Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 252

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 252 Decadent Welcome R 18

Lifted by a transcendental force, Diyana stood up, allowing Konrad to pull her by the waist while her lips leaned toward his. Trapped by his grasp, and entranced by his gaze, she could muster no resistance and gladly surrendered.

Taking her lips into his, Konrad locked her into an ardent kiss while using his ownership of the Tower to change the time fluctuation around them. Just like within the floor's tornados, time around them now flowed ten times faster.

Diyana's hands slipped beneath Konrad's collar to caress his bare chest without a care of the others in the vicinity. If the green fog prevented them from peeking at the scene, the wet meshing of the duo's tongues followed by Diyana's muffled moans painted a vivid enough picture.

While still holding her waist within his left arm, Konrad slipped his right hand into Diyana's silk dress, worming his way toward her flower bud that moistened at breakneck speed.


When his middle finger reached and brushed her clit, carnal jolts of electricity swept Diyana's body, and she quivered on Konrad's chest while releasing a deep moan within his gripping mouth.

Their lips parted with Konrad now trailing his tongue across Diyana's neck, planting hickeys as he went, and stopping at the intersection between the neck and shoulder.

Meanwhile, beneath Diyana's silk dress, Konrad's fingers teased her clit, played her labia, and rained blissful torment on her flower bud. By the time he fully inserted the first finger, her abundant juices were flowing past the fabric to drop on the ground, filling her with a mixture of delight and shame.

But as the fingering began, shame vanished from her mind. With his teeth, Konrad lowered the straps of Diyana's dress, revealing her bountiful breasts whose erect nipples begged for attention. And attention he gave. Pulling the left one into his mouth to lick and tug on.

At the same time, he gradually accelerated his fingering's pace, going increasingly faster while building his partner's arousal.


Diyana's moans grew brasher and more frantic, resounding within the air, and teasing the ears of the nearby harem ladies who could barely restrain themselves. While her pleasure and arousal soared, a mild floral scent rose from her pores to assail Konrad's senses.

That floral scent bore some similarity to his orchid scent, albeit more glaring and depraved. It only appeared in response to Konrad's touch, unbeknown to Diyana's herself.

This was a manifestation of her Decadent Physique. A physique that now urged Konrad to let go of the oral games, to plunder its host.

His lips curled into a smile. The Decadent Physique was a rare commodity usually found on succubi and some maenads. It would seldom appear on a human lady. Because of its nature, the owner herself might never become aware of it until she engaged in her first sexual act and turned her partner into an insatiable beast that forever lusted for her cunt.

Even weaker demons would find themselves ensnared by its powers and locked into a vicious cycle where the Decadent Physique owner would quickly become their sole desire. From the start, Konrad doubted Diyana's knowledge of that physique.

However, after silently browsing through her memories, it became evident that Gulistan never revealed it.

As the floral scent came into contact with Konrad, it dispersed, unable to infect his body and senses.

Meanwhile, Diyana's eyes glazed with lust, and her hands clenched on Konrad's arm while his fingers explored her.


She groaned and climaxed on Konrad's hands.

Pulling his lips from her nipples, Konrad retracted his fingers, letting the dazed Diyana's limp body drop onto the ground. She landed on her knees, her seductive lips facing Konrad's belt while he sampled her juices.

"How…tasty. The flavor is unique. I like."

Konrad appraised while lowering his eyes on the still dazed beauty. Driven by animalistic instinct, she raised her lithe hands toward his belt and unbuckled it. Thus, setting aside his robe to reveal his imposing member that instantly rose to attention.

The golden-light coated meat-rod towered above Diyana's face, brushing her nose, overpowering her with its soul-consuming scent, and ordering her to swallow. Which she did.

Diyana's heart-shaped lips warped around Konrad's rod, pulling his length down her throat with no regard for her well-being. The ground beneath her became a sloppy mess while her hands clung on either side of Konrad's waist.

Gulistan's training kicked into gear, and she glided all the way to the tip, kissing it, then flicking her tongue on the underside and trailing the rod before pushing it back on her throat for a self-face-fucking session.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

The wet and sloppy blowjob elicited a sigh of approval from Konrad's contented lips.

"Ahh…not bad. Mother surely trained you well. I…like."

Kindled by the words, Diyana quickened her pace, making increasingly rapid up and down moves on Konrad's rod, deepthroating him as she went. His warm member tensed within her throat, releasing droplets of precum that trickled down her abdomen.

Sensing the rod about to release its spunk, Diyana took it all the way to the hilt, unwittingly kissing Konrad's pubis in the process. Then it came.


Konrad groaned, and released his spunk down Diyana's throat. The abundant release was too much for the new consort's gorge, and she failed to take it all in, letting some drip from the corner of her lips.

Flicking her tongue over her lips, she pulled the dripping spunk back in, relishing in its honey-like taste which, unbeknown to her, already tampered with her mind.

Konrad wasn't startled to see that from white-purple, his spunk now looked white-jade.

Pulling Diyana off his rod, he placed his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her down the ground before brutishly tearing off the lower part of her silk dress.

The sensation of being covered by a man both gentleman and beast pulled a mini-orgasm from the lust-filled woman. Not needing him to say anything, Diyana spread her legs, revealing the dripping entrance to her field.

Konrad aligned his shaft with the entrance, broke the hymen, and in one thrust, dived in.

Golden and Jade-green light erupted from his rod to fill Diyana's body. Setting it ablaze and readying it for an animalistic rut.

Meanwhile, as her snatch gripped Konrad's shaft, her Decadent Physique again kicked into gear, releasing pink mist onto the rod, and pulling it deeper within Diyana's fold. His sensitivity increased.


She groaned and feeling the Decadent Physique heightening his own pleasure, Konrad's smile broadened. But undisturbed, he plowed this new field with barbaric intensity.


Diyana's unrestrained moans thundered. Their increase in volume opposing her dwindling consciousness.

The faster Konrad's rod went within her, the more debilitating the pleasure she felt, and the tighter her snatch clenched on him. It was like a voracious vacuum, forever sucking him in, not allowing him to come out until every bit of spunk within his shaft was emptied in her snatch.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The sound of balls slapping butt cheeks echoed, and Diyana's wildly spread legs trembled alongside them with her body swept by unending waves of orgasms.

"Can't…anh…can't take any more…oh my lord…fill…please fill me!!!

Mark me! Imprint me! Give me your seed!"

She roared through instances of ragged breathing while lust draped her mind, and Konrad's meat-rod filled every corner of her snatch.

With a last hip move, Konrad drove himself to the hilt and released a copious spunk gush.

The profane nutritious force filled Diyana's body, making her go from the mid-stage of the True Origin Saint Rank to the peak. But because she still needed to cross tribulations, she couldn't go further and stopped Half-Step into the Fate Wrestling Saint Rank.

With his rod still lodged within her, Konrad flipped her on her side, carrying on with the dual cultivation hammering for three blissful hours.

But due to the Tower's natural time increase and the unique time acceleration within the green fog, in the outside world, only thirty-seconds passed.

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