Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 338

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 338 Big Breasted Lunatic

A zenith ant.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that the woman standing before Konrad's party was nothing less than another zenith ant in human form. Though, this one appeared a few centimeters taller than the average zenith ant Konrad had come across.

Of course, in this case, such petty detail mattered not. What truly gripped his attention was the realization that despite her standing right in front of him, he couldn't feel this woman's presence. It was almost as if she stood in a warded world of her own.

Reminiscing his previous clash with the demons, Konrad quickly grasped the reason.

"She possesses at least one Withering Leaf."

He silently realized. Those were alarming news. Regardless of that woman's cultivation, as long as she summoned a withering leaf, she could invalidate one of his crewmates' cultivation. With a second one, she could seal the same person's physiques, and with a third, their bloodline.

Two was more than enough to squash either Else or Astarte's fighting abilities. Meanwhile, within the Blood Mountain Range, they couldn't move with complete freedom.

"Five-thousand years old, early-stage Divine Ascension cultivation base, Mountain Toppling, and Flawless Diamond Physiques. Both high-grade, Mastered Divine Physiques. That woman's status is not simple."

Selene remarked within Konrad's mind. The Mountain Toppling and Flawless Diamond Physiques sublimely completed one another. The first provided extreme strength, while the second gave extreme resilience.

Although they didn't rank among the strongest physiques and their origin was nothing extraordinary, their grade and mastery level alone made that woman more than a match for the average peak-Divine Ascension expert.

If on top of that, she could rely on the power of Withering Leaves, the situation could quickly become disturbing. But as Konrad observed her, that "young woman" too stared at him. In fact, although cultivation wise he clearly was the weakest of the group, her eyes ignored Qehreman, Else, and Astarte to glue themselves on him.

In spite of the long black robe and cloak draping him, she seemed able to see through the disguise and detail the face that hid behind all that layer of clothing.

In silence, they daggered one another through an exchange of inquisitive stares, until finally, the woman's lips curved into a smile.

"Interesting. Never have I felt such intensity from a mortal's gaze. Also…"

The woman's smile brightened, and she seemed to peer deeper into Konrad's cloak.

"…For the love of all that is unholy, you're drop-dead gorgeous. I didn't even know a man's figure could be this…engrossing. What a waste of years.

Mortal man, I'm getting increasingly more curious about you. Forget about your group's origin. Are you willing to become my man? I swear I will treat you well."

She offered. And hearing this, Konrad arched his eyebrows.

"She doesn't know me."

He realized. Judging from that woman's cultivation alone, she should at least be at the elder level. For someone of that caliber to have no knowledge of the man they used three leaves on made absolutely no sense.

Therefore, Konrad hypothesized this woman had been residing in the Blood Mountain Range from even before the zenith ants' attack on the Jade Capital. Could it be the zenith ants also sought to harvest the Blood Mountain Range's resources?

If that were the case, did she come alone, or did others lie in other locations?

"Hey, a country-toppling beauty is asking you to become her man. How can you remain that stoic? You're hurting me…"

The woman pouted with a wronged look while stepping increasingly closer toward Konrad.

Instantaneously, Else vanished, and reappeared before, preventing further advance.

"Yo, who the hell are you? When I'm discussing things with my future husband, how dare you block my path?"

The woman asked while canting her smiling face to the left, and for some reason, as he stared at that woman, a great ominous sense filled Qehreman's guts.

"Brother, why do I feel like…this woman is…"

He began, but before he could finish his words, Konrad who saw through his thoughts cut:


The word rang so true in Qehreman's mind that he gave a vigorous nod of approval.

"Right. Right. She gives me the impression of an outwardly calm but inwardly frenzied beast, ready to pounce at any juncture."

Qehreman whispered while his tiny eyes narrowed around the woman.

"A trait of her kind. However, her lust for carnage seems to be on a whole other level."

Konrad replied. Meanwhile, Else's slit, sky-blue eyes pierced the woman's dark-green hues, not moving from an inch.

"He's taken. The primary, secondary, and tertiary wife seats are all filled. The line is unending. I don't think you'll fit in."

She declared without shifting her gaze from the short and busty woman.

"Strange. There is pure demonic energy in you. You're a demoness. What race do you belong to? I'm not well-versed in demonic lineages."

The woman queried while her gaze trailed Else from head to toe.

"No, don't say it. It doesn't matter. The things I, Ilkaalt want, no one can keep. If he's taken, I only have to slaughter the competition. Afterward, won't all problems be solved?

Handsome, don't you agree?"

She replied in her usual calm, but grim sounding tone. And without waiting for another word, she vanished, and reappeared before Else with her right hand raised in a claw shape and clutching at her neck!

Instantaneously, golden light erupted from Else's body, surrounding her in her Golden Valkyrie Armor. And before the claw strike could grip her neck, the golden light formed a protective screen that barred its path.


Ilkaalt's claw rebounded against the protective screen, and she recoiled on seven steps.

Surprise flashed within her eyes.

"Interesting. Very, very interesting. Although this was nothing more than a casual strike, not anyone can receive it.

Your lot gets more interesting by the second. Good, after spending months in this wretched place without much result, I was starting to feel bored."

Ilkaalt stated and straightened her stance. As she did, potent emerald-colored light burst from her form and surrounded her from all sides.

Seeing this, Konrad was startled.

"Life essence? Controlled life essence?"

Indeed, life essence now coated Ilkaalt form, heightening her battle-power as she adopted her fighting stance to pounce on Else.

But before she could make another move…


Vast tremors shook the Blood Mountain Range, causing rocks and boulders to drop while dark fog gathered and bloated the sky above with a startling concentration of nether force.

And from within the coalescing fog, innumerable pairs of blood-red eyes appeared and locked upon the five below.

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