Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 186

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 186 I Lied

Diyana who witnessed Eysan's thrashing, found the word "surprise" not enough to describe her stupor. Back in house Serkar, she'd heard many things about Konrad, none painting him in a good light. More than a true God-Son most saw him as the cruel joke Talroth played on house Serkar.

Therefore, she didn't come with many expectations and carried concealed grievances. However, she could never disrespect Gulistan's will.

And now, she was reminded of why the wise saw hearsay as reality's detractor.

How was this a waste?

Clearly, this was a young hegemon! Although compared to the Infernal Cult's top experts under the age of three hundred, there still was a tremendous gap, that was because his cultivation level and age couldn't compare to theirs.

In ten years, forget about the younger generation. Diyana didn't doubt that even the elders would face countless hardships. By the time he reached the Divine Rank, who could suppress him?

"As I thought, his bloodline has reached a dreadful level. Otherwise, his lineage weapon couldn't be this mighty. But how does he do it? Increasing bloodline levels is a nigh-impossible task. Either you contract a higher-level demon, or you steal and refine a better bloodline.

"Either is impossible. Did Lord Talroth play another trick? Or did he…no, that makes no sense."

Unless this was Talroth's doing, the only third possibility Gulistan could think of was Bloodline Atavism. However, not only were the required resources humongous, but atavism retraced a precise ancestor's blood.

Talroth was Konrad's only demonic ancestor. If "Atavism" were the answer, then Konrad would now be an Incubus Primogen with abilities defying all mortal understanding.

He clearly wasn't.

But as Gulistan analyzed the possibilities, she realized the source mattered little.

"Hopefully, Eysan can bring out his entire arsenal. I'm curious to see how deep his foundation is."

From the moment she'd given Eysan permission to offend Konrad, Gulistan's main body had already revoked his seventh inheritor position. As long as he could butcher him, Konrad would take his place.

The elders had long since agreed that the position needed a better candidate. And faced with Konrad's current talent, they would certainly welcome him with open arms.

Now, whether he wanted it or not was another story.

Meanwhile, Eysan's beating carried on. Suppressed by Man-Breaker's tyrannical powers, he could not resist the onslaught, and unable to shoulder the infernal weapon's cruel hammering, Eysan surrendered to his battering.

Man-Breaker slammed into his face, its spikes digging past his flesh and bones to send him crashing onto the ground.

Frankly spoken, Konrad had nothing against Gulistan and even somehow admired her. And since he came to understand the true nature of the plague, he was ready to swallow some spleen.

In any case, just like Olrich said:

"Whoever disrespects me, even if I can't kill him today, I will kill him tomorrow!"

On the road to amass supreme power, enduring small offenses was nothing.

However, insulting his woman was an offense he could never tolerate. In Eysan's case, there was no need to wait "tomorrow."

He could kiss his Man-Breaker made coffin and die today.


Eysan tumbled with his limbs outstretched and his spine shattering. Gaping holes and bloody cracks appeared within his face, while blood gushed from his lips and torso wounds.

However, as the golden light swirling around him flashed, the wounds began healing at breakneck speed, and again, he stood up.

Konrad frowned.

Human bloodlines were ranked by color and were from lowest to highest:

Discolored blood, blue blood, green blood, silver blood, purple blood, and golden blood.

As long as they weren't killed in the cradle, golden blooded humans all possessed the potential to reach the Divine Rank in a lifetime, it was rumored that one bloodline existed above the golden level and triggered a race transformation which turned humans into beings comparable to the highest demons and devas.

However, that legend was never proven true in the Ancient Crystal World.

As a golden-blooded human, Eysan's innate talent truly stood at the pinnacle of the Ancient Crystal World.

However, Konrad was undisturbed.

The full might of his meridians erupted alongside a large array of rainbow-colored light that covered the perimeter and enfeebled his enemy.

Seeing that rainbowed light, Eysan's eyes widened in fright.

"Mi…miraculous Transcendence?"

Although Eysan had witnessed Absolute Transcendence, to him, Miraculous Transcendence was just a legend. Something lost alongside the founders, never to reappear within their world.

Why then was that force descending onto him?

Rage and unwillingness shone within his bloodshot eyes as he recalled the origin of Konrad's Miraculous Transcendence.

"If you were not the child of a God, you wouldn't be worth anything!"

Eysan spat in indignation. And hearing those words, Gulistan, Yvonne, the butler, and Diyana showed various signs of disapproval.

Konrad sneered.

"If you were not surnamed Serkar, I know hundreds that could walk all over you.

But you are!

Fate is the foundation of all beings within the universe."

Purple light and lightning burst from Konrad's form as dozens of his afterimages descended upon Eysan.

"Chaos Ring!"

Eysan stretched out his arms, causing a dark circle to appear around him and repel Konrad's assault.


Konrad flew back, somersaulting to return on his feet.

The chaos attribute within this ring was something Konrad had never dealt with, a force encompassing both positive and negative energies.

