Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 253

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 253 Valkyrie Marks

The melody of flesh hitting flesh dispersed alongside the green fog to reveal a standing, naked Konrad around which green light swirled.

At the same time, pink mist hailing from Diyana's Decadent Physique still wrapped his now flaccid rod. Diyana lied on the ground, eyes rolled back, with the lustrous, jade-white cum oozing from her mouth, cunt, and rear.

Konrad waved his hand, causing the pink mist to dive past his pores and invade his body. Refining the decadent energy contained within, and following the intense session, he could feel his cultivation making great strides toward the mid-stage of the Rising Saint Rank.

However, his now staggering energy requirement prevented him from reaching the next level. Still, with the resources accumulated within the Tower, the delay wouldn't be that significant.


Both Jasmine and Iliana snorted before the scandalous scene.

"Odd. Is it vinegar 1 I smell? Be careful of making your stomach churn."

Daphne jested while turning toward them. Meanwhile, Faidra and Aliki summoned new clothes which they helped Konrad into.

"I am jealous. Mightily jealous. What are you going to do about it?"

Jasmine directly replied, and Iliana nodded before supporting the uprising.

"After almost three decades of secluded cultivation, we are greeted by him diddling the new broad beneath our noses. Isn't this a glaring provocation attempt?

You should be supporting us! What side are you on?"

Seeing a "harem right movement" playing before him, Konrad stifled a laugh and beckoned, and lifted by irresistible telekinetic force, the two landed in his arms.

"It's fine. Jealousy always suited you girls best."

He whispered while kissing their cheeks, then aimed his index at Diyana. Jade-green light erupted from his fingertip to dive into her body, reinvigorating it at breakneck speed. Consciousness and clarity returned within her eyes, and she rose to her knees.

Between her breasts, Konrad's new Mark of Servitude lied. A mark which for some incomprehensible reason took the shape of a nine-headed jade serpent. But neither the mark nor her nakedness caused her discomfort.

Instead, it was the realization of her hidden, sexual abilities that filled her with questions.

Ten pairs of eyes locked upon her, each with various emotions.

"Now that you've received the mark of servitude, you're officially a servant of my house. Congratulations. Henceforth, what you come from, who you come from, ceases to matter.

However, there is no free meal in this world. Since you received my reward, it is time to work.

You will go back to my dear -mother- and report a mild success. Then, return to the Barbarian Continent alongside her true body, and coordinate with Miraz to help me lay a foundation within house Serkar."

Konrad ordered.

And after snapping out of her thoughts, Diyana nodded in approval.

"As you command."

"Good. In the future, I will bestow more boons upon you. Meanwhile, it's time for you all to receive another gift."

Konrad waved his hands, causing ten glittering, red sigils to appear and fly toward the ladies' foreheads. The sigils imprinted themselves between their brows then vanished within.

Red light swirled around every single one of them, and though they couldn't feel any cultivation improvement, their senses, strength, speed, and resilience were all experiencing vast improvements.

By the time the red light dispersed, their bodies were endowed with a brand-new physique:

The Valkyrie physique. And simultaneously, the ability "Valkyrie Surge" appeared within their minds.

"I've sealed you all as my Valkyries. The physique's basic boons aside, once you activate Valkyrie Surge, your strength will overlap with that of every single Valkyrie in the vicinity. Thus, making your battle power skyrocket."

Konrad explained, causing the ladies' eyes to widen in disbelief. Again, Diyana was startled. Since when did physiques become cabbage that could be granted at will? Only one out of ten-thousand cultivators would be born with a physique. And to say nothing of upgrading the natal physique. The higher the grade, the more difficult it was to reach the Mastered Stage.

Physiques required tremendous resources to train and cultivate to the summit. Things such as life fruits that usually were in short supply.

Moreover, the number of physiques one could possess was usually limited by bloodline. Golden-Blood humans could have two physiques. And on the Ancient Crystal World, that was already the limit.

For incubi, purebloods could have three. Dream-Weavers could have four. Phantasm Lords could have five, Lust Embodiments, six, and Primogens Seven.

Of course, even Primogens wouldn't be born with seven physiques and had to cultivate the majority through various means.

But feeling the new physique settling within her, Diyana realized that for Konrad's people, those rules seemed quite flexible.

Again, Konrad waved his hands, causing the hundreds of harem members within his space mansion to appear on the sixth floor. Now that he controlled the Tower, all restrictions had of course been lifted.

They each received a Valkyrie Mark; thus, becoming Konrad's Valkyries.

"Now, we officially move on to phase two. Don't be startled."

Konrad warned, then joined his palms in a simple clap.


With a booming, grating sound, black and white light burst from above and filled the Tower, transforming everything, starting with the first floor, all the way to the ninth.

The floors morphed and merged to go from nine to four, each with unique designs.

"The first floor is the Legion Domain. Reserved for the army.

The second floor is the Earthly Paradise. Reserved for the concubines.

The third floor is the Heavenly Paradise. Reserved for the consorts.


The fourth floor is the Concealed Paradise. Reserved for me, my primary wife, and chief consorts.

Each will have various resources set at their disposal. But of course, the higher the floor, the better the resources. If you work hard and stand out from the lot, you can naturally rise to higher floors."

Konrad explained.

"Meanwhile, because they will compose the vanguard of our faction's striking power, the Legion Domain will have some unique arrangements."

Hearing this, the harem ladies all bowed in compliance.

"As you command, husband!"

Konrad nodded, then began another round of transformations and reorganization. All the nightmares within the Tower vanished, leaving behind a paradise-like setting on every single one of the remaining floors.

The bulk of the harem took their place in the second and third floors to carry on with their cultivation while Konrad finished organizing the first.

Demonic Beasts followed the Restoration Path. And therefore, didn't need to comprehend anything. As long as the right resources were put to use, they wouldn't meet any bottleneck.

On the first floor, the corpse of the second Infernal Cult Leader, the Divine Ascension Pisaca Demon, was put to use.

Konrad turned his heart into the center of a massive formation that filled the first floor with massive rivers of high-level Sage blood.

Towering blood trees were erected, and from their branches, blood fruits grew.

Several blood springs and fountains with various degrees of purity appeared. With the purest blood lying in the floor's center.

Konrad then summoned his eight-thousand demonic beasts. The weakest of which had now reached the Monstrous Beast Rank while the strongest stood at the Accursed Beast Rank.

Meaning that all, at least, possessed spiritual consciousness.

"Hail, master!

May your profane reign stretch across eternity!"

In tandem, the Accursed Beasts proclaimed while the rest released various cries of approval, all following Krann's teachings.

Konrad who didn't expect such a greeting was mildly startled and arched his eyebrows.

"Not bad. I like."

He approved, then with a finger snap, caused the heart-less body of the Pisaca demon to appear within the air.

"Today, master wishes to reward you all with a massive feast of demonic flesh and blood wine."

Konrad declared, and as if echoing his words, black and white rays descended from the floor's sky and dived into the pisaca demon's body. As the rays spread within, the corpse expanded and reached three-hundred meters before splitting into eight-thousand pieces and dropping on top of the vast, central blood river.

At first, the eight thousand demonic beast's eyes widened in disbelief. But quickly afterward, greed and voracious hunger shone within. However, without Konrad's green light, they didn't dare move forward.

"Go. It is all yours. Feast, and rise to serve your lord!"

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