Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 312

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 312 But Not The One It Deserves

"What a fool. Another corpse for the pile."

"Never did I expect that with the royal clans' current prestige, someone would still dare voice such asinine complaints. The saying is right, newborn calves aren't afraid of tigers."

"Who cares? Seeing them go from unyielding to suppliant is always a refreshing sight."

The bystanders exchanged while the hideous man's voice echoed within the slave-trading section of the marketplace. And now, the slaver firmly believed that this repulsive man was nothing more than a lunatic.

Even if the backer was mighty, what was it compared to the royal family? But this youth dared insult its dignity in such a glaring and pompous manner, no one could save him.

Especially now that the royal clan was in full celebration!

"Dispose of him!"

The slaver bellowed, causing his five armored guards to shoot toward the hideous man. Their cultivations varied from the peak of the True Knight Rank to the middle Grand Knight Rank. Therefore, no one believed that this youth avoid losing his head.

And indeed, Konrad who, with his Origin Sight, observed the scene from his carriage, firmly believed that the youth couldn't save himself. In fact, as he raised his sword to contend with the assailants, he seemed quite willing to accept his fate.

"Rescue him."

He ordered his concealed Hidden Moon experts, causing Zamira, Else and Astarte's eyes to widen in disbelief. It was always Konrad that unleashed destruction on the innocent for selfish purposes. When was it time for him to take their defense?

But unlike them, the Hidden Moon Pavilion's knights didn't ask themselves so many questions. A breeze blew on the scene, the five armored guards were minced into pieces, pieces that tumbled onto the ground.

The sound of the mincing then echoed, and at that time, the people realized what had occurred.


Too fast for anyone on the scene to comprehend. Speed that defied all understanding, far beyond sound or anything they could fathom.

Clearly, this was the work of a concealed expert!

The slaver's eyes went wide with fright. Could it be that this hideous man truly possessed some formidable backer? The thought made him stagger. And to say nothing of him, even the hideous man was startled.

How was his imminent death so cleanly reversed? Did the gods finally take his grit into consideration and decided to save his country?

At that time, Konrad's carriage opened, and he stepped out to head toward the hideous man, clapping as he did.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

The clapping sounds seemed to reawaken the slavers and bystanders whose eyes shifted toward him. However, his cloaked figure prevented anyone from seeing his actual appearance.

"What moral, what virtue! Today, my heart is filled with shame. Young hero, having heard your bold proclamations, I couldn't help but step out to make your acquaintance."

Konrad declared with his arms crossed before his chest as per barbarian custom.

"You are…"

The hideous man asked with his tiny eyes squinting harder. Was it possible that this cloaked man was somehow related to his impromptu rescue?

"Just a passing merchant. I do not engage in honorable activities, however, having heard your words, I can't help but want to turn over a new leaf. Come, come, please allow me to offer you a drink so that you may better enlighten me."

Konrad offered while pulling the man by the shoulders. And as they departed, the slaver finally regained his wits.

"Do you think that you can j-…"

He began, but before he could finish his words, blood gushed from his chest, and his corpse dropped toward the ground. However, before it could, it vanished. Not only him, but the five armored guards' pieces were also nowhere to be found!

Seeing this, the hideous man was startled, and all the bystanders lowered their eyes to return to their daily occupations!

"Aaaargh! What a horrifying sight! Tel'Hatra is really a land of crouching tigers. Little ones like us can't afford to let down our guard here."

Konrad lamented with a profound sigh as if this strange scene had nothing to do with him and motioned for the hideous man to step inside the carriage.

As if attempting to see through truth and falsehood, the hideous man took one good look at his cloaked figure. Then, with a snort, he dived into the carriage and was startled to see three other cloaked figures sitting within. His frown deepened.

Right behind his heels, Konrad stepped in and sat beside him. A succession of sigh left his lips.

"Never did I expect that on my first day in this city, I would witness such a scene. This really makes a man fear for his life. Perhaps, it is heaven that's sending me a warning."

He began in a downcast tone that caused the cloaked Else, Zamira and Astarte to exchange confused looks.

Else arched her eyebrows. Zamira shrugged, and Astarte no longer knew what was going on.

However, the hideous man didn't let himself get swindled so easily and remained at the defensive.

"May I know your honorable name?"


Qehreman directly replied to Konrad's inquiry.

"Oh? Good, very good! A heroic name for a heroic man. It couldn't be more fitting."

Konrad nodded in approval while the carriage returned onto the roads, heading toward the Wandering Dream Inn, which ranked first within the Northern Khanate.

"Sir, seeing you struggle against injustice, I can't help but sigh, and look down on myself. As you can see from my convoy, I'm no good things, engaging in the same act you despise. But today, I see the light and swear to change my ways.

Alas, you may be the hero the world needs, but not the one it deserves. Your righteousness falls on deaf ears, and society itself prevents you from saving it."

Konrad theatrically grieved, and his words caused Qehreman to spin toward him with his eyes shining with dazzling light.

"Finally…finally! Finally someone who understands my plight!"

Qehreman sobbed while grabbing Konrad's hand into his.

"How can you save when the crushing majority doesn't wish to be saved? How can you defend when there is no support to be found? You can only preach in a desert, and vainly hope your sacrifice will kindle some reaction!"

"Indeed, hero. In a land where evil overthrew good, and right became wrong, you have very little means to fight. However, on this day, I pledge to put my ill-gained wealth to help you out of your pickle!

With your heart and my means, together, we shall free the world of woes, and bring righteousness back onto this land!"

Konrad pledged, causing the three ladies' eyes to expand further.

"Are you serious?"

"I have never been more serious!"

Konrad replied to Qehreman whose heart overflew with excitation. The carriage then reached the Wandering Dream Inn, and Konrad immediately shoved the door open, motioning for Qehreman to step out.

"Come, hero, let's drink and cement this new friendship!"

Else was scared witless.

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