Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 158

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 158 Introduced To The Imperial Family

Following a night of dual cultivation with Yvonne's Pure Self, Konrad used the bulk of his exp to promote his two weaker physiques to the Awakened Holy Rank. Giving him two Awakened Divine Physiques and two Awaked Holy Physiques. Meanwhile, although it had yet to break through, his cultivation made great strides to the sixth step of the Transcendent Rank.

As dawn reared its head, Konrad left the space mansion, returning to the inner court to prepare himself for his meeting with his cheap adoptive father.

The central personnel department was located outside the inner court, between the department of justice and the department of rites. Being unfamiliar with what lied beyond the inner court, Konrad had some difficulty finding the right teleportation circles to get there as soon as possible.

Fortunately, finding maps to that purpose wasn't that complicated.

Thus, following a succession of teleportation circles, Konrad arrived before the central personnel department. A towering six-floor tall building that stretched across two-hundred meters, the central personnel department assigned the positions, tokens and quarters of all court eunuchs and above.

It also stored copies of the background information of all imperial palace personnel. Be they imperial guards, eunuchs, or palace maids.

At the same time, the inner court's personnel department fed it regular information.

It was also in charge of receiving the new palace recruits and have them lodged while they received their initial training and were screened for positions. Then it would transfer them to their new jobs.

Without hesitation, Konrad stepped in and wasn't surprised to see the legions of orderly eunuchs coming and going as they headed toward their respective tasks.

Following one of the many waiting lines, he reached the reception where a team of court eunuchs received tokens and handled court transfers.

"Present your token and wait on the side for someone to introduce you to your new duties and give you the insignias of your new function."

When he saw his head eunuch clothes, the court eunuch believed that Konrad was nothing more than a newly promoted court eunuch here to complete his transfer process. Therefore, he didn't pay him much respect.

After all, it was no exaggeration to say that he saw dozens of such people daily. Konrad didn't care, presented his token, and moved to the side.

But when the eunuch inserted it into the adjacent identity reading stele. His eyes widened from fright.

"Name: Konrad.

Age: Seventeen.

Race: Human.

Position: Member of the empress' head eunuch team.

Note: Impending transfer to the emperor's palace as a personal attendant."

The court eunuch's mind underwent a one-hundred-eighty-degree turn. He stood up and leaped toward Konrad, who stood with his hands crossed beneath his chest. When they saw the information that caused the brutal change, his fellow workers followed suit.

"Hahahaha, greetings my lord. Please forgive our lack of courtesy. Your quarters, robes and tokens have long since been prepared. Moreover, the emperor requested that as soon as you obtained your new insignias, we should escort you to his palace.

We also took the liberty to prepare several gifts. Hoping that in the future, the new lord can take care of us."

The sudden change in behavior startled Konrad. But soon, he realized the crux of the issue.

Usually, the emperor's personal attendants were all Semi-Saint imperial eunuchs. The highest-ranking eunuchs in the inner court. They directly reported to the emperor and carried out many tasks in his name.

Their position in the imperial palace was sky-high, and even the average prince should give them some respect.

All lower-ranked palace members, be they eunuchs, maids, or guards had to refer to them as "lord." They also possessed great wealth, plentiful servants, and personal domains within this gigantic imperial palace.

And while he didn't wield the title of imperial eunuch, Konrad was about to obtain treatment and power equal to theirs. But unlike them, his cultivation was reportedly low, his rise due to a sudden show of favor from the emperor.

That information caused many court eunuchs to prepare abundant gifts to curry favor while they still could. Needless to say, Konrad didn't put the gifts of a bunch of Grand Knights in his eyes. What good thing could they offer him?

However, he couldn't show such flaws. At the mention of gifts, a mild laugh escaped his lips.

"I shall remember your courtesy and put some good words for you when the occasion shows itself."

"Thank you, my lord!"

The eunuchs then dropped their duties and the lines of hanging workers to lead Konrad toward his new domain. If they were already this submissive to the personal attendant status, Konrad wondered what their attitude would be when the "emperor's son" status was added to the list."

By the time they reached his new domain, Konrad was speechless.

"Do all personal attendants enjoy such…privilege?"

Konrad asked the eunuchs by his side as he stared at the place, he would now call home.

"My lord's conditions are indeed special. This was personally arranged by his majesty."

The eunuch replied in awe.

The mansion standing before him stretched across a surface of four hundred square meters with a magnificent courtyard twice the size.

At the entrance lied two perfect rows of thirty eunuchs and thirty maids, sixty servants tasked with tending to the mansion and serving Konrad's every need.

Konrad, frowned, wondering how many spies hid within the lot.

But that mattered not, for he would soon bring them all into "willing" servitude.

"Welcome, your lordship!"

The servants proclaimed in unison as Konrad stepped into his new mansion.

He didn't waste time in contemplation. Changing into his new purple robe before heading toward Olrich's palace.

There, many awaited.

"Second brother, do you know the reason why father is gathering us all here? I can't recall such a thing happening before."

Laurens inquired through a mental message as the imperial family gathered in the emperor's palace hall.

"Why the impatience, you will soon know. Considering the gathering's scope, this will surely be interesting."

Adelar replied while sweeping the standing imperial clansmen with an indifferent gaze.

Besides Elmar and Holger, all the princes and their mothers were present. Many of the von Jurgen elders still in activity also stood within the lot.

Adelar had to admit that although he let nothing transpire on his face, his interest was piqued.

Nils stood by her mother's side, eager to leave.

The sounds of footsteps echoed within the hall, and alongside Verena, Olrich walked in. He bypassed his gathered relatives to sit on his throne with Verena standing at his right.

As he swept the crowd through his authoritative gaze, he realized someone missed the call.

"Where is Else?"

"Oh, I forgot to mention. Else's maids sent a message that she was at a critical moment of her cultivation and couldn't attend."

Verena whispered into Olrich's ears. He frowned but didn't probe further.

All eyes then turned toward him.

"I've gathered you all today to introduce a new core member of our family."

Olrich began as the imperial family's inquisitive gazes fell upon him.

"Konrad, step in!"

Olrich's voice boomed, spreading outside the hall to where Konrad awaited.

Without delay, he walked into the hall, his appearance drawing the attention of the gathered imperial clansmen.

Bypassing them, he stopped at the stair leading to Olrich's throne and dropped onto his knees.

"Adoptive father, your son greets you!"

Olrich nodded, pleased by the proper show of filial piety. And as Konrad's words caused a wave of confusion within house von Jurgen, Olrich's voice echoed.

"Everyone, this is Konrad. My adoptive son and your new relative. From now on, his name becomes Konrad von Jurgen. With the elders present, we shall add him to the imperial family's registry.

Moreover, since he cannot bear the title of prince, I create and bestow upon him the nobility rank of imperial duke. Though he might not hold land, his status shall be equal to that of any prince. Hence, he doesn't need to kneel before any member of the imperial family besides the holy empress and me."

Silence fell upon the scene, the imperial clansmen failing to process Olrich's words. Their eyes went between Konrad and Olrich, wondering if their ears were playing tricks on them.

To say nothing of others, even Adelar didn't believe what he heard.

"Your majesty, you can't be serious."

Said the ninth elder upon digesting Olrich's words and realizing his ears were perfectly fine. His words brought back the awareness of the gathered clansmen whose eyes rose to meet Olrich's smiling face.

Though they'd yet to move their lips, their gazes spoke the same words.

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