets I would only share with a friend. However, I have none."

That was to say that among the innumerable talents that sought her hand, not one could exchange a hundred blows at the same level.

Konrad's fighting spirit was aroused.

"Challenge accepted!"

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