Seeing Konrad unable to break through his ring, Eysan's smugness returned.

"Unlike the Holy Continent wastes, house Serkar has long since conceived a supreme art to vanquish all the flaws within dual cultivation and turn it into the ultimate weapon.

Gender matters not, as long as you face our chaos attribute, you must bend!"

Just like he'd had just said, Konrad could feel his vital energy suppressed by the chaos ring surrounding Eysan.

The lotus above his head bloomed, morphing into a perfect Eysan replica that reappeared by his side.

This was his Pure Self.

Together, their battle power multiplied and alongside his power leap, Eysan's confidence soared.

"Did you really think you could so effortlessly trample an Infernal Cult Saint? Blame yourself for being too conceited!"

The two Eysan's joined their left and right hands, then in tandem proclaimed:

"Sixth Circle Spell: Chaos' Splendor!"

Six dark circles appeared and swirled around them. The Chaos Ring expended, then imploded in chaotic particles that again merged to release a dreadful explosion of chaos forces.


In a deafening blast, the chaos force explosion barreled into Konrad, creating an obscure field from which no life could be detected. If such a spell were released in the outside world, unless a Saint was ready to stop it, it would easily lay waste to an entire city!

Self-satisfied, Eysan turned his gaze away from "Konrad's resting place" to face Gulistan and greet her with a polite bow.

"Aunt, my apologies. I couldn't restrain my strength. Hopefully, you won't blame me."

Gulistan sighed, a sigh Eysan thought aimed at Konrad's loss. Again, his complacence rose.

And this time, he shifted his attention onto Diyana. Since he'd laid eyes on her, he was determined to make her his. With Konrad now out of the way, his desire would soon become a reality!

How could he not feel elated?

But if he could find reason in his kinsmen's reactions, Yvonne's surprised him. A glaring sneer plastered her face. A sneer that seemed aimed at him?

How could that be?

Or was she sneering at Konrad who overestimated himself? That should be so!

"Hehehe. Clearly, the beauty is now willing to be more responsive to my kind intentions. This night will be entertain…"

But as Eysan driveled, the smoke dispersed, revealing a scene as mesmerizing as it was shocking.

Seeing the gazes that bypassed him, Eysan turned to face what grabbed their attention and was startled to see Konrad standing unharmed with Man-Breaker leaning on his right shoulder while his left hand rested on his waist.

Six towering peach blossom trees swirled around him alongside thousands of rose petals to form a protective force field.

"Nature attribute? No…not possible? The essence is different.

In the end, what cultivation method does he practice? Why are all his attributes so strange?"

But as Eysan pondered those issues, he realized the situation was taking a turn for the worse.

Dozens of purple vines sprang from the ground to trap his arms and feet. As soon as they locked onto him, an eldritch force sneaked into his body to sap his vital energies.

Immediately, Eysan was terrified, and his eyes widened in horror. No matter how he struggled, he couldn't free himself!

He could only watch Konrad leisurely step toward him, helpless before his imminent demise.

Konrad stopped three inches before him and shook his head in disapproval.

"A pity that a future Sage will perish in such a manner."

Hearing those words, Eysan's fright skyrocketed, and his entire body trembled.

Did Konrad really dare kill him?

"Wait, wait! My father is at the peak of the Star Fusing Saint Rank, half-step into the Divine Seed Rank! If you kill me, he'll definitely avenge me!

Moreover, my grandfather is a late-stage Divine Transformation Stage expert, standing at the summit of the entire world! Killing me, no one can save you!"

Fearing death approach, Eysan attempted to coerce Konrad through his mighty background. However, Konrad instead burst into laughter.

"Your grandfather is my grandfather. Between a waste grandson that cannot hold up to a Transcendent Rank junior and the number one talent in the history of the Ancient Crystal World, who will he choose?

You know that better than I do."

Thinking of how callous a man his grandfather was, Eysan despaired.

"Please…spare me…aunt say something! I'm your nephew!"

Eysan wailed, but Gulistan didn't spare him a glance.

"She can force her flesh and blood, the child she nurtured for nine months into castration. Do you think a useless nephew will receive her protection? If you want to live, just answer this.

Do you have a wife?"


Taken aback by this sudden question, Eysan didn't know how to reply. Konrad's gaze chilled.

"Do you have a wife, yes or no? If you do, I will spare you."

The seriousness of Konrad's tone convinced Eysan that this was his only road to survival.

Therefore, he promptly replied.

"Yes, yes! I have one official wife, eight concubines and seventeen cauldrons!"

"Good. Very Good. In the future, when I plow the fields of house Serkar, I will give them twice the love…in memory of you."

Then without further ado, Konrad raised his hammer above Eysan's head, preparing it for the final blow.

"But…you said…you said…"

"I lied!"


Eysan's skull shattered under Konrad's descending hammer blow, and torn by the spiked weapon, his body split into two gruesome parts, leaving an eruption of blood and gore to drench Konrad's form.

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