Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 157

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 157 Perfect Polygamy Art

"Promotion to Harem Grandmaster. Free Physique Upgrade. Choice between Harem Tolerance Programming and Perfect Polygamy Art."

Konrad used the Physique Upgrade to directly improve his Holy Primal Physique to the Divine Rank before returning his attention onto the choices before him. It brought him no difficulty.

The Harem Tolerance Programming would allow its user to rewire the harem ring wielders' tolerance regarding other harem members. And in a nutshell, made him able to control their thoughts on the "Konrad sharing" topic.

A skill he had no use for. Not only could he use his own demonic powers to accomplish this if he so wished, but he also had no interest in an ability that would turn his lively harem into a dull den of kneeling puppies.

As for the other one, its description made Konrad's eyes shine with depraved light.

"If I could kiss you, I would."

Konrad stated while looking at the Perfect Polygamy Art.

"Perfect Polygamy Art: For every harem member wearing a harem ring, the host can create one Harem Avatar. Harem Avatars have no cultivation base but can use all of the host's pleasure skills regardless of origin, and farm exp. On creation, they're lifeless. The host must impart a strand of spiritual sense onto them thus making them extensions of himself.

In this way, just like Saints, the host can be at several places and do several things at the same time. Thus, minimizing the harem's time consumption."

Konrad naturally chose the Perfect Polygamy Art. Not only did it lessen the burden of exp farming, but it could allow him to entertain his beauties while he battled for supremacy.

As the harem reached the thousands, the art's value would become unquestionable.

Eager to experiment, Konrad stood up and exited his quarters.

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

Meanwhile, within a training room set up for drills, Yvonne's Pure Self trained Konrad's harem in the battle arts.

Jasmine, Iliana, Daphne, and Freya circled and shot at Yvonne while trying to find openings in her flawless guard.

"Too weak…

Too slow…


Wide open…"

*Bam* *Bam* *Bam* *Bam*

One after the other, Yvonne sent them flying against nearby walls while the remaining harem members observed the scene with apprehension, knowing their turn would soon arrive.

At that time, Konrad stepped in, and instantaneously, all eyes fell on him. Daphne's, in particular, rippled with the light a kidnapped princess witnessing the arrival of her handsome savior.

"Aaah, Daddy Konrad, please save me!"

She screamed and threw herself into Konrad's arms. Knowing that Daphne majored in excessive performances, Konrad felt no surprise and merely pat her head.

"Ok, what's wrong?"

*Sniff* *Sniff*

"Yvonne is about to bully me to death! You cannot let this injustice happen? Otherwise, in the future? Where will you find such a good, willing, lamia daughter skilled in the degradation of men?"

Daphne sobbed on Konrad's chest, causing dark lines to form on his forehead.

Yvonne's eyebrows arched upward. She was still getting accustomed to the various harem members and didn't expect such words to escape Daphne's lips.

Her aside, no one found those words disturbing.

"As head consort, Yvonne is in charge of the harem. Why did I give her the title if I didn't intend to let her handle your lot?

Today, no one can save you."

Yvonne made a grasping motion and Daphne flew toward her side.


How could you do this to me?

Konrad, all those years I've loved you in vain!"

All those years? They hadn't even spent three months together. Why was there talk of years of love?

Truly, Daphne's shamelessness was an incurable disease.

"Hum, hum. I see that you've all been working hard. I'm here to give you all rewards."

Konrad waved his hands, causing Margo to appear before him. Naturally, the ladies knew Margo wasn't the reward. Clearly, she'd been brought back to share in it.

She stood by Konrad's side in silence.

Meanwhile, the ladies wondered what kind of reward Konrad could possibly have in mind. Cultivation treasures, pills, new arts, and spells? Even Pure Self Yvonne found her interest piqued.

Konrad stretched out his hands, causing purple clouds to appear in the dozens, and morph into forty-eight perfect replicas of himself.

The forty-eight Konrad clones landed on the ground, surrounding the true self with lifeless eyes. Konrad then imparted strands of spiritual sense into them, causing their lifeless eyes to activate and their sight to become his while his mind settled within them.

Instantly, it was as if he obtained an addition forty-eight pairs of eyes to observe the world.

Clearly, they were not illusions, but creatures of flesh and blood. Even Saints couldn't use that many avatars. Yvonne's eyes showcased her confusion.

"What is…this?"

She asked as she swept the Konrads with her hand. All the other harem ladies trembled, excitement filling them body and soul.

What was this? A wet dream made a reality. Forty-eight Konrad had just appeared out of the blue, clouding their vision with his otherworldly presence and triggering a plethora of fantasies within their minds.

Some couldn't restrain the eagerness for action from flashing within their lovely eyes.

"This is their reward. Konrads galore. Each will now have a me to spend time with while I'm away."

Those words sent the ladies into an uproar. Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets as their bodies shivered in unprecedented excitement.

"For…for real?"

Jasmine couldn't help but ask, the knowledge that she would soon have her own private Konrad, almost making her mind collapse from joy.

The same mindset existed in most of the ladies except Yvonne, who found the situation mildly disturbing.

"For real."

Konrad reasserted with a head nod.

"Husband, thank you for your grace!"

Those six words simultaneously exploded from the forty-eight ladies, giving the impression that they all shared the same mind. And perhaps at this very moment, they did.

Konrad didn't recall giving any of them the permission to call him "husband." Though, he couldn't say it didn't sound pleasing to the ears. The sight of forty-eight breathtaking ladies calling him husband raised no complaints from his corrupted mind.

Meanwhile, Yvonne looked at him with a playful gaze that seemed to be saying, "what about me?"

"Not you. Anyone, but you."

Konrad replied to the silent question before pulling Yvonne's Pure Self by the hand and dragging her out of the training room.

"Oh? May I ask why?"

Yvonne asked, anticipating the answer as they crossed the corridor.

"Pure Self or not, you can only have the original. I can't bear sharing you with…myself."

Konrad believed his words reasonable. But as he turned toward Yvonne, he found she'd been staring at him with a peculiar look.


Yvonne didn't expect Konrad to have such an endearing side of him and soon her lips curled into a delightful smile.

"But worry not for I only want the real you."

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