Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 370

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 370 Randy Goat

As Konrad peered into Gulistan's soul, seeking through her memories what set her against her master, the scenery around him changed, and he landed in house Serkar's greatest temple: Talroth's Temple.

Within, a ravishing beauty, whose absurdly long ink-hairs almost brushed the ground, stood before the statue of her worshipped deity, the Southern King of Hell, Talroth. And though she now wore a purple tunic instead of her usual, striking burgundy dresses, Konrad needed only glance at her back to recognize her as Gulistan.

Her eyes locked on that Talroth Statue, fixing it with a mixture of unwavering determination and adoration. Again, the scenery changed, and this time, Gulistan stood before the ritual circle that saw the first and last descent of Talroth onto the Ancient Crystal World.

In a dazzling whirlwind of purple light, the Southern King appeared in all his glory, with those features eighty percent similar to Konrad. Of course, unlike Konrad, he still maintained his long, jet-black hairs, and shimmering purple eyes. One look at him was enough to put battle-hardened women on their knees and fill the most pious of nuns with flaring lust.

And perhaps, throughout the Three Realms, only Konrad could compete with him.

But when he landed before her, it wasn't lust that filled Gulistan's eyes. No, it was joy. The pure, unadulterated joy of seeing the aspiration of a lifetime fulfilled! And without hesitation, she dropped on her knees.

"Your infernal majesty, your servant greets you!"

Gulistan proclaimed while Talroth swept the room with a disinterested gaze. His eyes then fell onto her, and he tilted his head to the left as if to take a better look at her.

"You are the one This King was in contact with?"

Talroth inquired. Within the Infernal Realm, be it on official occasions or when conversing with lesser-ranked individuals, high-ranking demons referred to themselves by their status. Of course, they could choose to forgo that bit of etiquette. But doing so implied familiarity.

"Yes, your majesty!"

Gulistan replied, not startled by Talroth's words.

"Less than three thousand years old, peak Divine Seed cultivation base in both the martial and spiritual paths. Based on the meager resources of this world, This King must say that it's impressive. Though far removed from the last God of War's blood, you Serkars still have some hope. You may rise."

Talroth nonchalantly said, and without delay, Gulistan rose to lock her eyes on his. Seeing that innocent bit of fangirl look in an otherwise crafty woman, Talroth raised an eyebrow.

"This King doesn't know why you look so pleased. Like This King said, if This King doesn't find you pleasing, this meeting may very well result in your death."

Talroth stated in a casual tone.

"I remember."

Gulistan affirmed with her smile unchanged.

"Well, if you do, tell This King why you deserve boons instead of death. You better make a strong case."

Though those few calm words put her fate in balance, Gulistan's eyes showed no ripple.

"Your majesty, it is not my fault that you look like a randy goat. Even if you're not in a good mood, please don't take it out on me. I'd rather see you smile. Also, I know you're a reasonable monarch and will not let the innumerable sacrifices of a faithful servant be in vain.

Even if you were unreasonable, the Southern King of Hell didn't descend on a Mortal World to kill a little Sage. That's simply absurd. Since you agreed to appear, you're willing to bless us."

Gulistan replied with a polite bow, and her words caused both Talroth and Konrad's eyes to widen in disbelief.

"What…did you just call This King?"

Talroth asked in doubt, thinking that perhaps his ears had betrayed him. But as Gulistan's eyes rose to his horns, it was clear that they didn't.

"You have goat horns sprouting from your forehead and are the Lord of Lust. I, therefore, call you a randy goat. Isn't that proper?"

Gulistan asked with a radiant smile showcasing her pearl-white teeth.

For an instant, Talroth blinked and then burst into laughter.

"Bwahahahaha! Well said! Very well said!"

Talroth replied while his candid laughter went on.

"Girl, you are bold, good at analyzing those you face and possess a wild spark of life. This King likes you. Now, before we discuss the contract, tell This King why you chose him, rather than the other three monarchs.

While your house claims primary worship of This King, you have altars of all the four, and departments dedicated to them all. Why then did you choose to enter the service of This King?"

As she didn't expect such a question, the inquiry took Gulistan by surprise. However, she quickly recomposed herself.

"Because you are the strongest."

She directly replied. But hearing this, Talroth shook his head with glaring disappointment.

"If that is your reason, This King must disappoint you. You are misinformed. This King ranks second among the four. Dolgron is the strongest. And when Ashara goes mad, even This King can't handle him."

Talroth replied. But now, it was Gulistan's turn to shake her head.

"That is a shallow, erroneous view. Your majesty is the youngest Primogen of the Three Realms. The last child of Hell's Will. Although your majesty currently ranks second, you have only cultivated for three million years, while the others are all more than one billion years old.

Your talent eclipses them all, and in time, you will be the undisputed first. Moreover, the ranking dates to when you overthrew Asmodeus, your predecessor, and slew the Zenith Ant Primogen, Slivaz. More than one million years have passed. Your servant believes that even if you have not reached that level, you're not far.

Therefore, your servant dares say such words."

Gulistan explained, causing Talroth to again raise his eyebrows. But this time, in pleasant surprise.

"Moreover, the object of adoration in a woman's heart never has rivals. Since I worship you, you are my number one."

Gulistan boldly declared, startling both Talroth and Konrad.

Konrad more than Talroth, because he could not conciliate the playful but adorable woman before him, with the cold, deviously cunning and wildly ambitious expert on the outside.

"Very well, then let's discuss the contract."

Again the scenery changed, and it didn't take a genius to realize that the incoming memories were the crux of Gulistan's change.

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