Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 218

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 218 Believe In Me

Following Olrich's departure, Konrad's eyes contorted into a frown. The current Olrich was even harder to comprehend, and whatever Adelar last did to him clearly drove him into another bout of madness.

Was it over, or was trouble just beginning?

"The main body has already left secluded cultivation and is on his way to the Tower of Rebirth.

The Tower is at the border between the Barbarian Continent and the Holy Continent. Even if he turned heels, if Olrich wants to kill someone, he can probably do it before his return. Moreover…"

If it was before his fight with Adelar, Konrad had confidence that he could defeat Olrich. While it would force him to reveal his origins, at least, that confidence remained.

But now…although Olrich's cultivation had just risen to the peak-stage Fate Wrestling Saint, the intensity of his aura didn't lose out to the head exarch's, the peak-stage Crossed Tribulation Saint Gerhard.

Before his return from the tower, Konrad couldn't face him. With Yvonne still being in the palace, the thought of letting a crazed Olrich run amok was hard to digest.

"How could Adelar use demonic energy without showing the signature?"

Konrad wondered. Although the Transformation Skill allowed him to conceal his true blood and pass as human, not all infernal races possessed such an ability. At least, blood fiends didn't.

And even then, once he released his demonic powers, he couldn't hide his true nature. The same was true for everyone.

"Must be an artifact."

He concluded following a small assessment and lowered his eyes onto Adelar's space bracelet. Browsing it, he ignored whatever wealth it possessed to seek the item he required.

And as his eyes laid on a topaz ring, he knew he hit the spot.



In a purple haze, Krann appeared before him.


Without delay, Konrad tossed the ring toward him.

"Stealthily bring this to Yvonne and tell her that should anything happen, she must go all-out to leave the imperial palace!

We will take of the rest."

"As you command, master!"

Using the Invisibility Skill, Krann vanished and shot toward Yvonne's palace.

"The situation is disastrous. Olrich broke through and refined Adelar's foundation while Adalwin borders a breakthrough into the Star Connecting Saint Rank.

At this juncture, we can only hope that old hatreds pin them against one another. Otherwise…

Hurry…I must hurry!"

Determination blazed within Konrad's eyes, and at that time, the main body had finally reached the Tower of Rebirth.

Alongside Yvonne's Pure Self and the nine ladies, Konrad left the Profound Sea Dynasty for the Tower of Rebirth.

Following the closed-door session, his cultivation had not only broken through the ninth step of the Transcendent Knight Rank but also pursued the Semi-Holy Knight Rank.

Thus, reaching the limits in both the martial and spiritual paths.

With his half-step Semi-Saint cultivation, resources, physiques, soul and formidable bloodline powers, he had full confidence to fight his way to the tower's summit!

On this trip, he only wanted one thing:


To completely empty the tower, and leave nothing for the waring forces!

Meanwhile, the girls had various levels of improvement.

Lena reached the ninth step of the Semi-Holy Rank.

Zamira also reached the peak of the Semi-Holy Rank.

The rest rose to the peak of the Transcendent Rank, all with new bloodlines and stronger physiques.

Zamira's case was unique. After all, she'd been cultivating for more than two centuries and had a clear understanding of herself and the road she pursued. Therefore, her Sublimations were simple, and she could just use Konrad's juice to breakthrough.

As for Lena, she was a sixth-step Semi-Saint, to begin with.

In the distance, a gargantuan black and white tower piercing the vault of heaven stood. To say nothing of its suffocating length, even in width, the tower occupied dozens of square miles, painting a startling picture that would make the faint-hearted collapse from awe.

"How did they possibly build such a thing?"

Jasmine asked as they approached the entrance, speaking the words that echoed in the other's minds.

"The founders were at the peak of Divine Ascension, infinitely close to godhood. Moreover, their backgrounds and foundations were earthshaking. For them, this probably didn't require much effort."

Yvonne replied, then turned toward Konrad. In his eyes, hesitation clearly brewed.

"Don't worry. Thanks to the item Krann delivered, I can freely use my lineage weapon. At the very least, I have full confidence that no one can stop me from leaving."

She reassured with her lips curled into a smile.

"You've just returned to the peak of the Profound Saint Rank. Although your battle power is earthshaking and only loses out to me, the opponents are not pushovers either.

Moreover, strenuous fights will delay your recovery. How can I not worry?"

Konrad's eyes contorted into a frown.

"How about this? We rush back now so that our true bodies can join hands against the enemies. Although it will be a desperate battle, the odds are not necessarily against us.

As long as we go all-out, and make the first move, we can kill Adalwin before he breaks through, then kill Olrich!

In any case, the tower is not going anywhere."

Konrad hurriedly said. And seeing the stark difference in treatment, the ladies had various reactions.

Lena and Astarte, who'd yet to see Konrad show worries, were startled.

Zamira, who understood the nature of their relationship, didn't care.

Thinking that their master had yet to turn into a complete monster, Faidra and Aliki were relieved.

Daphne found it endearing.

Freya was disgruntled.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Iliana felt various degrees of jealousy. Although they'd seen Konrad go all-out for them before, he always did it with a rational mind, and never knowingly threw himself into situations he couldn't control.

But this was precisely what he now intended to do.

Although they were slowly getting used to the difference in status and grew to accept Yvonne's lead, they couldn't help but feel bitterness and sorrow.

Jasmine, especially found it hard to digest.

The knowledge that though she was the first, she wouldn't be the last, filling her with pain. But while she clenched her fist till her nails dug blood, Yvonne made a simple gesture.

Balling up her right fist, she extended it toward Konrad.

"Don't be daft and believe in me."

Upon hearing those words, Konrad pulled in a deep breath, and his determination returned. Indeed, since she was his chosen wife, he should, at the very least, have faith in her. In any case, his avatar was making preparations.

Like Yvonne, he balled up his fist.

"Defeat is…"

"…Not an option."

They said in tandem then bumped fists, releasing a vast energy wave that caused tremors throughout the ground

Yvonne then vanished in a twister of dark sand, the Pure Self returning to the True Self.

"One month for me, several years for you. I will be expecting your startling growth and glorious return. At that time, let's sweep aside all foes and put the Holy Continent on its knees!"

Yvonne's voice echoed in Konrad's mind.

For an instant, he closed his eyes, letting the words sink in, before turning to the tower's entrance.

"Let's go."

Meanwhile, within Else's cultivation chamber, Gulistan perused the imperial palace with her divine sense.

"Oh? Interesting. The holy empress' life standard seems to be reaching an end."

Gulistan said with an amused smile.

"After that, I guess it will be your turn. Little kitty, since you refused to serve me, I'm afraid this time, you'll have to rely on yourself."

A mild chuckle escaped Gulistan's lips as she shifted her attention back onto Else. But seeing that no ripple flashed on her face, she was a tad bit disappointed.

"That name is too intimate for us, don't you think?"

Else asked in a level tone.

"Oh? Konrad's privilege? At this juncture, those are really not the words you should be speaking.

But I'm in an extraordinarily good mood, so I will give you some good fortune."

Gulistan waved her hand, causing three identical pills to appear and fly toward Else.

"Each pill can seal a soul worm. Although it won't be removed, Olrich also won't be able to activate or control them.

As for the rest, that will depend on you. I'm eager to see…how well…or how poorly you'll fare.


And in a twister of light, Gulistan vanished from Else's quarters.

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