Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 263

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 263 The Lord Be Praised

 With a wave of his hands, Konrad lifted the three experts from the ground, holding them in suspension around him.

 "What are you trying to do? You can't possibly hope to blackmail them, right?"

 Else inquired. Attempting to use those three captives to blackmail the entire Celestial Church and Infernal Cult was a pipe dream. Moreover, if an expert of the Divine Blood Rank or above appeared, before Konrad could make a move, the hostages would be recovered, and his body split in two.

 Therefore, she couldn't suppress her apprehension. On the contrary, Yvonne was undisturbed and focused her attention on Verena who remained hidden within the Voight Palace. Although due to his constant neglect, Verena's relationship with her father was at best, strained, he still was her father.

 To see him obliterated in such a manner was undoubtedly a harsh blow. A blow that'd require some time and distraction to heal. With their relationship having grown closer over the last month, Yvonne naturally wished to ease the process. Alas, she didn't have the required skillset. Only Konrad could promptly handle the job.

 As for the incoming Sages? Since Konrad dared act in such a flamboyant manner, Yvonne didn't doubt that he had a dastardly plan in store. Hence, there was no need for worries.

 They could just sit and enjoy the show.

 And indeed, Konrad was fully prepared.

 "Just sit tight and enjoy the show. There is absolutely no need for worries."

 He replied toward Else and summoned a thumb-sized black tower within his hand.

 This was the miniature version of the Tower of Rebirth. With his current cultivation, although he now owned the Tower, Konrad simply couldn't display its offensive power.

 At least, he would need to reach the Divine Rank beforehand. But in the meantime, the tower's spiritual consciousness could handle some tasks.

 Seven light beams flew from the distance and landed before Konrad. Leading them was Gulistan whose impassible face didn't reveal any emotions.

 "It's her true body. A late-stage Divine Transformation cultivation base."

 Selene's voice echoed within Konrad's mind. Unfazed, he raised his eyes toward her.

 "Welcome, lady Gulistan."

 Hearing the "lady Gulistan," Gulistan's face contorted into a small frown.

 "Your growth speed has outpaced all my expectations. I acknowledge I made a terrible move. However, you can't possibly think that with your current strength, you can go against both the Celestial Church and the Infernal Cult, right?"

 She began in a mental message. But Konrad remained silent.

 "How about this? Surrender and follow me back to house Serkar. I can guarantee that the matter will end as such and that no one will dare trouble you."

 She offered, and as the words echoed within his ears, Konrad's smile broadened.

 "Gulistan, you don't understand me at all. It's fine. In the future, I will make you understand. But in the meantime…"

 Seven other light beams appeared, this time, Celestial Church Sages. Seeing them, the third infernal elder frowned.

 "Warchief, what are we waiting for? We must act with haste, less those Celestial Church worms snatch him."

 And without waiting for Gulistan's reply, he carried on.

 "Boy, I don't know where you hail from, and it doesn't matter. This is the Ancient Crystal World. The people of the Infernal Cult can't be maltreated with impunity. If you release them on your own accord and surrender yourself to our examinations, we will not only spare you but give you key training.

 What do you say?"

 The third elder's voice thundered within the air. And hearing this, the Metze and Voight clansmen in the vicinity were startled. Clearly, more than retrieving hostages, it was Konrad's true origins that aroused the interest of the two factions.

 And indeed…

 "Don't listen to him. Come with us instead. We shall no longer pursue this matter and give you the training only we can. After all, you clearly possess a connection to the Ravmalakh while our founder was herself of Ravmalakh descent.

 Only in the Celestial Church can you fully blossom."

 The leading Celestial Church elder proclaimed.

 Better than anyone, they knew Konrad didn't come from the higher realm. Or more precisely, that he didn't come from the Celestial Realm. If he did, they would know. Therefore, regardless of his origin, he was an Ancient Crystal World native.

 That being the case, they had no scruples.

 However, hearing the offers, Konrad burst into laughter.

 "Hahahaha! Are you taking me for a three years old? If I follow either of you, at best, I will go under a scalpel. At worst…whoops."

 Konrad began without stopping his brash laughter. And instantaneously, tension rose.

 "Also, you are mistaken. If there is anyone in need of making concession, it is you, not me. You see, I'm the mortal avatar of the Profane Prince, the One True God.

 Your juniors have insulted his profane highness, and he demands their heads on a pike. I merely enforce his will, and there is nothing I can do about that. In three days, they will be publicly executed.

 As the saying goes, don't blame the messenger."

 Carried by his holy force, Konrad words spread through several thousands of miles. His announcement making the gathered Sages no longer take him seriously.

 "So he's nothing more than a lunatic?"

 The leading Celestial Church elder thought in disappointment. Only Gulistan felt an awful sense of foreboding.

 "Moreover, due to your two factions incessant meddling with his chosen land, the Profane Prince commands, that henceforth, no one above the Holy Rank, can step into the Holy Continent."

 Konrad pursued, then raised his hand. The thumb-sized tower expanded to reach a full hundred-meter. And as soon as it appeared, all experts recognized it. Their eyes widened in fright.

 At the same time, Konrad dispelled his Transformation Skill to make his real cultivation and the level of his physiques evident to all. But before the Tower, such a revelation wasn't worth mentioning.

 "T-the…tower? The Tower of Rebirth? How could this be?

 An imitation, it must be an imitation!"

 All agreed, but when they aimed their Divine Sense at the Tower's initial location, they were startled to see that it was no longer there!

 "What nonsense is this? How does a thing that size suddenly disappear?"

 But while they wallowed in consternation, God-Force burst from the tower and morphed into a light screen that spread throughout the Holy Continent!


 Gulistan cursed, but to no avail.


 All the Divine Rank experts caught in the light screen were slammed out of the Holy Continent, shooting across the sky, to crater within the Barbarian Continent!

 "The Lord be praised! The Profane Prince is merciful and doesn't wish to shed precious Sage blood. Therefore, he gives you this warning and banishes you from the Holy Continent.

 In three days, your juniors will be executed before the public. But in the meantime, they will be flayed one piece at a time, until only the meat beneath their skin remains.

 If you still don't know proper limitations, you can't blame his Profane Highness for slaughtering your lot."

 Konrad proclaimed with his hands joined in a prayer sign, and his bright smile unchanged.

 "Dear church and cult friends, please don't disappoint my expectations."

 Hearing Konrad's announcement, Gulistan, who now lied in a pile of dirt, felt a new wave of confusion.

 "Something is wrong here. Why did he so easily reveal his real cultivation and physique levels? Why such a gaudy execution? Why three days?"

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