Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 2chapter 325

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 325 Becoming Of Age Part 2

Naturally, Helbin wasn't the only victim of that youth's charms. Men and women alike ignored the remaining fire slaves to glue their eyes on him. The females stared in a blissful stupor while insecurity and flaming ire flooded the males' hearts.

And since Konrad had appeared, how could it not? With his transcendental looks, even without his orchid scent, regardless of where he went, becoming the center of attention was inevitable.

Now, even the Khanum's eyes were threatening to pop out of their sockets to fly into his cradle.

"Where did you obtain such…specimens?"

The Khanum asked Agir, unable to contain her blazing curiosity while devising ways to snatch this youth away from her daughter.

Witnessing the reaction Konrad triggered, Agir was awash with satisfaction. Indeed, Zamira hadn't swindled him. This youth was a lethal weapon few could resist. His presence, a craving, and his touch of irresistible appeal.

Clearly, Konrad hailed from the Holy Continent. In an era were new Holy Continent slaves were vanishing commodities, seeing such a youth appear out of nowhere should have prompted many inquiries. But smitten by his appearance, none took that point into consideration.

"They are the result of my desperate searches to please my beloved daughter. Of the six, five are high-level Semi-Saints. As for the sixth, while he's merely mortal, his worth speaks for itself.

Naturally, all are masters of the bedchamber arts. Helbin, feel free to enjoy them! This is father's farewell gift for you!"

Agir proclaimed with soaring emotions. Following her coming of age ceremony, Helbin was meant to return to the main house for cultivation and not step out before an incalculable amount of time. Therefore, none found his words inappropriate.

Without a word, Helbin stood up, holding up her trailing dress to step toward the slaves. As she moved, her tight-fitting wear perfectly highlighted her swaying curves, and the wiggle of her hips pulled the males' attention away from Konrad…if only for a moment.

Bypassing the first five slaves, she stopped before the focus of her attention and stretched her silky palm toward his cheek, letting her nimble fingers trace it before seizing his chin in an unabashed move that startled more than one. Although barbarians didn't have much protocol, such a display still was unexpected. After all, she was but an inexperienced sixteen years old.

Evidently, they'd underestimated Helbin's self-confidence. With more than a decade of seeing the world grovel at her feet, she'd long-since become convinced, that throughout the Barbarian Continent's secular world, there was nothing she couldn't do.

In the meantime, her prince consort, Xabur, who sat nearby, trembled in suppressed shame and indignation. Although he knew such a day was predestined, knowing was one thing, and facing, another.

As Helbin's hand trailed the impassible Konrad's cheeks, chin, and neck, his heart teemed with jealousy, rancor, and humiliation.

"I only want him."

Helbin declared, while never raising her eyes from Konrad. If before, the notion of letting go of five high-level Semi-Saint dual cauldrons for one mortal would have made those barbarian tycoons burst in laughter, today, the words' echo took no one aback. Almost palpable jealousy swirled within the air, expending nostrils and causing teeth to sink into frustrated lips.

Agir could barely contain his joy.

"Very well, as you wish. This is your day, feel free to do as you see fit."

Agir replied before lowering his wine glass to return to his seat. Meanwhile, Konrad shouldered Helbin's gaze, teasing her with subtle eye movements and silent flirting. Without a hint of bashfulness, she pulled him by the hand, and under the dumbfounded gazes of the gathering, led him out of the banquet hall to head into her consummation chamber.

Xabur felt the iron taste of blood fill his lips. Originally, although he wasn't going to be the only one, at least, he would have been part of Helbin's night. But now, this obviously no longer was part of the plan.

Staggering on his seat, his eyes went bloodshot, and he slid onto the ground, tumbling like a fool.

But as looks of scorn and mockery trapped him from all sides, little did he know, that if not for Konrad's appearance, this would have been his final night as a cultivator.

As they departed from the banquet hall, Helbin's slow, steady steps hastened, growing increasingly hurried until she found herself sprinting toward the consummation chambers. Her pulse quickened, and though he remained silent, Konrad could feel her temperature rising, if only a little.

In the span of a few minutes, they reached the consummation chambers where Helbin's bodyguard stood vigil.

"Have them all get lost."

She ordered the guards while staring at the chamber's door. Behind it, several Serkar-selected men of solid cultivation and well-carved looks knelt beneath a large bed to welcome and serve her.

Unlike the royal palace's majority, they knew very well that past tonight, all their cultivation would be harvested. However, they didn't care. They'd been specially groomed for this day, and their cultivation bases meant to fuel Helbin's.

But little did they expect that as soon as she arrived, her first words would be…to dismiss them all!

"My lady, isn't this improper? From the pills they ate to the methods they practiced, lord Hejin especially selected and had these men trained for you. Not harvesting them, aren't you disrespecting him? Please reconsider."

The guard captain interfered. Although he never presented herself to her, Hejin Serkar had always been Helbin's most active patron, and her cultivation road arranged by him either directly or by proxy.

Even the Serkar elder that took her as an unofficial disciple obeyed his orders. Needless to say, Helbin held him in high esteem and saw him as the father she never had. However, on this occasion, disobeying was a must.

"In the future, I can harvest them. Tomorrow, in a week or a month, it doesn't matter. But tonight, I only want him."

She declared, not leaving room for compromise. Hearing this, the guard captain was startled, and his eyes rose to lock on Konrad. As a peak-stage Crossed Tribulation Saint of house Serkar, although, in the main house, he could only serve as guard or butler for the most powerful lines, within the secular world, not many could hold his attention.

Therefore, he didn't spare Konrad a glance, taking him as his lady's chosen toy. But when his eyes locked upon him, they widened in disbelief. No wonders the young lady was being this intransigent.

Knowing that nothing could change her mind, he shook his head, motioning for his subordinates to clean the room, which they did in the blink of an eye.

Unlike many others, he knew of Helbin's real status. Therefore, when push came to shove, he didn't dare stand in her way.

Without further disturbance, Helbin pulled Konrad in. Amused by her display, he could barely restrain the chuckle on his lips. But to avoid foiling the night, he snuffed it out, only maintaining that ensnaring smile that so easily captivated her.

With five nimble steps, Helbin reached the spacious oval bed draped in red sheets then spun to face Konrad.

Desire flared within her eyes, desire she didn't constrain as she rushed into his chest and seized him by the cheeks to pull him into a rough, ardent kiss. Their tongues intertwined, meshing in moist passion as Helbin stood on her toes to make up for the fifteen centimeters difference between them.

The union of their lips set her flaming body ablaze, and it didn't take two minutes before she pushed Konrad back and with a wave of her hand, shattered his chains.

"I wanted to do this since I laid eyes on you."

She boldly claimed while the clang of the dropping chains rang within the room.

"I know."

Konrad replied in such confident a tone that for an instant, Helbin arched her eyebrows. Quickly, however, her surprise made place for a resplendent smile, and she recoiled toward the bed, sitting on top of it while extending her foot toward Konrad.

"In that case, please take responsibility."

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