Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 246

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 246 The Higher Realms Turmoil

Across the Infernal and Celestial Realms, legions of deities rose and cast their eyes toward the turbulent sky.

"Natural disasters do not occur within the higher realms. That is...unless a nephilim is born."

Said one Deva God while gazing at the thunderstorm descending from the sky.

"After one million years, did another pair of impudent youngsters commit the Forbidden Act? No…this is…different."

While the birth of nephilims always caused celestial phenomenon, they hardly, if ever, brought severe harm. Serving more as a warning for the gods to locate the source of trouble.

But this time, the higher realms were facing a calamity that, if left unchecked, could possibly harvest the lives of countless sages. To say nothing of saints. On the contrary, it was the Mortal Realm that experienced mild shock.

Clearly, Heaven and Hell's Wills found the event harder to tolerate than the Mortal Realm's Will.

But as they cast their God-Senses throughout the Celestial and Infernal Realms, Devas and Demon Gods failed to locate the source of trouble.

"Could it be…the Mortal Realm? No. Impossible."

Many thought, but immediately dismissed the assumption. It would already be a miracle to find pureblooded demons or devas within the Mortal Realm, to say nothing of a nephilim.

"Forget it. First, suppress the calamity."

Led by the Cardinal Lords and other leading Deva Gods, the Celestial Realm's deities promptly united their strength to suppress the thunderstorm.

In the Infernal Realm, the Demon Gods did the same.

Only Talroth found the event particularly pleasing to the eyes.

"Boy, you surely don't waste time. The first step is complete. The rest is up to you."

True nephilims were bred from the union of demons and devas. Therefore, when he first integrated the titan lineage, the Realm Wills didn't recognize Konrad as such.

However, when the Ravmalakh blood was added to the mix, it became another story. An alarming event that for some unknown reason caused the Higher Realm Wills excessive anxiety.

Meanwhile, within house Voight's main palace, Else, and Verena sat by a table.

"When do you think they will attack?"

Verena asked while sipping the wine glass within her hand.

"I heard a false crystal epidemic is flooding the country. Unless some unexpected event occurs, Adalwin should first deal with that. Then deal with Olrich, before finally dealing with us.

That should give us plenty of time. At least enough for Yvonne to complete her recovery."

Else replied. Hearing the "false crystal epidemic," Verena's lips curled into a smile. Naturally, she was well aware of the origin of those events. Crystals were the Ancient Crystal World's currency.

The secular world dealt in blue, red, purple, and holy crystals while the two great religious factions dealt in holy and divine crystals.

Regardless of rank crystals either held or could contain a certain quantity of energy. Therefore, they were not only a currency but cultivation resources. Now, real crystals were vanishing from the market at breakneck speed and getting replaced by false crystals without any spirituality.

Worse, those false crystals were being used to purchase vast quantities of herbs, pills, and other capital resources by either independent or foreign merchant organizations that then shipped them out of the country.

When he realized this, Adalwin went wild with rage and began a crackdown on the false crystals. Alas, his inquiries led him into endless cycles, and he was forced to admit that within the current Holy Flame Empire, memories were no longer trustworthy.

If this larceny was allowed to carry on, the country's economic and cultivation foundations were both in jeopardy. Therefore, neither Verena nor Else doubted Yvonne would have plenty of time.

Sadly, they couldn't foresee the Celestial Church's involvement.

As they spoke, Adalwin received the promised Divine Artifact, and began gathering an elite paragon spirit corps for a direct offensive on house Voight!

At that time, Konrad's unrestrained plundering carried on. And all Celestial Church Leaders' remains, and inheritances pocketed within his space treasures. Without delay, he headed toward the teleportation circle leading to the ninth floor and crushed the peak-stage Fate Destroying Saint Guardian in one blow before carrying on.

But as he stepped into the ninth floor, before he could even assess the surroundings, a booming voice rang within his mind.

"How queer, demon, deva, and human lineages stand in harmony within you.

I didn't expect a new breed of nephilim to appear within this world. Interesting.

Hm? Is that…the blood of Talroth? Yes. What is your relationship to Malkam?"

The tyrannical and overbearing voice thundered within Konrad's mind and assailed his soul.

But with his current mental fortitude, it couldn't startle him.

His eyes swept the perimeter. The so-called ninth floor was nothing more than an empty room whose walls were decorated by an incomplete mural painting. At first glance, that painting seemed to be telling a story.

However, Konrad didn't have time to appraise it yet. In the middle of the frontal wall stood a silver gate that divided the incomplete painting into two halves. And from that gate, a figure emerged.

It was a ten meters tall White Guardian whose pressure rivaled that of peak-stage Crossed Tribulation Saints. If things stopped there, Konrad wouldn't have paid it much attention. However, on the one hand, he could feel the vast spiritual consciousness within its eyes; on the other hand, it seemed in total harmony with the atmosphere.

Almost as if it were a part of the Tower.

Suddenly, the White Guardian's shape changed, and though it remained metallic, it now bore an exact resemblance to Marduk, the Infernal Founder.

At the same time, its cultivation rose to the Star Connecting Saint Rank.

Konrad had long since concluded that for some reason, the Tower was trying its hardest to prevent the contenders' rise.

But this time, it was simply absurd. No matter how gifted, on the Ancient Crystal World's standards, unless they cultivated within the Tower for centuries, no one could possibly cross this stage.

Meanwhile, the Tower automatically ejected foreign residents after thirty years. To say nothing of centuries.

This was not a trial, but a glaring murder attempt. Still, Konrad was unperturbed.

"No relationship, really."

He directly replied. But his words couldn't satisfy the Guardian who on the contrary now seemed offended.

"Lies! Deceit! The blood of Talroth really cannot breed any good thing.

In usual days, you should face a peak-stage Fate Destroying Saint-level expert on this floor. But since these are unusual days, we upgrade to peak-stage Crossed Tribulation Saint.

And for being related to Malkam, we add another full rank. Moreover, unlike the others, you're not allowed to escape.

I hope you won't be too disheartened."

Hearing this, Konrad arched his eyebrows.

"Is this even legal?"

"In the Tower's laws, there are provisions for unique cases and additional rules for those related to Malkam. I'm afraid this is perfectly legal. Even if it weren't, I'd bend the rules for you."

The Guardian declared and summoned a white spear. And this time, even Selene was struck speechless. This was pure, unadulterated shamelessness.

"Clearly, this Guardian's personality mirrors your father's. I didn't expect him to be this shameless. The ancient sages were right, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."


For once, Selene didn't have anything to retort.

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