Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 3chapter 326

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 326 Becoming Of Age Part 3 R 18

Such words, Konrad needn't hear twice. In three steps, he stopped before Helbin and knelt in front of her perfect leg to lower her shoes before taking her foot into his palm and giving it a gentle kiss.

But little did she know that the moment that foot of hers landed into his hands, marked the end of her existence as a free being. Konrad's fingers played with the toes, massaging them with masterful care and relaxing Helbin's body without losing her heat.


She exhaled a low sigh of contentment before lowering her back on the bed. Taking this opportunity, Konrad activated his Ecstasy Fingers. Small, nigh-imperceptible pink flames sprang from the tip of his ten fingers to turn this casual massage into Helbin's pitfall. As Konrad exerted pressure on her toes and foot, the pink flames dived past her pores to invade her body and not only heighten her lust and sensitivity, but turn her foot into a cluster of erogenous zones.

Now, even the most casual of brushes would send a jolt of electricity to race throughout her body.


A low groan escaped her lips as she stretched her arms on the bed, and relished in Konrad's touch. His attention shifted toward the left foot, administrating the same treatment before returning to the right, and going back and forth while making his way up the beauties' ankles to reach her legs.

As Konrad's hands rose, so did Helbin's dress, and by the time he climbed past her knees, her shapely thighs and legs were in full view. Naturally, wherever Konrad's hands went, his touch of ecstasy created pleasure jolts and new erogenous zones. Inexplicable pleasure flooded Helbin's mind. If boldness was one thing, experience was another.

And experience, she didn't have. Hence, those new pleasure waves made her unable to question how a mortal could put her in such a state with the fiddling of ten fingers.


A louder groan echoed as Konrad's hands reached Helbin's inner thighs and massaged them with his otherworldly Ecstasy Fingers while pushing up her dress to reveal those moist panties of hers.

The thin black lace failed to contain the dripping liquid that now trickled down the bed, and soaked it unbeknown to Helbin, whose mind entered a dazed state. Slipping his hands beneath Helbin's panties, Konrad caressed her twat, then spread it from beneath her underwear, making the fabric sink into her dripping cunt and shake her with another wave of carnal bliss.

The pitch of her moans reached another level.

Letting go of Helbin's cunt, Konrad grabbed and yanked her panties upward, rubbing the fabric against her snatch in a rough, brisk move while groping her supple ass cheek with his free hand.


The friction caused by the rubbing and groping sent Helbin over the edge, and as Konrad pulled harder on her lace, she quivered on the bed with her legs spread and her juice gushing forth in her first orgasm.


She groaned in loud delight. Konrad's last yank proved too hard for the abused panties, and they broke free from Helbin's waist to hang within their tormentor's hands. In slow, tantalizing motion, Konrad climbed over the bed to lie above Helbin, trapping her between his arms before waving her drenched underwear at her glazed eyes.

"What a mess."

He whispered in her ear before trailing his tongue across her earlobes. Tossing the broken piece of fabric aside, Konrad extended his hands toward Helbin's massive breasts, allowing them to burst free by lowering her dress all the way down her waist. Thus, not only revealing the perfectly shaped, cantaloupe-sized breasts but her trimmed abs and narrow waist.

Meanwhile, Helbin panted against his torso, striving to awake from the "spell" he put her under.

"Little cousin, even without powers, lovely lambs like you, I can play to my heart's content."

Konrad whispered while planting hickeys on Helbin's neckline.


She began, but before she could finish her words, Konrad sealed her lips with his, keeping her pinned with an overbearing kiss while his nimble fingers played fondled her massive breasts and teased her nipples. The meaning of the words no longer seemed important. Helbin's eyes glazed with lust, and she abandoned her seething body to Konrad's hands.


She moaned, muffled by his gripping lips as he inserted his finger into her snatch and located her pleasure spots after but a brief moment of exploration. The fingering then began, with Konrad not only attacking the pleasure spots but using his Ecstasy Fingers to create new ones all while sucking on Helbin's tongue.


As Konrad played with Helbin's supple body, one orgasm after another followed, and even his lips couldn't wholly silence the loud moans bursting from her throat.

Breaking the kiss, he pulled his lips away from hers, leaving a long saliva trail as he did, and allowing her to release all the moans he suppressed.


More…the tingling won't stop…I want more…give me…MORE!"

She roared, causing Konrad's lips to curve into a devilish smile.

"As you command, little cousin."

Konrad replied and unbuckled his pants to release his erect meat-rod around which golden light now whirled.

With his right thigh, he pushed Helbin's left leg to the side, while lifting her right leg within his hand to give himself better access. He then aligned his scalding shaft with Helbin's twat, and even before it broke into her, she could feel its consuming heat.

Konrad's eyes locked onto Helbin's, holding her in his thrall as he pushed against her entrance in a slow, yet sharp thrust that broke through her hymen.


A sharp moan echoed, but before Helbin could suffer the pain of her lost maidenhood, golden light spread within her garden, filling her with nigh-debilitating bliss, and an insatiable craving for more!

"Now, let me plow you."

Konrad demanded while his hefty rod butted against Helbin's cervix.


She acquiesced, and with a fiendish grin, he pulled himself down to the entrance, his cock contending with the friction of Helbin's gripping pussy as he went, until it almost popped out of this wonderful field.

But before it did, Konrad slammed himself back inside, marking the beginning of slow, measured thrusts that matched the expert dancing of his hips against his new conquest.

Lost in tantalizing ecstasy, Helbin kissed his face, neck, and chest, while clinging hard onto him with her gripping snatch. Once used to her insides, Konrad's pace shot up in an unrestrained pounding session.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

In loud squelching sounds, his hips hammered hers, and his balls slapped those large juicy ass cheeks that pressed the drenched bed below.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

When Helbin believed Konrad's pounding speed had reached its limit, he would slam her harder, harder, and even harder. Plowing her with reckless abandon as she clutched his back in euphoric desperation.

"I'm cu-cummminnng!"

She groaned in a throaty climax that alarmed more than one throughout the royal palace. Her legs spread wide, and her toes curled up. Still, Konrad didn't stop, relentlessly pounding her until his sweat meshed with hers, and he finally released his load deep down her snatch.


Konrad groaned in delight. But with such a young night, how could he possibly stop here. Although, as a mortal, he could no longer go on for days, a few more hours were perfectly within his chords.

Hence, Helbin's consummation night carried on. News of the ongoing barbaric mating went from an ear to another, spreading throughout the royal palace, and causing poor Xabur to not know where to hide himself.

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