Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 1chapter 324

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 324 Becoming Of Age Part 1

Under Zamira's lead, the Borxan tribeswomen quickly filled critical positions within the khan's court while the Hidden Moon Pavilion's experts took control of Hejin Serkar's spy net, first within the royal palace, then throughout Tel'Hatra. The Wandering Dream Inn was no exception.

In the span of a few hours, Tel'Hatra fell under the full control of Konrad's group. Meanwhile, Konrad sat crossed-legged within a room of the Wandering Dream Inn, with black mist swirling around his form as he deepened his understanding of the Blossoming Death Art and stepped increasingly closer toward the third layer.

Else sat before him, pursuing Seer's Vision third layer and the perfection of her laws while Astarte used a Pure Self to stand guard. Naturally, her true self was also lost in cultivation.

But as Konrad tackled new mysteries, a voice echoed within his mind.

"Apologies, master, but I believe it will soon be time for you to act."

Zamira said through a mental message stretching across hundreds of miles. The reverberation of the words forced Konrad out of his silent cultivation, and his eyes opened.

"Oh? Is that so? What ploy do you have in mind?"

He asked with a smirk. After giving her free reign, Konrad didn't doubt Zamira would quickly return with results. After all, in terms of mental and planning, she definitely ranked at the helm of the harem. In a contest of plotting, the only one able to stand above her would be Verena and Else.

But in those recent years, neither seemed invested in the scheming arts. Not that they had a reason to.

"First, following your bloodline seal, may I ask how confident you are in enthralling women through sex?"

Zamira inquired in a calm, serious tone. The question didn't startle Konrad who'd already expected it.

"Depends. From mortals to Semi-Saints, nothing has changed. Of course, I can't just snap my fingers to have them grovel at my feet any longer. But as long as I can lay hands on them, they can't escape."

Konrad replied in a clear, confident tone.

"What about Saints and above?"

"The pleasure won't be enough to override their will. But for Saints, I have prepared a few items to make up for that."

Hearing this, from within the royal palace, Zamira nodded.

"That's more than enough. Master, allow me to congratulate you in advance for obtaining a new beauty. I've gotten a glimpse of princess Helbin and I must say…she will definitely suit your tastes and sate your appetite.

She has just turned sixteen but is already at the peak of the Arch Knight and Priest Ranks. Her talent is up to standards. The mother is also quite the treat. No wonders Hejin couldn't keep his hands for himself."

Initially, Zamira's words triggered a wave of amusement within Konrad's chest. However, when the name "Hejin" rang, his eyebrows arched.

"Hejin? Hejin Serkar? The eldest uncle?"

"Indeed. He's princess Helbin's biological father, which also makes her your cousin."

Surprise now flashed within Konrad's eyes. Although he too had expected that princess to not be the khan's blood, he didn't believe the relationship would be this…direct.

"Why didn't you say that sooner?"

He asked, and the indignation coating his words perplexed Zamira who hadn't anticipated a negative reaction.

"I didn't think…it would matter. Apologies."

"Nonsense! Of course, it matters. It makes a world of difference!"

Konrad exclaimed, and hearing his outrage, Zamira believed she'd perhaps overestimated his limits and prepared to cancel the plan when…

"…had I known that before, I would have directly dived into the royal palace! Joke, one of the last three boxes I have yet to check. How could I delay?"

…Konrad pursued while rising from the bed, causing Zamira to stagger and almost lose her balance.

Indeed, she'd not misjudged him…

"Alright, here's the plan…"

In the meantime, within the royal palace, festivities abounded. The southern, eastern and western khans rushed toward Tel'Hatra with large floating carriages carrying startling gifts. And though, in name, those were congratulatory gifts for the royal family, all knew they were bribes to obtain the princess' favor.

At the moment, the four khans gathered in the banquet hall with dozens of seated royal kin and rows of servants that went in and out. At the honor seat, the Agir the Northern Khan sat with his wife the Khanum by his side.

