Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 319

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 319 Dao Law

"A Dao Law? How can this be? How old are you? What is your cultivation and what understanding of heaven and earth do you possess?

Impossible, this is simply…impossible!"

The serpent chieftain roared in indignation. Dao Laws were the supreme principles of the Divine Path and the last requirement to reach godhood. Without at least an incomplete Dao Law, none could achieve godhood. Most could only comprehend them within Divine Ascension, and even then, few could form a complete Dao Law.

They also were the foundation of God Rank arts. Anyone with a complete Dao Law could turn it into their first God-Art upon ascending to godhood.

Dasra's Dao Law was incomplete, and for that reason, his strength still was a step below the Infernal and Celestial Founders at their prime. Because possessing a Grand Dao was the smallest of requirements, to complete a Dao Law before Divine Ascension, or at least the peak of Divine Transformation, was an impossible task.

Moreover, full mastery of at least one realm law was required.

Full mastery of a law, Law Wielding! Even among peak-stage Divine Ascension experts, not many dared boast such an ability!

Dasra, for example, was a Nature Wielder. While Aakash and Nehal respectively only were Quasi-Fire and Water Wielders.

Mastering one law was the Divine Rank's usual limit. However, if his senses didn't betray him, the chieftain was feeling at least two Mastered Laws! The law of darkness and the law of fire.

Dao Laws were not made equal. If Yvonne truly mastered two, then even if he used the strength of his entire tribe, this blow…was not what he could stop!

And to say nothing of him, even Verena failed to believe her eyes. In the years they spent in the Tower, Yvonne's understanding of the laws and the perfection of her Dao was indeed approaching a consummate level. However, it still was far from this step.

It appeared that the fight with Dasra allowed her to fill the gaps, perfect her laws, and give birth to this new art.

Feeling the might of this ability, Verena didn't doubt that even without the Valkyrie Armors, the current Yvonne could beat the likes of Aakash black and blue. And though they stood in the same camp, she couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency.

If her growth pace didn't increase, soon, she wouldn't even be able to stare at Yvonne's back!

"I exist to make the impossible, possible."

Yvonne leisurely replied and punched!

"Formation Strike!"

The serpent chieftain bellowed and released the full-might of his tribe's formation!

The trees and leaves glittered in forest green energy while the energy orbs expanded before releasing dozens of dreadful energy beams toward Yvonne!

Meanwhile, the trees and leaves turned into a forest green storm of light that supported the dark-green beams and closed in on her! To say nothing of the Hidden Forest's foreigner suppression. This blow alone was enough to shred the average Divine Ascension expert into pieces.

Still, she showed no fear. From her punch, darkness erupted, spreading toward the entirety of the tribe to control the hearts, worries, and negativity of all those it brushed. At the same time, a hellfire tempest rose, blowing the formation's strike into nothingness before breaking the chieftain's control and blasting him into the sky with a charred body and ghastly wounds!

And this result, was merely because Yvonne showed mercy. If she wanted to, with that strike alone, no one within that tribe could live to retell the events.


In an eruption of dust, the chieftain cratered.


He struggled to say while blood gushed from his lips and his body fumed from the seething wounds. The blow wasn't just physical but hacked at the victim's heart and soul. Now, to say nothing of the ability to, the chieftain couldn't even muster the desire to rise.

From the weakest beast to the strongest Infernal Knight, the entirety of the serpent tribe was on its knees. With several relaxed steps, Yvonne stopped before the serpent chieftain.

"Submission or death?"

She directly asked. Never in his life had this chieftain witnessed such an overbearing tyrant. Within his ancient heart, the desire to submit to this tyrannical woman rose and spread.

"E-even if you take ownership of my tribe, you…can neither control its formation nor possess…its asylum."

He explained without a hint of malice.

"I naturally know that."

Yvonne replied. Things being what they were, she could only snatch what she could and give up the rest. However, never did she expect the chieftain's following words.

"But…what if you could?"

The inquiry forced her to arch her eyebrows.

"Then, I would."

She declared while keeping her eyes locked on the battered chieftain's face, eying all changes in his expression while listening to the tiniest waves in his heartbeat.

"There…is a way. The Ancestral Sea…if you can soak in…"

"Chief, you cannot!"

The tribal elders roared in tandem, preventing the chieftain from finishing his words. Yvonne's interest was piqued, and ignoring them, the chieftain carried on.

"…if you can…soak in the Ancestral Blood Lake for…seven days, and seven…nights, not just my tribe's…you can take control of all the formations within the Hidden Forest and bring the five tribes under your rule.

Better…your cultivation and physiques will rise to new…levels."


As the chieftain's explanation carried on, he spurted a large mouthful of blood. Yvonne ignored it.

"What's the catch?"

"You…might not survive…no one ever did."

Hearing this, Yvonne stretched out her hand, injecting some of her demonic energy into the chieftain, enough to keep him awake and functional, then lifted him in the air with a wave of telekinetic power.

"Does he speak true?"

She asked Verena whose eyes flashed with complex emotions.


She replied after a glance at the chieftain. Never would he know that with that simple glance, the entirety of his past flashed within Verena's eyes.

"Lead the way."

Yvonne ordered and motioned for the serpent chieftain to lead the two of them toward the Ancestral Blood Lake.

"Are you not the slightest bit worried?"

He asked, startled by how readily Yvonne stepped toward that potentially lethal fate.

"For the sake of my man's aspirations, I will never retreat."

Hearing this, the serpent chieftain's heart sank into an incomprehensible abysm.

Meanwhile, Konrad fulfilled promises.

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