Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 148

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 148 Its A Trap

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Back in the space mansion, Konrad was busying himself deflowering Margo to accumulate energy and exp. Although she'd now reached the Holy Rank, because or her ordinary meridians, she wasn't a good dual cultivation partner for the Transcendent Rank him.

Still, she could help him rapidly increase his soul force. Thus, easing his spiritual cultivation. At the same time, he could use the rest of the energy absorbed through the dual cultivation to improve either his other harem members or his demonic beasts.

Margo tightly clenched the bar cells, bent over while Konrad held her waist and hammered her from behind. As his hips rocked her supple ass, she moaned in delight, surrendering to the rough pleasure of her cunt being pounded into heaven by his large, thick, meat-rod.


She roared, sinking into another orgasm, and sliding off Konrad's rod which still throbbed in erection.

Konrad shook his head in disappointment. For some reason, with this bloodline increase, finding pleasure became even more challenging. It was almost as if his rod didn't acknowledge Margo as woman enough to bring it release.

Although her Saint cultivation had been granted by his contract, she still used to be a high-level Semi-Saint. How was that background still lacking? Perhaps it was a mixture of emotions, bloodline, or cultivation. However, Konrad hypothesized that at the moment, Yvonne aside, no one in his harem could bring him true pleasure.

He shook his head then dropped down onto Margo who lied face first on the ground, tongue lolling out.

Without warning, he plunged himself back into her, wreaking blissful havoc in her insides.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

"You're….ahhh…driving me…insane!"

Margo roared while Konrad carried on with the relentless drilling, not stopping until he released a large stream of white-purple spunk inside her.

"When you regain your senses, come see me. I have a task for you."

Konrad ordered and pulled his shaft out of Margo, leaving her to recover on the ground.


Still unsatisfied, Konrad organized a cultivation orgy, accumulating more energy, exp, and helping the ladies breakthrough new realms.

It was barely satisfactory. At the same time, looking at the horrible mess around him, he realized that unbeknown to him, his ability to please women had reached a frightening level.

His exp count was now around 1.2 billion. With half, he promoted his Hundred Flowers Scripture to the Holy Rank. Now, on top of sharing meridians, he could use it in junction with his Holy Primal Physique to rebuild the meridian foundation of his harem ladies if need be.

This was of capital importance. Although the innate talent of his women above the Transcendent Rank was, on mortal plane standards, relatively good, their meridian foundation was an insufferable mess.

Not one of them possessed Supreme Meridians. In fact, he couldn't even find one with Ethereal Meridians. They'd all relied on Natal and Concealed Meridians to cross the Transcendent Rank.

Because having twenty-seven Supreme Meridians before Divine Transformation was the first requirement to break through the Divine Ascension Rank, this was absolutely intolerable.

Was the situation not reversed, unless he somehow granted them the cultivation, none of those ladies could reach Divine Ascension in a lifetime, to say nothing of achieving godhood.

Now at least, he could solve the issue.

"This is just round one. When you recover, we will attack round two."

Konrad declared and sat cross-legged to complete his fifth Soul Transformation. The poor ladies didn't even have the strength to reply, feebly nodding in approval. But at that time, Yvonne walked in.

Her eyes swept the dozens of vanquished ladies that lied naked in disarray with silly looks on their faces. Faced with such an outlandish sight, Yvonne couldn't help but frown.

"What did you do to them?"

"Nothing much. They're just weak and in need of serious training."

Konrad's reply didn't match the scene before her eyes. However, Yvonne didn't pay this much attention and returned to proper business. Her new demonic bloodline had further enhanced her sex appeal, making it reach a transcendent level.

Inwardly, Konrad was very thankful to the hekeret lineage.

"We should return to the outside. I can't be gone for too long, and we need to stay informed of what goes on in the imperial palace."

Konrad nodded and stood up. As he left, he cast one last glance at the dozens of defeated ladies.

"You should thank Yvonne for saving your hide. Next time, if the performance is this unsatisfactory, I won't spare you. At the very least, it will be three rounds!"

Konrad pledged, causing Yvonne to wonder how he could utter such shameless words with a straight face.

Then in tandem, they exited the space mansion, returning to Yvonne's quarters. It wouldn't be long before the maids fed them shocking news.

"The princess vanished from confinement, her guards brutally murdered and her whereabouts unknown. They say she must have been kidnapped by an enemy of the imperial family."

Konrad's eyes widened in disbelief. When did Nils enter confinement that she was now getting kidnapped from it? Naturally, Olrich kept the real reason behind the confinement secret to prevent shame and gossips.

"His majesty is wild with rage and ordered the third prince to carry out the search. He was given five high-level Semi-Saints and dozens of Transcendent Rank experts to get results in the shortest of times."

Konrad frowned, feeling that this matter was far too fishy. And when he turned toward Yvonne, he saw the same thought within her eyes.

"An inside job."

Unless an expert with unparalleled cultivation suddenly decided to reconvert himself into a princess kidnapper, this had to be an inside job. As for who the culprit was, that was impossible to guess.

But at that time…

"Boss, the ninth princess is in my yard, demanding to see you."

Wolfgang's voice echoed within Konrad's head, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

"You said what?"

"Is the connection not good? The ninth princess is in my yard, demanding to see you. She's convinced that you're alive and says she won't leave until she finds you."

Wolfgang repeated with the extra details, causing Konrad's mind to shine with enlightenment.

"Trap, it's a trap. We're being set up."

Konrad realized the ploy, and although he couldn't say with certitude who was behind it, he knew that if Nils weren't relocated with haste, there would be no house Kracht tomorrow.

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