Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 277

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 277 Give Them An Inch..

Back into the imperial palace, Konrad now made his way to a secluded chamber where a certain "prisoner" remained captive.

Within that chamber, the Dowager, Amalia sat on top of an oval bed, her dazed eyes showing no emotions. Even Konrad's appearance didn't trigger much reaction from her. She merely shifted her blank gaze toward him and bowed in greetings.

Just like a docile puppet. With a smirk, Konrad waved his hand, releasing a wave of jade light that freed Amalia of his control. Instantaneously, confusion spread within her eyes, and upon recalling the events following her arrival in the Voight domain, indignation, stupor, and anguish replaced the previous confusion.

"It was you, you that turned me against my kin, and caused me to betray my house and brother."

Amalia realized, but despite the distressing situation, her tone remained calm, and her eyes peered into Konrad's golden hues.

"Indeed, it was I."

He casually replied and sat on the bed, seeing him take such a casual approach, Amalia frowned. However, she didn't lose sight of the priorities.

"What do you want from me?"

She directly asked.

"I want you."

Konrad straightforwardly replied, his relaxed smile unchanged, and his golden eyes still locked on Amalia's silver hues.

Her frown deepened.

"In this life or in another, I will only belong to one man. Alive, he's my husband. Dead, I am his widow. Though your looks transcend anything I've witnessed in thousands of years of existence, appearance alone cannot make my devotion waver."

Amalia declared. And indeed, although Konrad's empyrean appearance was an enthralling sight, although she needed to use the full measure of her willpower to not succumb to his golden eyes, such base emotions could never overwhelm her affection for her deceased husband.

Theirs was an everlasting commitment. Konrad was impressed. On earth, it would be rare to see a widow still devoted to her late husband after a decade. To say nothing of centuries.

However, Amalia's adoration for Olrich's father effortlessly endured the test of time. Even death could not do them apart. Such commitment was indeed praiseworthy.


"You should know it by now. If I want you, you cannot resist. I only need to click my fingers, and all your affection for the previous emperor will vanish. With another click, I will become the center of your world.

That, or I can just release my pheromones, and shame you into offering yourself in an eruption of lust. There are so many ways for me to take you, none are complicated."

Konrad began and hearing this, Amalia's eyelids trembled while she clenched her fists in unwillingness.

"Nevertheless, I do not lack women. Peerless beauties, outstanding talents, I have it all. What I want is…your brain."

Amalia's frown dispersed, and she arched her eyebrows.

"You are clever. Alas, you played for the wrong team. I can breed talent, beauty, everything. Everything besides intellect. I cannot make a genius out of a brick. Which is why I seek women like you."

Konrad explained.

"If you join me, I will make you the head of the new Research Department. I know you made significant progress in anti demonic beast weapons for the Holy Flame Church. With me, that program will be discontinued. Instead, on top of a few other tasks, I want you to start studying the root of humanity's blood and its latent potential.

With your understanding of genetics, you are currently the most suited person for the task. I shall put all the needed resources at your disposal. That naturally includes test subjects."

There was one thing Konrad never understood, the vast discrepancy between golden-blooded humans and titans. Only one bloodline level stood between them, and yet, titans were comparable to the highest deva and demon races such as the ravmalakhs and lust embodiments.

However, in bloodline level, golden-blooded humans could not match a pureblooded incubus. At best, they were one step above half-bloods. Such an abysmal gap made no sense.

Therefore, Konrad hypothesized that even the lower-ranked human bloodlines possessed vast latent powers. Latent powers that, for some reason, humans failed to tap into. Unlocking this strength would surely unravel many mysteries and new opportunities.

Of course, he didn't delude himself into thinking this a simple task. After all, if he could think of this, others could.

As Konrad's words ended, Amalia closed her eyes, appraising the proposal. Research had always been her favorite activity, and humanity a species shrouded in many mysteries. Mysteries that kindled her interest. However, recalling the previous events, she squinted.

"I can agree to these terms. However, you'd have to do one thing for me first."

Hearing this, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"Simple. Kill Yvonne. She and I cannot coexist. To have one, you must forsake the other."

Although it stemmed from Olrich's intrigues, it was by Yvonne's hands that Amalia's two other sons died. Having never forgotten this slight, there was simply no way for her to work in the same team as Yvonne.

But she didn't expect that as soon as the words echoed, Konrad's smile brightened.

"Oh really? Good, very good."

Konrad chortled, and no longer restrained his pheromones. Thanks to his transformation, his orchid scent had undergone drastic changes, with its might increasing several folds.

As soon as that scent reached her nostrils, Amalia's eyes widened, her body trembled, and her cheeks flushed red.

"Now this is what I call audacity. How bold. How impudent. Yvonne is my wife, first among my women. When I'm not even calculating your involvement in her tribulation poison, and your attack on her domain, you actually have the nerves to request her head?

Impressive! Clearly, your late husband didn't teach you propriety. I will have to do it in his stead."

Konrad stretched out his hand, causing jade-colored desire flames to rise from his index and dive into Amalia's chest.

Instantaneously, all her resistance collapsed, and her eyes blazed with lust while her cunt drenched her panties in sexual juice.


She stammered and dropped on her front while rubbing her inner-thighs.

"Despicable is my middle name. I can assure you that you will enjoy this more than me."

Konrad leisurely replied before shifting Amalia's legs toward him.

"See how I spank the rebelliousness out of you."

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