Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 327

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 327 When You're So Dreadful That You Don't Even Need To Speak

That night, a peak-stage Star Connecting Saint from house Serkar arrived to deliver Helbin's adoption bill and bestow the Serkar surname upon her. But never did he expect that throughout hours of patient waiting, only Helbin's throaty moans would echo within his ears.

"How many are there inside?"

The low-ranking Infernal Protector couldn't help but ask. Although the Serkars were a dual cultivator household, never did he hear of such a "thundering" consummation night. It was as if Helbin was abandoning herself to the devil's yoke while beseeching him for rougher oppression.

Were it not for the *pah* *pah* and squelching sounds booming alongside the groans, that protector would not have been able to restrain himself, and dived in to make sure the young lady wasn't being tortured on a wooden horse or in a brazen bull.

Fortunately, those sounds were there to remind him that this…was nothing more than one hell of a barbaric mating session.

"For the sake of all that is unholy, how many people are inside?! Could you guys not understand proper limitations and allow the young lady to indulge in more than she could bear? If she suffers some irreversible damage, how are you going to answer to the eldest lord?!"

The old Serkar protector snapped, unable to endure this further. Hearing this, the guards released helpless, simultaneously sighs.

"Only one. There is only one man inside."

The guard captain replied with his head lowered, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The protector didn't lie, the things he heard this night had reached a frightening level, and he truly feared Helbin would not come out the same.

And thinking of how he didn't put up much resistance before, regret welled up within his chest. Never should he have allowed her to get her way! Alas, beneath the heavens and above the earth, regret was the most helpless creature.

The third hour ended, and with it, so did Helbin's squeals. A sudden, deathly silence descended upon the night, startling the guards and protector who stood before the consummation chamber's door.

"Is it finally over?"

They all wondered. And as if to answer them, the door opened, revealing the silhouette of a sweaty, half-naked youth with back-length jade-colored hairs, and bright golden eyes. The guards' eyes looked past him to lock on Helbin, who laid on the bed with her eyes rolled back, her legs spread, and cum dripping from her cunt, lips, and rear while a silly smile curved her lips.

Faced with such a startling scene, their eyes widened in disbelief. But when recalling all that occurred beforehand, they felt this result…natural.

Still, knowing was one thing, but accepting, another.

"Bold mortal ant! How dare you treat our young lady in this way! Do you know her status? Or did you think that her favor allows you to run amok? Today, if I don't teach you a lesson, how can I answer the eldest lord?!"

The guard captain snarled while balling up his fists, ready to give Konrad the beating of a lifetime.

However, when the protector's eyes locked on him, confusion flashed within.

"Strange. Where have I seen this b-?"

He wondered. But before his words could reach their end, his eyes widened in a stupor. No, they widened in fright!

"Im-impossible…how could it be him? No…it can't be. It must be because of that drug I took two days ago. I really need to stop those things…yeah."

The old protector rationalized while slapping himself to dispel the "illusion" before his eyes.

*Pah* *Pah*

The slapping sounds took the guards by surprise, and they turned perplexed looks at the protector who now cared very little for how they viewed his move.

"Sir, is something the matter? Why are you slapping yourself?"

The guard captain asked, confused by such a sudden, odd move. A pity that with his status and time spent in the secular world, he hadn't been exposed to Konrad's face. Had he been privy to his real appearance, then just like this protector, he would be slapping himself.

Ignoring the guard captain, the protector returned his eyes back onto Konrad. And when the exact same face appeared in his sight, cold sweat erupted from his forehead to drench the entirety of his face.

"This…is not a hallucination? Shit…oh shit…I'm so done for."

The protector stammered, and at the surprise of the guards, dropped on his knees and kowtowed!

"Greetings, young master! I, your servant, didn't expect to meet you in such a place! Young master, I beseech you to be merciful and spare my life!"

The old protector wailed while reiterating his kowtow! Like most of the Serkar kinsmen at the Star Taming Stage or above, he knew of Konrad's two identities. The first being the Holy Continent's God-Sovereign, and the second being…lady Gulistan and the Southern King of Hell's son.

According to past arrangements, now that he'd risen, by right, he should have become the new patriarch. However, the relationship between mother and son was a notorious clusterfuck. Worse, his own reputation was that of an infamous devil who slaughtered en masse and at will.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that his appearance within Helbin's chambers heralded a dastardly plot. And having been exposed to it, this old protector realized…that if he didn't surrender and beg for mercy, his head was likely to fall here and now.

But as he kowtowed and beseeched salvation, to say nothing of the guards, even Konrad was alarmed.

"Is my reputation really that terrible? Otherwise, how could he so quickly drop on his knees?"

Konrad wondered in a silent stupor.

"Clearly, you've not been a witness to the things you've done in the past. The Holy Continent's denizens may see you as God, but in the Barbarian Continent, I'm afraid it is your name that keeps children awake at night."

Selene scoffed.

At that time, in a twister of white light, Zamira appeared.

"Master, I believe we have all the bait and can now lure out a big fish."

She declared with a bow.

"What the hell are you guys talking ab-"

The guard captain began, but before he could finish his words, he choked on his tongue and passed out. A second afterward, his subordinates followed him onto the ground.

Seeing this, the old protector kowtowed harder!

"In those last ten years, no one knows the exact depth of house Serkar's gains, and much stronger the core players are when compared to the past. With his number three position, Hejin's strength is difficult to estimate. That is why I rather rely on some protectors to gain entry."

Konrad explained with his arms crossed beneath his back.

Never would he believe that the Serkar offered one billion lives in sacrifice to the merit stele, just for the sake of one barrier. Without a shred of doubt, the high-level received many boons and used that time to grow further.

"I naturally understand that principle. However, I fear we're diving, unprepared into the wolf den. Just like you've mentioned, no one knows what awaits inside, or if we can truly avoid detection. But if we can lay hands on a core member, all those questions will be explained.

Moreover, I believe that in the case of doubt, Hejin will not rashly show himself. Therefore, it is not him we will use to gain entry."

Zamira replied.

"Have it your way. Tomorrow morning, I will depart for the Blood Mountain Range. The two Paramount Knights aside, the Hidden Moon Pavilion's experts are in your hands."

Konrad declared and was about to depart when suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks while his face contorted in a deep frown.

"What's wrong?"

Zamira inquired, confused by this sudden change of expression.

"Nothing we can solve."

Having never heard such words from Konrad's lips, Zamira was startled. However, he gave her no time to probe further and departed for his next chambers.

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