True to the rumors, the Khanum's perfectly sculpted hourglass figure radiated with mature charm while her full, inviting lips captivated the attention of nearby men who could barely contain the urge to kiss them on the spot. And seeing all the male eyes fluttering toward her direction, although she let nothing transpire on her face, the Khanum was quite satisfied.

Alas, she wouldn't be able to enjoy this spotlight for long. As the festive bluster boomed, a lithe figure stepped in, her appearance snatching the attention of all the gathered individuals, men and women alike.

It was a young, olive-skinned woman who clearly didn't look more than sixteen years old. Dressed, in a sapphire, backless maxi dress with long, jet-black hairs and piercing, ink-like eyes, she stood out, not because of her riveting beauty, but because of her curves that simply didn't match her youth.

Cantaloupe-sized breasts forming a mesmerizing cleavage that threatened to burst out of her dress, a firm, big and perky butt that at least fit a forty, and a narrow waist to perfect it all. Even in the royal palace where beauties now gathered, such a striking figure was hard to come by and when matched with that small, youthful face, gave her a criminal appeal few could resist.

She was the Northern Khanate's Princess Helbin. And though her lips flashed an amiable smile, the astute could see that within those young eyes of hers, pure scorn shone.

As far as she was concerned, this was no major celebration, but a gathering of monkeys competing for the right to amuse her. In fact, her royal relatives included, she didn't see any of those individuals as sentient beings, but as pets and possessions she could do with as she saw fit.

No, they didn't even qualify as pets. None of them did.

With a steady gait, Helbin walked toward the honor seat but bowed toward neither Khan nor Khanum, merely curtsying before taking her seat.

The atmosphere went from festive to tense, with the foreign guests not having expected such disrespect. The royal relatives, however, could only put up forced smiles.

This…merely was the reality of things. What could they do?

If it were before, Agir would have flown into a rage. But on this occasion, recalling Zamira's words, his smile only grew brighter.

On the contrary, it was his cheating wife that went livid and clenched on her thighs while her beautiful face became distorted by outrage.

Still, what could she do? To Hejin, she was but a toy. A glorified cum-dumpster. Only Helbin genuinely mattered.

The celebration carried on, and now that Helbin was present the servants carried in the dishes and liquor to liven up the banquet hall. But as the banquet approached its end, the Northern Khan stood up with a wine glass raised toward Helbin.

"What can delight a father more than seeing his daughter become of age? In this world, is there a greater source of bliss? Helbin, it is your birth that allowed me to realize how dark my world really was and awoke me to light."

Agir began in a warm, heartfelt tone that filled many with emotions. But hearing this, all except two were startled. Startled because never did they expect such words to leave Agir's lips.

The Khanum, his wife, and Helbin, "his daughter." Although Agir never revealed it, the Khanum didn't doubt he knew the true parentage of "their children." Therefore, the words he now spoke startled her and made her feel that they meant the exact opposite.

As for Helbin, their father-daughter relationship was a clusterfuck, to begin with. In sixteen years of existence, Agir didn't hug her once. How could she not be startled?

Ignoring their stupor, he carried on.

"The Coming of Age Ceremony's proper end is the consummation night. I know the Serkars have already prepared many outstanding talents to serve you. However, I also tried my hardest to bring you the best."


Following Agir's two loud claps, the royal guards brought in six men in chains. The upper halves of their bodies were bared for all to see, revealing their powerful musculature. However, though the first five all were breathtakingly handsome, it is on the sixth that Helbin's eyes locked.

"Breathtaking" was not enough to describe that sixth man who towered above the rest both in size and musculature. Standing at more than 1.9 meters with back-length jade-colored hairs and enrapturing golden-eyes, both in face and figure, he appeared like a fantasy of empyrean perfection.

Too good to be true.

The young man's eyes locked on Helbin's and his lips curled into a smile. In that instant, she knew she wanted him.

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