Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 153

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 153 Disturbed At The Worst Of Times R 18

Konrad kept one hand on Verena's right breast, teasing it while the other squeezed her left ass cheek.

He leaned down, dropping his lips on her luscious left breast to take it within his mouth and savor its taste. Meanwhile, his hips danced against Verena's snatch, making his rods strike and create pleasure spots while their eldritch powers spread within her, corrupting her flesh and soul.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Konrad's relentless hammering electrified Verena's mature body. Her breasts swayed within his lips and hand while her legs trembled in successions of orgasms that sapped what little strength remained in her.

As if seeking support, Verena tied her legs around Konrad's waist, helping him rock her body faster and harder while the musical sound of his balls kissing her ass echoed within the room.


Verena had wholly succumbed to this new realm of pleasure, climbing through all the heavens while whatever moral she held descended straight to hell. Her voracious pussy and ass sucked Konrad in, unwilling to let him go, and squeezing him with a pressure he'd rarely experienced beforehand.

"Seems like the dog emperor hasn't been doing well in his marital duties. Tell me, my empress, how does your servant fare when compared to your murderous husband?"

Konrad asked while removing his lips from Verena's tits and holding her lust glazed eyes with his demonic purple gaze.

"Ahh…comp-compared to you…ohhh…ohhh…he's small and useless…just doesn't know how to fuck!"

Verena couldn't understand how such words could come from her lips. But at the same time, she didn't care, just wanting to keep experience the mind-blowing sensation of Konrad driving inside her.

"Well said."

Konrad rewarded her with a kiss that contained both the taste of her cunt and tits.

The rose petals of the Hundred Flowers Scripture swirled around them while the golden light of his Holy Primal Physique erupted from his body to further enhance their mating.

With all those forces guiding him, Konrad invaded Verena's mind, to implant the necessity of making his well-being and growth of capital importance. The barriers of her souls were too resilient to completely destroy but implanting those commands through the many present gaps wasn't that difficult.

Henceforth, one of Verena's primary concerns would be to ensure Konrad's undisturbed rise within this world. And the feeling of subduing such a woman through the animalistic use of flesh against flesh sent Konrad over the edge.


He grunted, and erupted within her, releasing copious white-purple spunk that dripped down her ass to slide onto the ground while her lips formed an "O" shape and her eyes rolled back.

She squealed in delight.

The bloodline was satisfied, and so was Konrad's rod. But naturally, this was only the beginning.

His lips curled into a smile, while he raised Verena by the waist, letting her use his neck as support as he carried her to her bed to continue with the breeding.

"Let me give you some energy to revitalize your body."

Konrad let his Primal Force flow into Verena's body, giving her back enough strength to mate in the most barbaric of styles. She bent in impossible shapes while Konrad took her on the bed where only Olrich should have been allowed.

"Sweet…Lord! More…more…more!"

For hours, the mating carried on, undisturbed. But clearly, the maids in the vicinity had been alerted, their cheeks flushed red as they imagined the torrid affair and brutal mating that carried on under the emperor's nose.

Of course, though those women were loyal only to Verena, Konrad had already resolved to make some adjustments to their minds to avoid variables.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Using her arms for support, Verena held herself in a planche while Konrad took her from behind and fired another load within her.

She then collapsed.

Letting her enjoy her well-deserved rest, Konrad exited to rewire her maids, then returned to sit cross-legged by her side and used the rest of the night to finish the meridian condensation and complete his fifth Fleshly Transformation.

Now, he truly was at the mid-stage of the Transcendent Rank in both the martial and spiritual paths.

On the next morning, Verena awoke in a messy bed with Konrad by her side.

Her eyes showed complex feelings.

"You're not human."

She stated, realizing her mistake. Clearly, Else knew of Konrad's true nature, which is why she didn't prevent her from playing with him, knowing she would end up burning herself.

Which she now did.

"I am not. However, my empress, does it matter?"

If such knowledge befell her twenty-four hours ago, Verena would not have hesitated to behead Konrad. But now, it appeared it really didn't matter.

On the contrary, she felt the necessity to ensure the safety of his secret and back him in his future endeavors.

"All the things I said yesterday…"

"Result of a heated moment. Forgotten, entirely."

Verena nodded.

"I'm not that kind of w…"

"I know, just with me. Trust me, others have done and said worse."

The two of them remained naked on the soiled bed, and as the smell of their last deeds rose to her nostrils, Verena couldn't help but feel the need to "cement" their new relationship.

However, she restrained herself, having her maids step in to clean their mess. She initially wished to eliminate them, and have new ones brought in. But Konrad convinced her that it was not necessary.

She concluded that he must have used his demonic powers on them and didn't pursue it.

The maids then prepared a bath for the two to clean themselves.

"What's your current plan?"

"Use the next months to increase my cultivation, take over the harem, take over the empire's noble houses, control its economy, empower my forces, then overthrow the von Jurgen Dynasty."

Konrad replied.

"The church won't allow you. The Celestial Church decreed that only Paragon Spirits can rule independent realms. Even if the Holy Flame Church cannot stop you, surely you don't think yourself able to contend with the Celestial Church."

Verena's words brought back the critical issue. Conquering was easy but ruling difficult. Overthrowing Olrich would only be the beginning of new problems unless Konrad's strength could suppress the entire world.

He knew very well that he was far from that threshold. Moreover, he still didn't have a good understanding of the Celestial Church's power.

Verena sought solutions, and soon, a devious thought flashed within her mind.

"How about giving me a son. Having him pass as Olrich's, and when we overthrow him, we help the son onto the throne, I become the Dowager, and you rule from the shadows.

When your cultivation is high enough to suppress all dangers, we switch the throne back to you."

Konrad's eyes widened in stupor. Truly, the scariest persons in imperial palaces were always women.

"Bold. Let's not discuss that for now."

Verena no longer pursued in that direction, lowering her eyes onto Konrad's now flaccid rod that hid beneath the water.

Even in that state, its girth remained admirable, and its smell called her. She didn't know when her hand reached toward it and gave it a few pumps.

"Want a taste?"

Konrad chortled and stood up, letting his rod rise to action and stand erect before Verena's face.

She gulped, relishing in that strange orchid scent, kissed it left and right before licking the underside and pulling it into her mouth.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

But as the sucking and slurping carried on, a voice coming straight from Verena's palace entrance boomed and reached their ears.

"His majesty, the holy emperor arrives!"

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