Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 318

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 318 Surrender Your Tribe

"If the withering is not averted, the cultivation world doesn't have a future. The zenith ants live for destruction. Of course, they do not care. But how could you be so muddled as to think it will not affect your tribe?

Without natural sources of energy and opportunity for growth, once the stagnation settles in, for the sake of their development, your young demonic beasts will turn against one another, creating internal warfare and the slow but inevitable destruction of your tribes.

With your strength, you could suppress it. But if you do, as time goes by, your tribe's strength will plummet, giving the others the opportunity to extinguish you and turn you all into resources.

And vainly assuming things don't progress this way, do you really think the zenith ants are interested in servants? You are just the cannon fodders they use for a temporary clash. When the Goddess rises, what purpose do you serve? They exist for destruction. It's imprinted by Hell's Will within their lineage.

Of course, they will destroy you."

Yvonne mocked while taking another step forward, and the pressure erupting from her compelled all those demonic beasts to lower their heads onto the ground, trembling before her might.

"As a serpent lord, you have no backbone and endlessly fidget within your seat while weighing the best way to extend your comfort. We might as well say things for what they are. You dread an uncertain battle.

It is due to degenerate descendants of your kind that the serpent race no longer awes the world. Allow me to be blunt. I didn't come here to entertain trash. The zenith ants' recent deeds got on my nerves, and whoever refuses to stand against them might as well surrender his life.

But considering our ancestry are the same, I give you one opportunity to relinquish your seat and surrender your tribe to me! Do so, and I can spare your life, allowing you to spend the remainder of your pitiful days as the spineless waste you crave to be."

Yvonne declared with a final step. And now, even the Infernal Knights could barely prevent themselves from shivering.


With his eyes red from fury, the serpent chieftain slammed his thigh and leaped from his leaf throne, directly landing before Yvonne and preventing her from further oppressing his kin.

As he clenched his fists in flaring ire, no hint of calm remained on his fearsome figure.

"In my tens of thousands of years of existence, never have I suffered such shame. But if you think your half-step Divine Blood cultivation is enough to run amok in my tribe, allow me to bring you back to earth!"

And without another word, he punched out!

As a late-stage Knight General, the serpent chieftain's cultivation was equal to a late-stage Divine Transformation Rank expert. But in terms of battle-power, he was slightly above. Meanwhile, within the Hidden Forest, foreigners like Yvonne couldn't employ more than seventy percent of their strength; thus, giving the locals an absolute advantage.

Yet, Yvonne didn't flinch, and as the fist approached her enthralling figure, she met it with a punch of her own!

Massive Divine Power erupted alongside the might of her physiques, and as the punches met, a violent shockwave distorted the atmosphere, spreading toward the nearby beasts and fiends.

The Infernal Knights stepped forward, forming force-fields that blocked the shockwave and space distortion to prevent massive loss of life.


Yvonne and the chieftain's fists collided in a thunderclap that hacked at the eardrums of the gathered audience.


The chieftain's fist crackled and with his phalanges wailing from beneath the cover of his flesh, he flew backward, racing back to his leaf throne!

His eyes widened in disbelief.

But before he could land back into it, Yvonne appeared in his trajectory, and with her back facing him, sent a back kick straight into his skull!

The chieftain's world spun, and like a ragdoll, he spiraled into the air before crashing on the ground, returning to the circle formed by his kin.

Needless to say, their eyes had widened in disbelief.

"A leaf throne. What are you trying to say? That your rule stands in harmony with nature? In harmony with the Hidden Forest? Laughable."

Yvonne scoffed, and with a wave of her hand, the leaf throne burned to ashes. Although this was no ordinary material, to extinguish it, she only needed a move. With a one-hundred-eighty-degree spin, she switched her attention back onto the chieftain whose eyes shone with confusion.

"For a true monarch, thrones and crowns are just a convenient ornament. The body is the throne. The body is the crown. If I rise you must bow, if I stand, you must kneel. When your presence induces deference, and your every glance, awe, you can truly call yourself…a monarch!"


One moment, Yvonne stood before the leaf throne's ashes, the next, she was sending the chieftain rolling in the sky with a vicious uppercut.

His chin broke, and his teeth quivered from the impact.

"When…did the Ancient Crystal World produce such a monstrosity?"

The confused chieftain wondered while his skull, chin, and hand crackled from the blows they suffered. With the gap of two ranks and the suppression of the Hidden Forest, she could still beat him black and blue, utterly unharmed?

What sorcery was this?

If this carried on, henceforth, how could he maintain his dignity as chieftain? Was there really no other option than using the formation?

And seeing the chieftain abused to this extent, Verena knew only the complete and brutal suppression of the serpent tribe could allow them to carry on.

"Really the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and birds of the same kind will flock together. In this world, I'm afraid only Konrad dares make this nutcase his empress."

Verena sighed and stretched out her hands, releasing a magenta fog that stretched throughout the atmosphere. Instantaneously, the Infernal Knights ready to aid their chieftain found themselves ensnared by profound dreams they couldn't extricate themselves from.

At the same time, Yvonne appeared above the chieftain, landing on his face with her right foot and forcing him into the ground through the suppression of her physiques.

With his face kissing the dirt, he finally regained his wits.

"Devious slut! Get lost!"

He snarled and activated his tribe's formation!

Without warning, violent tremors rose and spread throughout the land while the pressure around Yvonne and Verena intensified, making them only able to release ten percent of their strength.

An irresistible shockwave erupted from the chieftain, forcing Yvonne to recoil and backflip to return on her feet.

As if animated by an eldritch force, the trees and leaves rose to hover around Yvonne, trapping her in an ever-shrinking formation.

"Sorry, having only been with one man across centuries, I dare I say I'm quite the proper woman. If anything, my beloved husband is the slut of the couple."

Yvonne replied while dozens of dark-green energy orbs formed and aimed at her. The echo of those words curved Verena's lips into a forced smile.

"That aside, I might as well use you to test my new skill.

Dao Law: Extermination Fist!"

As the words left Yvonne's lips, the massive killing intent she suppressed erupted alongside waves of darkness and hellfire to coat her figure while an aura of invincibility burst from her form.

Feeling the profound principles lying within this rising force, the chieftain was scared witless and recoiled from fright.

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