Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 259

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 259 Ascended Titan Form

 "Asinine statement. Who else could it be? Your father?"

 Konrad leisurely cut and stood up. Veins beat on Bayiz's temple as he restrained the urge to slaughter this detestable nephew of his. But recalling what he had in store for Konrad's women, a smile returned on his face.

 "As rumors go, your arrogance truly knows no bounds. Good, very good. By the time I'm done here, I really want to see how much of your conceit will..."

 Bayiz began. Ignoring him, Konrad stepped forward, instantly arriving by Yvonne's side. With his right hand, he grabbed her by the waist, then again vanished to appear before Else. In the same fashion, he pulled her with his left hand and reappeared on his golden chariot.

 The pale-skinned beauties made way for Konrad to sit Yvonne at his right, and Else at his left.


 Indeed, this all happened before Bayiz could finish his words.

 His eyes widened in disbelief. Although Konrad's speed wasn't so high that he couldn't follow it, it completely defied his understanding of him! According to his intel, Konrad had yet to break through the Semi-Holy Rank.

 Even if his battle-power and talent defied all logic, with this timeframe, how far could he go?

 Even the Tower of Rebirth couldn't bring forth such drastic growth!

 Meanwhile, Erhardt's eyes were twisted by indignation.

 It was him.

 He finally appeared.

 The one that ruined his hopes and dashed his expectations! The source of all his woes!

 Erhardt couldn't bring himself to blame Yvonne. Therefore, he concentrated all his blame and hatred on Konrad. The one that, in his eyes, robbed his love.

 However, though rage twisted his reason, he still maintained some lucidity. Although the enemy's cultivation was indiscernible, the speed he displayed showcased dreadful strength.

 Meanwhile, Bayiz called him "nephew" and hesitated to bare his fangs. Those were reasons enough to tread carefully.

 But then, Konrad held Yvonne tight against him, his cheek brushing hers while his left hand enlaced Else's shoulders and caressed her hairs. Instantaneously, Erhardt tossed all rationality into oblivion.

 Now, only one thought blazed within his mind:


 "Does it hurt?"

 Konrad asked while staring at Yvonne's wounded chest and abdomen.

 "I've seen worse."

 She replied with a smile. And with a nod, Konrad injected his nephilim force into her body, healing her in an instant. He then shifted his attention toward Else.

 "You've done well, very well. I'm pleased. Later, I must give you abundant rewards."

 "Oh? And how will you reward me? In a wet and sloppy fashion?"

 Else playfully asked. Her words causing Konrad to arch his eyebrows.

 "It seems Verena has been teaching you house Konrad's precepts of shamelessness. Not bad."

 Konrad approved. And seeing how royally they were ignored. Neither Bayiz nor Erhardt could restrain themselves.

 In particular, Erhardt, who knew nothing and feared little, could no longer endure this show.

 "Son of a whore, give me your life!"

 Bright golden flames erupted from Erhardt's form and turning a solar beam, he flew toward Konrad!

 "Why do people assume I find that insulting?"

 Konrad asked his ladies without turning his attention toward Erhardt.


 But as the solar beam approached, Konrad met it with a kick, stopping Erhardt's assault, and sending him flying backward with a blood spurt.

 "Why the eagerness? Even if you didn't come to me, I'd still murder you. Daring to rob my woman in such a…frank and upright manner. How can I not kill you?"

 With those words, Konrad let go of Yvonne and Else, then stood up.

 "As for you, -uncle,- since you don't cherish your life, death decided to open its gates and welcome you in its fold.

 I heard there was a party in hell, with Eysan's head serving as a punching ball. You should go join them.

 Innate Skill: Extinction."

 Konrad stretched out his hand, causing dazzling jade-green light to erupt and enshroud everything across several miles. Those he didn't target only felt dazzled, but every man he deemed an enemy felt overwhelmed by a nightmarish force erasing his life at breakneck speed.

 Bayiz and Erhardt mustered the full might of their cultivation bases to resist the blow, and only then did they manage to survive it. Still, their internal organs bordered failure, and their very souls trembled!

 But as for the protectors they came with…

 All vanished into nothingness, not even leaving dust behind.

 Instantaneously, the two were startled, and sweat filled their foreheads. To say nothing of them, even Else, Yvonne, Verena, and Hubert couldn't believe their eyes.

 Those were Star Manifestation Saints!

 All turned into nothingness with a single move! What kind of horrible ability was this?!

 "You survived? Good. Otherwise, this would be a tad bit boring. Don't you think?"

 Konrad chortled while Jade-green light burst from his body and swirled around his form. With a step, he vanished, to reappear before the two with his arms folded beneath his chest.

 "Try your best, for you might not have another chance."

 The dreadful pressure of four high-grade, Awakened Divine Physiques and one Mastered Holy Physique erupted alongside the dreadful bloodline and Dao forces.

 The combination of cultivation, bloodline, and physiques filling the two experts with dread.

 The bloodline energy, in particular, was something they couldn't comprehend, something that didn't belong to the known categories, and whose might defied all logic.

 Bayiz and Erhardt exchanged one glance, and within that glance, came on an agreement.

 "Kill him first, then discuss the rest!"

 "Innate Skill: Golden Body!"

 "True Spirit Form!"

 Bayiz turned into a nine-meters tall golden giant, while Erhardt's hairs morphed into bright golden flames, and dazzling sunrays filled his eyes. At the same time, massive star force erupted from their bodies, and the pressure emanating from them rose to new heights.

 "Ascended Titan Form."

 Undisturbed, Konrad stretched out his hands, but as he did, a shocking scene occurred. From above and below, additional pairs of arms emerged from his sides, painting a frightening picture that put the asuras to shame.

 Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…all the way to fifty. Fifty pairs of arms, one-hundreds arms in total, each with vast destructive power.

 At the same time, two new heads appeared on Konrad, and seeing his hundred arms, the duo of misfortune was inclined to think that three heads weren't his limit. He just didn't need more.

 Konrad's body expanded, turning into a fifteen-meters tall giant, that towered above the two.

 Thinking of how similar the ability he showcased was to the legendary titans' gigantism, the two were startled.

 "This…is going to hurt."

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