Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 296

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 296 The Devas Arrive

In a grey, golden and magenta beam, the three deva leaders appeared before the Anti Divine Screen. The golden-haired deva and the white-haired devi eyed it with mild interest while the silver-eyed baldie remained indifferent.

"What an impressive screen. No wonders those lesser creatures were at their wits' ends."

The golden-haired deva appraised with an amused grin, then stretched out his hand. A golden chakram appeared within and glittered with overbearing God-Force. Clearly, it was a God-Artifact.

With a grin, the golden-haired deva flung the chakram at the Anti Divine Screen, but long before it could reach it, the screen vanished.


Surprised, the golden-haired deva beckoned, and the chakram flew back into his hands.

"Did they get tired of playing turtles? Or does a welcoming party await us in there?"

He wondered with the same grin.

"We will naturally know when we get there. Though, it doesn't hurt to remain cautious."

The white-haired devi replied.

"You can't be serious. Threading carefully before mere mortals? Come on, what is there to fear?"

The golden-haired deva chortled. Clearly, he wasn't putting the Jade Dynasty in his eyes.

"Aakash, your conceit will be your downfall."

The mara devi stated before locking her eyes on the Jade Capital. With a step, she vanished and reappeared before it. The silver-eyed baldie had already left the two behind and sat crossed-legged within the capital's sky.

"Tss, tss, tss. Those people really don't know how to relax. Though I expected no less of that uptight baldie, I must say, coming from you Nehal, it's a bit disappointing. Oh well…"

He shrugged, then vanished to reappear beside his peers.

Together, they swept the capital with their Divine Senses, attempting to locate the mightiest forces. However, seeing the strongest standing at the Saint-level, disappointment flashed within their eyes. However, when his Divine Sense swept the imperial palace, and he felt repelled by an invisible force, a pleasant smile returned on Aakash's face.

"Not bad."

His eyes then rose toward the Tower within the sky, and his smile broadened.

"Excellent. This trip really wasn't in vain."

Aakash declared while ogling the Tower with his golden eyes. He then waved his hands, releasing a deluge of bright golden flames that descended onto the Jade Capital. Even the tiniest strand of those flames could burn saints into ashes and make mid-level sages wail in agony.

But never would those flames land on the capital, because long before they could, a massive space vortex appeared in their path, and redirected them back onto their caster.


Aakash nodded, then waved his hand, dispelling the golden flames. In a twister of light, Else, Verena and Astarte appeared within the sky, facing the three devas with indifference.

Though their beauty was outstanding, as the scion of one of the mightiest houses of the Celestial Realm, their beauty alone couldn't faze Aakash. However, the indifference with which they daggered him, released a current of excitement through his veins.

But this was only the first impression. Aakash and Nehal both possessed Origin Sight while the silver-eyed baldie's third eye was an inarguably mightier innate ability. Therefore, all three of them could accurately examine the nature of their foes' blood.

And what they saw startled them.

"How queer. Why are things only getting more interesting? A Bastet, a Mara, and an inexplicable creature."

Aakash assessed, but this time, there was no amusement on his face. His eyes turned toward Nehal, who stared at Verena with a deep frown. There was no previous record of a Mara ever landing in the Ancient Crystal world. If there was, she'd know. How then was one appearing before her?

And while he remained silent, surprise shone within the baldie's silver eyes.

"First, it's that potential nephilim. And now, we're faced with a pureblooded demon, deva and a creature of unknown background. I'm afraid someone or something within this Jade Dynasty found a way…to reproduce our lineages."

The silver-eyed baldie hypothesized, his words causing Aakash to burst into laughter.

"Yo, Dasra, you don't speak often. But when you do, only earth-shaking words leave your lips. Reproduce our lineages? Are you telling me that deva and demon blood have turned into cabbage -that something- can freely hand out?"

Aakash scoffed.

"Maybe not freely. Maybe not all of them, but at least, the ability exists."

Dasra seriously replied, his words deepening Nehal's frown.

"This joke is not funny. What else? Soon you'll be telling me that they can create Primogens, and freely travel within the Three Realms. I didn't know you had such humor."

Aakash shook his head and switched his attention back onto the three ladies. Skepticism rippled on Nehal's face, but she ultimately voiced no opinion. Dasra said nothing more.

Feeling their foes' stupor, Verena and Else's lips curled into grins.

"While cutting buffoons mid-talk is not in my habits, I must say this is neither the place nor time to be expressing your stupor."

Else sniped with a derisive smile.

"Oh? And where would the place be? A nice dinner under the sunset? Perhaps you wish to accompany me? Surely, a beauty of your caliber knows to seek an adequate tree. If you purr well-enough, I can make you my new maid."

Aakash retorted, undisturbed by the insult. Hearing this, Else arched her eyebrows.

"People have died for less."

"But I am not -people.-"

Aakash burst into laughter and stepped forward.

"Clearly, you've been allowed to run amok for so long that you don't know the immensity of heavens. Because if you think your measly Divine Seed cultivation is enough to terrorize me, you're sorely mistaken."

Aakash sneered, and bright golden flames erupted from his form, discoloring the atmosphere as if all were forced into a world of burning gold. And indeed, through his Origin Sight, he could effortlessly see that Verena and Else's cultivations were now at the early stage of the Divine Seed Rank.

"God-Son Aakash, ravmalakh lord, and grandson of the Sun God Surya!"

Extraordinary divine power erupted from Aakash's form, stretching throughout the sky and crackling space as it spread.

"Peak-stage Divine Ascension."

Else and Verena whispered, the words ushering the realization that this would be no simple fight. However, they remained undaunted and stretched out their hands.

In a twister of light, a golden armor replaced the dresses they previously wore. At the back of those armors, five pairs of golden wings lightly flapped.

"Clearly, you don't understand the quagmire you've stepped into. Come, allow us to show you the might of the house of Konrad."

Else declared with a captivating smirk, then stepped forward while Verena's eyes locked on Nehal.

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