Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 278

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 278 Spanking Rebelliousness Out Of The Dowager R 18

Pulling her by the legs, Konrad laid Amalia on his lap, with her big, perky butt facing him while her face remained pressed on the bed. A face that failed to contain the heat spreading throughout her body at breakneck speed and threatening to obliterate all her vows.

First, Konrad gave her ass cheeks a good squeeze, assessing the texture and elasticity with a "knowledgeable expert's" seriousness.

"Top-grade goods. We are working with top-grade goods. Well-done."

Konrad appraised with a firm nod and feeling the hands of a man other than her late husband groping her body, shame filled Amalia's eyes.

"How…dare you?"

She stammered with increasingly ragged breathing.

"The only thing I don't dare do is…nothing."

Konrad leisurely replied before copping another feel…just for safety measures, of course. He then pulled off his hands, then joined them in a prayer sign. Jade flames appeared and swirled around his hands. Flames whose mere scent could kindle desire in the unprepared.

Konrad pressed his hands back on Amalia's rear, cupping one ass cheek within each hand and massaging her butt through the fabric of her clothes; clothes her pussy juices stained at a rapid pace.


When the flames of ecstasy snuck past her clothes and bum to infiltrate her body, Amalia couldn't help but let out a small moan. Unwilling to let such a thing occur again, she bit the bedsheets beneath her, hoping to silence her expressions of pleasure.

But due to the ecstasy flames relaxing her body, when Konrad raised his hand, arming it for the first smack, she couldn't even bring herself into clenching her backside.


Konrad's left palm descended on Amalia's right butt cheek while the left one remained cupped in his other hand. The spanking sound soared toward the ceiling, spreading throughout the room while Amalia's supple butt jiggled upon impact.


Amalia squealed, unable to restrain herself while her eyes widened in disbelief. That single spank brought alongside it a contradictory mixture of pain and delight. A disgraceful mixture that filled her mind with eagerness for the second one. And this was only the first. After the tenth or twentieth, how low would she fall?

"Look, everything is negotiable. You don't need to go so…"

Amalia began, but alas…

"Too late. I give you an inch you take a mile, a hand you want the whole arm. That being the case, do not blame me for being merciless."

Konrad replied before lifting Amalia's dress to reveal her bare butt, then raising his hand, again arming it for another strike.

"Wait, wait…"

But wait he did not. And this time, while his left palm smacked Amalia's right butt cheek, the right "tended" to her left; thus, turning the Dowager's backside into a beating drum.


At first, she vainly attempted to muffle her moans by keeping her teeth and hands clenched on the bedsheets. But as the spanking carried on, and enrapturing pleasure filled her body, and clouded her mind, she could no longer restrain herself and moaned in delight.


Amalia squealed while the relentless smacking of her rear carried on.


Konrad spanked her harder and faster, the pace shooting up with Amalia's pleasure and the tonality of her moans!

Delight shone on her dazed face, and her eyes glazed with lust while Konrad's punishing hands brought her to the edge.


And with the last smack, she went over it.

"Ooh my god…I'm…cumming!"

Arching her back, Amalia squealed and orgasmed on Konrad's lap, her gushing juices soaking her panties, thighs, and the bedsheet below.

Her face then dropped on the bed with her tongue lolling out. If there was such a thing as "proper humiliation," she firmly believed that…this was the most reasonable shame she would experience in her life!

But, of course, Konrad was only getting started.

"Ah, now I see the truth. From the start, this is what you were aiming for. And I entertained you thinking I was punishing you. What a dastardly plan!"

Silly. I'm so silly!"

Konrad "realized" while slapping his forehead.


Amalia sobbed. But then, a new pair of arms grew from Konrad's sides. First, he coated his fingers with his demonic saliva, then renewed the flames of ecstasy, and stretched the four hands toward Amalia.

In a deft move, he flipped her on her back and lowered her dress to reveal those bountiful breasts she kept hidden beneath.

One hand aimed at her still dripping cunt, another at her puckered butthole, and the last two fell on her breasts. The still dazed Amalia slightly shivered, fearing and anticipating what was about to happen to her.

"Since I've been taken advantage of, I might as well go all out!"

Konrad declared before getting to work. His four hands assailed their targets, the first two fingering Amalia's cunt and butthole while the last two fondled her breasts and teased her nipples.


Attacked on too many fronts, it didn't take a minute before Amalia collapsed in another orgasm.

And then another one. And again, another one. Soon, the pleasure completely possessed her mind and threatened to drive her into madness.

"Ooohhh…you're killing me!"


"Don't stop…don't stop!"

Amalia squealed while Konrad's fingers wantonly toured her body.

"I can't take anymore…mercy!"

Her moaning voice was so loud that soon, it spread throughout the entire imperial palace, and all became aware that the stately Empress Dowager had fallen from her grace.

"Will you behave?"

Konrad asked while pulling out his fingers. Amalia had now turned into a startling mess, her juice forming a large puddle that drenched the whole bed while her body trembled and droll dripped from either corner of her wide open mouth.

"If…you say A…I won't dare…say B."

Completely vanquished, she surrendered to her fate.

Satisfied, Konrad nodded in approval, and unbuckled his pants, revealing his hard, throbbing rod that ached for its share of bliss.

Seeing the meat-rod appear and lower itself toward her snatch, Amalia's trembling intensified.

"Wait that's too…"

"Because you think that at this juncture, you can still be considered faithful to your late husband? Delusional."

Konrad shook his head and aligned his profane shaft with Amalia's moist entrance. In a tantalizingly slow motion, Konrad inserted it, making sure that Amalia would forever remember this instant when a second man filled her body. And fill he did.


She whimpered as Konrad's girth conquered her insides, and his cock settled within her. Pleasure driven, she spread her legs to give him better access while he held her waist to fully impale her on his rod, and ready her for the impending hammering.

Konrad glided his shaft back to the entrance, the move eliciting a new whimper from Amalia, before again shoving himself to the hilt in one rapid thrust.


The pounding then began, with Konrad hammering his cock into Amalia's cave while his hips danced against her waist to hit the spot that brought her the most pleasure.

Mid-hammering, he released his golden and jade lights, creating a sharp pleasure increase that filled the already crumbling Dowager with debilitating pleasure.

And as Konrad plowed her field, the memory of her late husband vanished in the back of her head.

Moans became animalistic grunts, and in that instant, Amalia probably couldn't remember her name or recognize her reflection in a mirror.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Konrad's pace shot up, going in and out at a superhuman speed until his rod ached for release, and he unleashed his spunk within Amalia's snatch.


She groaned in an orgasm of her own and lost her last bit of strength. Konrad then flipped her on her front, still holding her by the waist to hammer her from behind through several hours of barbaric mating.

Mating at the end of which, he induced Amalia into a contract whose nature she didn't give a damn about.

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