Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 223

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 223 Into The Tower

While a wave of trials, changes, and restructuration swept the Holy Flame City, Konrad's team arrived at the Tower of Rebirth's entrance.

What awaited them was a gathering of dozens of roaring Semi-Saint experts lining up before the gate. Before them stood four men. Two in black cassocks, two in white.

Those four were Infernal and Celestial Priests. With a cultivation of the early Fate Wrestling Saint Rank, they could easily stand at the summit of the secular world. However, in the two great religious factions, their status was not worth mentioning.

Konrad's eyes swept the dozens of roaring Semi-Saints while his ears listened to their complaints.

"The tower's gates open once a week and have always been available to all. Why is it that today you're preventing us from seeking chances?!"

"This is unfair, could it be that from now on, you plan to monopolize all it contains? You didn't do it before, why start now?"



The secular world Semi-Saints yelled in succession. Seeing this, Konrad shook his head.

"The Tower is the joint construction of the Infernal and Celestial Founders. It belongs to us, to begin with. Allowing you free passage was merely a show of goodwill. If we don't want you to trespass, how dare you protest?!"

One of the two Celestial Church priests snapped and stretched out his hand. Immediately, dozens of fate locks appeared and dived into the complaining Semi-Saints to wrest their very destiny.


Before they could understand what went on, the dozens of Semi-Saints collapsed on the floor, their lives lost.

At that time, in a purple flash, a young woman appeared beside Konrad. Dressed in a pink silk dress open at the abdomen and right waist to freely showcase her trimmed abs, and spellbinding leg, she looked no older than eighteen.

With long black hairs tied with an orchid chip, a flawless figure, and the olive skin typical of Barbarian Continent denizens, even pious monks would end up entranced by her unconstrained, demonic charm.

She was Diyana.

With a smile, she turned toward Konrad, her black eyes staring directly into his.

"Greetings, master."

She politely said, causing Konrad to arch his eyebrows.

"Oh? When did you start taking me as your master?"

"I understand that there must be misunderstandings between us. Last time, I indeed lacked propriety and offended you. For that, I apologize.

However, the fact of the matter is that I was reared for you to do with as you see fit. If you're not my master, who is? I'm here to make amends and beg for your forgiveness."

Diyana replied with a bow that gave a free glimpse on her bountiful cleavage. Konrad's lips curled into a smile. Inwardly though, he sneered.

"Well-said. How do you plan to do that?"

Thinking that there was room for maneuver, Diyana raised her head and turned back toward the four priests.

"As you can see, the two factions' each dispatched two priests to prevent secular world experts from entering. The reason is that the final Holy War approach, and this time, they intend to wrest all the critical inheritances and resources lying in the tower.

They're also using it as a preliminary battleground between their youth.

The most outstanding disciples between the age of eighty and one-hundred are currently inside, leading their teams to cross the floors.

Although secular world experts usually lose their lives in the tower, from time to time, a few startling talents emerge and harvest countless benefits. They wish to prevent such occurrences."

Diyana explained, and Konrad nodded in approval.

"That being the case, they will also block your team. However, with my Serkar identification token, they won't stand in our way. You can just follow me in, undisturbed."

As she spoke, Diyana shifted her gaze back onto Konrad. Although the strength he displayed beforehand was outstanding, she didn't deem him able to contend with those early-stage Fate Wrestling Saints. Surely, he would have to rely on her.

Alas, she'd still underestimated him.


Konrad nonchalantly replied and stretched out his hand. The holy broadsword appeared within, and leisurely, he stepped toward the gatekeepers.

"Secular world ant, if you know what's good f-…"

But before the priest could finish his words, the whistle of a sword slash echoed within his ear. Not only him, but the other two heard the same sword slash whistle.

And by the time they registered the sound, their heads were soaring in the air with a large gush of blood.

"Why is my body…headless?"

They wondered. Their brains then registered their deaths, and alongside their corpses, their heads dropped on the ground.

Diyana was startled.

"How could he be so strong? I'm sure last time he wasn't this dreadful. How long has it been?"

But while she floundered, the ladies ignored her and followed Konrad toward the gate.

In a slow, grating sound, the gate opened, revealing a blue vortex. Snapping out of her torpor, Diyana rushed toward Konrad, and alongside the group, vanished in the vortex.

Driven by a superior force, they crossed the blue vortex. Meanwhile, a hoarse voice echoed within all their minds. A voice that seemed to peer into their hearts, able to grasp truth and falsehood.

"What is your faith? Who do you believe in?"

"The Infernal Gods."

Diyana immediately replied. The voice seemed to trigger an immediate answer coming straight from the heart.

Almost simultaneously, the harem members reacted.


Afterward, it was Konrad's turn, and to all that knew him a tiny bit, his answer came without surprise.


Again, Diyana was startled, and this time, she wasn't the only one. Even the hoarse voice was struck speechless.

"Hum…interesting. Throughout one-million years, this is the ninth time that I see someone whose faith is "himself." And the absolute first that I see individuals worshiping a mortal from the bottom of their hearts.


Alas, the rules are the rules. You still fall into the "rebel category." Within the tower, you shall face twice the suppression.

Good luck."

The voice halted, and under a massive eruption of light, the group vanished.

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