Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 2chapter 323

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 323 Subduing The Northern Khan Part 2

As the words echoed within the throne room, Agir's heart teemed with wild tremors, threatening to burst at any moment. However, he restrained the pain and suppressed his rising madness to dagger Zamira with his eyes.

"Why, why are you telling me this?! Who the hell are you?!"

Agir roared in indignation.

"I'm your savior. The one that will allow you to wipe out years of shame. Though, I must say you're not really clever. Did you honestly expect a barbarian woman to keep herself chaste for you across more than one thousand years? Come on.

What dream were you living?"

Zamira replied while shaking her head, causing Agir to almost spit blood.

"But it's fine. I have the solution to all your woes. You just have to do a few things. First, tell me exactly who it was."

Zamira ordered while releasing her star force. And feeling the perfect unity of the stars within that white light, Agir was startled.

"Star Fusion…you're a Star Fusing Saint?"

He asked in awe. However, when he recalled who his enemy was, that awe soon vanished, replaced by frustration and a hint of concealed despair. That reaction alone allowed Zamira to eliminate many targets. If a Star Fusing Saint wasn't enough to kindle hope within Agir's heart, then the one to whom he owed his humiliation was at least Divine Rank expert.

Even within house Serkar, the list wasn't that extensive. The patriarch, Berken, and the elders. The elders were a heterogeneous group ranging from Berken's children, siblings, and cousins to his secluded seniors. Perhaps the first inheritor had recently broken through and reached the Divine Seed Rank, but the timing didn't coincide. Therefore, Zamira ignored him.

As for why she cared, it was naturally because of Konrad. After knowing he wished to use the flames of war to lure out valuable Serkar experts and gain entry to their headquarters, she'd been devising another plan.

And once princess Helbin's story reached her ears, she quickly connected the dots. Through her and Agir's feud, to say nothing of a valuable member. Zamira was confident they could lure out a core member of house Serkar to serve Konrad's purpose.

Meanwhile, she could take control of the Northern Khanate without spilling a drop of blood; thus, hitting two birds with one stone.

"I know. It's not that you don't dare seek revenge. You believe doing so is pointless. At best, you would lose your life. At worst, your entire clan would be exterminated, following in the footsteps of the Dire and those other clans who offended those they couldn't afford to."

Zamira's words perfectly matched Agir's thoughts, and with his head lowered, he sighed.

"Indeed. The enemy is too strong. Not only is his own strength monstrous, but his status within the house is at the summit. A man must know when to advance and when to retreat. Regardless of what he does, I cannot take revenge…"

Agir replied with his teeth sinking into his lower and his nails digging into his palm.

"As long as we're not dealing with Berken and Gulistan, I have one-hundred-percent confidence in giving you justice. You just have to trust me."

Hearing this, Agir was startled. How could that woman make such a bold claim? Avoiding Berken and Gulistan, she seemed to clearly know what she was dealing with; yet, still spoke such words.

Where did her assurance come from? A mightier backer? Agir simply didn't believe that a Saint could go against his enemy. Moreover…

"Why would you help me? What do you want from me?"

This was the crux of the matter. And until that part was clarified, even if Zamira offered the moon, he would still not dare receive it.


Zamira waved her hand, causing a blood-red eyed beauty to appear before Agir. The slave clothing she wore vanished, replaced by a daunting, black crystal armor at the back of which four pairs of wings fluttered.

This red-eyed beauty was naturally one of the two Paramount Knights that followed Konrad on this quest and now temporarily served under Zamira. Removing her gauntlet, she cut open her palm and stretched out her bleeding hand toward Agir.

And feeling the startling aura eruption from her form, Agir was scared witless. Zamira's cultivation awed but couldn't terrify him. However, this woman's was in a whole other league, with depth he couldn't even fathom.

Now, he no longer doubted he dealt with an incomparably formidable faction.

"I want you to drink her blood. Do so, and I will help you obtain your vengeance."

Zamira ordered. Several races possessed enthrallment abilities. Mind Control and Phantasm Orchids for incubi, Soul Worms for paragon spirits, Dream Compulsion for maras, etc.…

This red-eyed beauty was a high-level Blood Fiend. And thus, her blood possessed the ability to bound whoever tasted it to her will. Using that trick, Zamira could control Agir by proxy, and he knew it very well.

However, when the face of that man reappeared within his mind, and he saw the chance of revenge within that bleeding palm, he no longer hesitated.

"For the sake of revenge, I can give up anything. If there is a chance, I will bet my soul on it. I know you may be tricking me, but I'm still willing to try!"

Agir exclaimed and drank the blood; thus, abandoning his free will.


"Hejin Serkar!"

Hearing this, Zamira was startled. Although it was now evident Agir's target ranked very high, she didn't expect him to be Hejin himself. After all, Berken and Gulistan aside, he was house Serkar's highest-ranking member, the previous first inheritor, and the current one's father.

That being the case, wasn't princess Helbin…Konrad's cousin?

Thinking of the things about to occur, Zamira couldn't help but arch her eyebrows.

"Oh well. We were destined to cross that bridge. Knowing him, I'm sure he will not care."

She sighed before returning her attention to her servant by proxy.

"First, I will give you one of my tribeswomen as your new consort. The children she will bear you will be surnamed Borxan, and in the future, inherit your seat.

As for Hejin, since he seems to care so much for that daughter of his, let's make her the bait for luring him out. The aftermath will be straightforward.

I believe in the nearby future, you will have the pleasure of seeing him bear witness to his wives and concubines filled to the brim with another man's rod."

The words were like music to Agir's ears, and he kowtowed in submission.

"I yearn for nothing more!"

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