Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 373 2

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 373 You're Not Getting Enough Cock Part 2 R 18

In one brisk push, Konrad shoved Gulistan onto the bed where the blissfully unconscious wife and concubines of Hejin still lay. He then moved onto it, draping Gulistan with his imposing stature. And as he climbed her body, a tear appeared on her dress, splitting it into two perfect halves from top to bottom.

The overcoat covering his otherwise bare body was cast aside, and his lips curled into a fiendish smile.

"Your heart races, your mind gives in, and your eyes showcase your craving. I wonder, how does it feel to long for the touch of your progeny?"

Konrad whispered in Gulistan's ears while letting his tongue trail her delightful neck. However, he'd underestimated her audacity. In an unexpected move, she raised her legs and trapped his blazing cock between her juice drenched inner thighs. Using her juice as lubricant and her thighs for friction, Gulistan stroked Konrad's rod while extending her lips toward his ears.

"Just like playing with a puppy."

She replied as she rubbed his rod at an increasingly faster pace.

"The audacity, oh, I like. But in this game, you've already lost."

Konrad replied while making his rod glide toward the entrance of Gulistan's snatch. Now, as she stroked that pulsing meat lance, it rubbed her lower lips and induced more friction than she could handle. Konrad then used his new abilities to trigger vibration waves from within his cock, and while Gulistan's inner thighs and cunt rubbed it, the vibrations spread and invaded her body!


Gulistan moaned, upon feeling the first vibrations, the melody of her chanting lips then carried on unimpeded.


She groaned while rubbing her thighs and cunt faster around Konrad's rod, and going up and down to make him stroke her lower lips from bottom to clit and vice versa. All, without guidance. Seeing this, Konrad's fiendish grin grew broader, and he lowered his lips onto Gulistan's right breast while worming his hands behind her bare backside to grab and spread her ass cheeks.

Moisture appeared around his fingers, and before Gulistan could realize his dastardly plan, he pressed them against her puckered butthole.


She groaned at the surprise intrusion, and as Konrad's index went in, she could feel her first orgasm nearing. The building sensation made her go harder and faster on his rod. Konrad retracted his index and replaced it with his middle finger from which vibration waves arose.

The two's intertwining bodies painted a sublimely perverse picture that no artist could fully immortalize. The height of debauchery.

Konrad's vibrating middle finger went in and out of Gulistan's butthole, fucking and filling it with unending waves of pleasure while she writhed against his body and collapsed in her first orgasm.


She screamed in a thundering climax. And were it not for her powers being restrained, that scream would have undoubtedly spread throughout the house. Fortunately for her, it didn't. Meanwhile, as Gulistan's legs gave out, the pleasant pressure around Konrad's rod vanished. With one hand, he pulled her into his grasp, lifting her like a feather and flipping her upside down while standing on top of the bed.

Gulistan had barely recovered from her groggy state that Konrad spread open her mouth and pushed his erect rod within. Above, his tongue flicked across her still sensitive cunt, and without warning, Konrad sucked Gulistan's clit as she gobbled his rod.

*Slurp* *Gulp* *Slurp*

*Slurp* *Gulp* *Slurp*

Crass slurping and gulping sounds intertwined as the two indulged in one another's member. But while Gulistan was forced to stop, tremble and clench on Konrad's face due to the occasional orgasm, he carried on unimpeded, going between her clit and juicy cunt with fervent care.

But seeing how the match clearly wasn't in her favor, Gulistan tapped in her hidden strength reserve to go faster on Konrad's rod and take it deeper down her throat. Now, with each move, she reached the base of his shaft, effectively throat-fucking herself. It wouldn't be much longer before Konrad filled her mouth and throat with a large gush of spunk.

"Good effort."

Konrad praised before shifting Gulistan upward and holding her in suspension on his shaft.

He waved his hands, causing chthonian energies to erupt and morph into icy-blue chains around which black mist swirled. The chains formed around Gulistan's wrists, binding them on the spot.

Her eyes widened in a stupor.

"What…are you trying to do?"

She asked in apprehension, but before Konrad answered, the chains extended and lifted her in the air, while their upper end encased itself in the ceiling. Thus, Gulistan stood with her painfully raised arms bound, while her feet hovered a few inches above the stained sheets.

"Dear mother, did you think this was a warm bonding session between mother and son? Apologies, that is not the case. As I recall, you owe me many debts that can't be paid with the usual treatment.

Joke, after almost causing me insufferable losses, you think I'm just going to plow you and call it a night? Absurd. If you think you're going to weasel your way out of this with some sob story, then you don't understand the depth of my profanity.

I will fuck you to death, then bring you back to life only to fuck you again. And so on, and so forth, throughout the afternoon and night. Then tomorrow, depending on your performance, I shall decide if life or death is your final state."

Konrad declared before bending Gulistan over and making her lift up her curvy butt. The more he bent her, the more pressure the chains exerted on her arms. And as he aligned his rod with her still dripping cunt, Gulistan could feel the massive vibration forces emerging alongside waves of golden and jade-colored light.

In a perverse show of anticipation, Konrad flicked his tongue across his lips while grabbing either side of Gulistan's waist and bringing her closer toward his rod.

Now, as the tip pressed her flower bud, and the massive vibration waves assaulted her, she could feel the heat rising to a brand-new level. Worse, Konrad's rod clearly was expanding!

"Which one do you want? I'd say we should start with a twenty-five. But since you gave birth to me, I think we can start with a thirty. Though I can't guarantee we will stop at thirty-five."

Konrad whispered in Gulistan's trembling ears, while her eyes widened in fright!

"Don't be unreason….ohhh…fuck!"


Gulistan cursed as Konrad shoved his engorged rod right into her cunt, and impaled her to the hilt!

"Thirty it is then."

Konrad stated with impish glee while dragging his rod back the entrance to get a better feel of Gulistan's tight tunnel. He then slammed it right back in with another resounding *pah* sound! The pitch of her groan only grew higher, and the pounding began!

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