Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 152

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 152 Let Me Help You Relax R 18

Sensing Venera's overflowing tension, Konrad reckoned it was time to move on to the next phase.

"Hum, hum. Your majesty, I can feel that you've accumulated a lot of tension. As your loyal servant, it's my duty to help you relax. Would you allow me to resume with the massages?"

Konrad offered with a bright, innocent smile that outmatched any child's. Seeing that sudden show of goodwill, Verena frowned. Although Konrad had agreed to serve her for a year, he'd never called himself her "loyal servant." What was wrong with him?

However, she indeed was in desperate needs of relaxation. Something only Konrad's magical hands seemed able to provide. In fact, during the weeks he spent in Yvonne's palace, Verena suffered from Konrad Massage Withdrawal. It was time to feed bad habits.

Her frown dispersed, replaced by a pair of blinking eyes matched with an enchanting smile.

"I didn't expect you to be so forward after your return. Seems like Yvonne trained you well. I will have to thank her for that."

Konrad wanted to say that in this case, he did the training but felt that such words should wait for another time.

Bringing in a treatment table, Konrad motioned for Verena to lie onto it, which she did without hesitation. Naturally, Verena wasn't going to remove her clothes. The boy hadn't earned that honor, yet.

As she lied on her back, Konrad had to admit that Verena's hourglass figure was a marvel. He took a second to appreciate it before getting to work. If with his current bloodline level, he only needed a glance to dominate Semi-Saint females, for Saints such as the empress, he had to exert some methods and show some care.

He began innocently, massaging the empress' hands and wrists before gradually moving on her arms and descending on her stomach. Wherever he went, his touch relaxed Verena whose vigilance was never raised in the first place.

By the time he finished with her feet and asked for her to shift onto her back, she did so without delay, failing to realize that every time he pressed a point, Konrad injected a thin quantity of formless energy into her body.

For some reason, she felt more and more at ease within his hands. Thus, when he lowered the straps of her dress, she didn't complain. In any case, it was a backless dress, to begin with.

Purple flames coated Konrad's hands, and as he traced Verena's back, they snuck into her body, lodging themselves within her.

The pressure he applied on her back then increased, and taken by surprise, Verena yelped.


Konrad's hands then descended onto Verena's thighs, infecting them with the desire flames while he carried on with the outwardly innocent massage. He then rose toward that captivating rear hiding beneath the dress and gave Verena's ass a bold squeeze.

For a reason she couldn't understand, Verena didn't resist, finding the touch even more pleasurable. Konrad concluded it was time to bring this massage to a grand finale. His eyes shone with purple light as the desire flames bypassed Verena's clothes to infect her rear.

Then, he let it all explode.

Purple steam rose from Verena's pores while the silent desire flames erupted within her and kindled her arousal. Her face flushed red, and her inner thighs moistened at breakneck speed.

"Ohhh …what's happening to me…why does this feel so…good?"

"It's a special technique passed down by my ancestors. Don't worry about a thing, and just enjoy it."

Konrad lifted Verena's dress to her waist, revealing her bare, sumptuous legs and marvelous ass that begged attention.

He pulled her laced underwear aside, letting her juice flow onto the table while he caressed her dripping cunt.

Inserting the first finger, Konrad released the desire flames directly into Verena's holy garden, causing her rationality to crumble, and her mind to surrender to an eruption of lust.

Although he couldn't see her glazed eyes, Konrad knew Verena vanquished. With his right hand, he fingered her juicy pussy while with the left, he massaged her lower back and ass.

"Ohhh…right there, yes!


Though she was no maiden, Verena couldn't resist Konrad's succulent touch and quickly fell to her first orgasm, squirting her juice all over his hand.

"A squirter, good. Gotta love them."

Konrad commented while pulling out his fingers to taste the empress' juices. He then spread open her ass cheeks, revealing her pink butthole that seemed animated with a breath of its own, telling him to put something in.

Konrad understood its message, bending between Verena's legs with his lips facing her dripping, sensitive flower while his lubricated finger poked her butthole from above.

"Wait…what are you…"

But Verena wasn't given time to finish her words, before Konrad's finger dived in, using the torrid mixture between her juice and his saliva to lubricate and invade her hole.

"Oooooh…son of a bitch!"

She groaned, both in delight and shame.

"According to my knowledge, I really am the son of a bitch."

Konrad acknowledged, before flicking his tongue over Verena's clit and taking it into his lips for a mind-blowing cunnilingus.

Sandwiched on two fronts and unable to resist this masterful pincer attack that would have made Sun Tzu proud, Verena soon climaxed into Konrad's mouth while also experiencing her first anal orgasm.

Konrad stood up, flipping the empress onto her back to gaze upon her dreamy eyes and bountiful chest.

"My empress, what do you want your loyal servant to do?"

Konrad asked while teasing Verena's erect nipples.

She could barely muster the strength to speak, her arms hanging loosely by her side while Konrad played with her breasts, causing a new peak of arousal.


"As you command, your majesty!"

Konrad unbuckled his pants, revealing a hefty duo of meat-rods that glittered in intertwining golden and purple light.

He aligned the first one with Verena's cunt while the second one poked her rear door, teasing her entrances for a second before showing himself in, and impaling her, front and back, all the way to the hilt.


Verena's delightful moan echoed, spreading toward the walls.

"Shush, you will alarm the maids. Then we would have to make them join…wait…not such a bad idea."

With a succession of small thrusts, Konrad familiarized himself with Verena's holes, before increasing the pace and driving himself faster into her.

The pounding then began.

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