Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 191

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 191 What You Don't Have You Snatch

"Now, of course, this is all hypothetical. But clearly, she, at the very least, wants to slowly gain control of me. Therefore, we cannot stay too close. For now, let her believe that there's hope for cooperation and that in the future, she can use her female wiles to take me down.

Meanwhile, my growth continues. The founders' bodies are treasure troves. Not only the Infernal Founder's, but I also want the Celestial Founder's. When I obtain the heart from her hand, she can have the empty carcass.

Afterward, if she renews attempts at friendly relationships, I can slowly lower my guard and give her more access. I can even make her believe I desire her. Give her an outward sense of control while maintaining inward vigilance.

When my strength is enough, how I deal with her will depend on her choices."

Enlightened by Konrad's insight, Yvonne nodded.

"But ultimately, she's an expert at the summit of this world. While you're analyzing her, she's analyzing you. We can't afford to show mistakes."


In several casual steps, they landed in the city's outskirts.

"Still, she did say one immutable truth. Before heading into the tower, you need ample preparations. Holy crystals, pills, artifacts, amulets, talismans, even war puppets, you can't lack any. Since you rejected her, I suppose you have your way of getting them?"

Hearing this, Konrad's lips curled into a devilish smile.

"The first truth under the heavens. What you don't have, you snatch. Banditry is the most natural path to wealth.

We can't plunder the Holy Flame Empire's treasury. But that doesn't mean we can't take others. The Water Kingdom Alliance may rank fourth among the five secular forces, but once we pool all their state resources, we should have a hefty sum. After all, they even dared offer a mid-grade holy artifact as a betrothal gift, of course, they can't be poor.

Moreover, their top experts are only at the early stage of the Fate Wrestling Saint Rank. With the two of us leading the charge, this raid is bound to go smoothly and yield an immense haul.

In any case, I have some business there to take care of."

Yvonne sighed and shook her head. Those were truly chaotic times where the feeble turned into lambs for the mighty to chop. With wolves such as Konrad running amok, how could there be peace on the land?


But before she could finish her words, both her eyes and Konrad's shone with vigilance.

Seven dark rays shot from the shadows, and dropped before them, revealing seven men of various ages whose eyes shone with furor.

The fourteen globes stared at the emerald bracelet around Konrad's wrist.

"It's you…it's really you. You're our young master's murderer!"

The leader, a middle-aged human male, exclaimed, his voice full of indignation. Those seven men were Eysan's bodyguard and had followed him straight from the Barbarian Continent. Initially, they should have always remained by his side. Alas, due to Gulistan's order, they were forced to stay outside the brothel and await his return.

At first, they'd seen nothing wrong with that. After all, what could possibly happen to him while under his aunt's protection?

Never did they expect that they'd receive news of his death on the day of their intended departure.

Eysan may be of a deplorable character, but he still was an inheritor! If they returned with news of his death, regardless of what occurred, their lives were forfeit!

Veins beat on the leaders' temple, and with a quick examination, Konrad could see that the weakest among the seven was at the peak of the True Origin Saint Rank while the strongest was at the middle-stage of the Fate-Wrestling Saint Rank.

A formidable lineup.


But before the leader could make a move, Yvonne's eyes flashed with a cold glint, and she threw out a palm strike.


Dark sand erupted from her hand, morphing into seven sand palms that slammed into the seven men's chest and sent them flying against nearby trees with an eruption of blood.

"You what? Your master misbehaved and was punished accordingly. If you're dissatisfied, you can follow him to the grave."

Letting go of Konrad, she stretched out her arms, causing a massive wave of dark sand to appear out of thin air and threaten to obliterate the seven guards.

Instantaneously, the seven were alarmed!

"Misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding!

We're not here to fight! We're here to pledge our allegiance!"

Both Konrad's and Yvonne's eyes widened in disbelief. And simultaneously, the seven sprawling men crawled onto their knees to kowtow in submission.

"Although we feel profound grievances at our master's loss, we understand that he offended a superior and got what he deserved. Alas, we're merely expendable goods. If we return to house Serkar like this, all of us will perish.

Therefore, our only path of survival is to embrace the thigh of a better master.

Your lordship is the son of lady Gulistan and our God, even without the inheritor rank, your status is leagues above that of any Serkar scion. In the future, you must become a world hegemon. Although our value is small, we hope you will take us under your wing and allow us to make contributions!"

The leader exclaimed while remaining in his kowtowing position. And like a practiced rehearsal, the six others followed.

"Your lordship, please take us under your wing and allow us to make contributions!"

Yvonne was startled, and the sand wave floating above her vanished as she turned toward Konrad whose eyes shared her surprise.

"Well…what can I say? As long as they are willing to submit. Why say no to free Saint manpower?"

Konrad shrugged and with a wave of his hand, seven Phantasm Orchids appeared and flew toward the kowtowing men.

"If you swallow those, I will take you under my banner. In the future, the world will have your place."

Without delay, the seven men each grabbed their assigned Phantasm Orchid and swallowed them in one gulp.

Since things had reached this point, even if it were a dreadful poison that required periodical antidote, they could only swallow!

From the moment Eysan perished, all paths of retreat had been cut. If they didn't cling on thicker thigh, following him to the grave was the only option!

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