Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 251

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 251 What Is Your Choice?

Within the sixth floor, the dozens of time tornados still awaited. Every single one of Konrad's nine ladies sat crossed-legged within the eye of a tornado to cultivate, refine holy crystals and master new abilities.

Armed with a portion of the inheritances previously harvested, they carried on undisturbed. And with the tornados' time increase, spent nearly thirty years in secluded cultivation.

Across those decades, their cultivation skyrocketed, reaching the peak of the True Origin Saint Rank. Meanwhile, they mastered various new skills. Daphne specialized in alchemy and artifact refinement. Zamira, Faidra, and Aliki in formations. Lena, Jasmine, and Iliana lmastered unique attributes and developed various soul enslavement abilities.

Only Freya and Astarte focused solely on improving their battle power at the fastest pace possible.

With the Tower now being under his absolute control, Konrad could effortlessly see the current state of their secluded cultivation.

His lips curled into a satisfied smile. Their growth, a delight to his eyes.

But when he saw Diyana's progress, Konrad was mildly surprised. Although her cultivation was initially one of the highest within the group, and the closest to sainthood, without Konrad's support, her resources were limited to what she carried from house Serkar.

She also didn't possess a demonic or deva bloodline. Therefore, logically speaking, her growth couldn't have compared to the others.

Being Gulistan's disciple, she undoubtedly possessed abundant resources. However, if those were enough to grow at such a rapid pace, she wouldn't be the first.

Probing deeper, Konrad realized that scant God-blood now flowed within her veins.

"No wonders. She probably received some God-blood from Gulistan before stepping into the Tower and used those decades to refine it, then consolidate her cultivation.

Mother, mother, you surely treat your disciple well."

Refinement speed was a part of cultivation talent. However, without outside help, the higher the grade, the longer it took for the same cultivator to refine a product.

Amusement flashed within Konrad's eyes before he returned his focus on them all.

"Ladies, it is time to return."

He whispered through a mental message that simultaneously echoed in the ears of all the women.

In tandem, their eyes opened, and they vanished to reappear before him. At first, various degrees of delight shone on their faces. However, when they saw the astonishing changes he underwent, their eyes widened in disbelief.

The shimmering prism mark was odd enough. But the lustrous jade-green hairs and golden eyes took the transformation to another level. Meanwhile, Konrad's skin went from porcelain white to translucent, and within his eyes, a foreign star-like force swirled.

While peering into them, the ladies had the misconception that within those eyes lied the power to control the sun and moon!

The current Konrad could no longer be linked to humanity. Only the terms "Celestial Being" could possibly describe him.

"What the hell happened to you?"

Jasmine asked with unconcealed worries. If too much was as bad as not enough, then Konrad's transformation definitely belonged to the "too much" category. Unable to grasp its cost and implications, she could not restrain her worries.

Meanwhile, Diyana staggered and fell back. Konrad's current energy signature was a mystery. A mystery that seemingly merged several well-known lineages that should not coexist.

Although she couldn't comprehend its nature, she'd been following him for long enough to realize the changes. First, he was a demon. Then, a mix between demon and titan. Now, a new force was added to the mix, turning him into a brand-new existence.

And with his current "Celestial Being" like appearance, she was willing to bet her finger on a deva lineage.

Demon, deva, human.

A more dreadful existence than the average nephilim. In the eyes of the Three Realms, an unprecedented abomination.

"Good things. Good things. I forced you all out because on the one hand, we need to start preparing for our departure, and on the other hand, I want to impart new arts onto you.

But as for whether or not you can master them and how far you can go, that will depend solely on you."

Konrad explained and divided them into two groups.

On Zamira, Faidra, Aliki, Lena, and Daphne, he imparted Seer's Vision's mnemonics.

To Jasmine, Iliana, Freya, and Astarte, he granted the Absolute War Sense's mnemonics.

As the texts settled within their minds, they realized the shocking difficulty of those methods.

Still, none shirked from the challenge.

His eyes then shifted toward Diyana.

"What is your choice?"

He directly asked. And instantly, she realized this was the last juncture. The time spent within the group allowed her to realize that be it for pleasure, resources, or opportunity, Konrad was the man to follow.

Through his unfathomable means, he managed to turn those nine secular world women into earthshaking talents that eclipsed the best off the Celestial Church and Infernal Cult.

To say nothing of the rest. This point alone was enough to showcase his immeasurable abilities. Moreover, if before his strength was already monstrous, then now, Diyana didn't doubt that it'd reached a new height.

His cultivation may only stand at the Rising Saint Rank, but perhaps not many of the inheritors would be qualified to trade blows with him.

In the near future, the Ancient Crystal World would be his. She no longer had any doubt about that.

However, more than a master, Gulistan was her mother figure. The one that raised her from before the cradle and granted her innumerable chances to now reach her current height.

Diyana genuinely loved and respected her. Alas, her thoughts were a mystery. And her real standpoint toward Konrad hard to comprehend. Did she just want to control him, or did she wish to fatten then devour him?

She didn't know.

No one, not even her father, lord Berken did.

One was her master and mother figure. The other, a peerless youth controlling unfathomable resources and who with a glance, assailed her with a mixture of lust and dread.

Forced to pick between the two, Diyana floundered.

However, she then recalled that while profoundly cruel, Konrad's care for his women was genuine. Protecting, empowering, and spoiling them was his delight.

But for Gulistan, all individuals were tools.

Expendable tools meant to serve her ambitions and heighten the overall glory of the house.

She was no exception. Therefore, between the two, she chose Konrad and dropped on her knees.

"Master, please accept my vow of allegiance! Henceforth, my body, life, and soul all belong to you!"

She pledged, and hearing this, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

With his current abilities, even without a contract, there was nothing Diyana could hide from him. Her mind was an open book for him to browse through. And indeed, bearing witness to her little internal struggle mildly entertained him.

Jade-green pentagrams appeared at his back while a unique lineage force erupted, bringing alongside it a shroud of jade fog that enveloped the two of them.

Konrad extended his hand toward Diyana and lifted up her chin.

Again, she was startled. One second, he stood several steps away, the next, he was lifting her chin. The gap between them was once again made evident.

But as she raised her eyes toward those gripping golden hues of his, her fears made way for a massive eruption of desire, and her cheeks flushed red.

"Then my dear, let us welcome you to my household."

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