Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 374

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 374 Banged By Death R 18

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*


The sound of Konrad's cock hammering its way through Gulistan's gripping fold intertwined with her soaring moans to barrel against the ivory walls. So loud they were that Hejin regained consciousness. But when his eyes opened to the scene of his sister's tongue lolling out with her hands bound by chains while her son pounded her from behind, he passed out again. And this time, he dared not wake up.

At first, Gulistan still maintained some semblance of composure. But the mixture between the heat, massive vibrations, the golden rod, and lust embodiment abilities, soon broke her mind, making her body wholly surrender to Konrad's feral domination.

Under his assault, Gulistan's breasts and ass bounced without restraint, which, alongside her lolling tongue, rolled back eyes and bound hands, painted a rather obscene image. And as Konrad plowed her gripping field, he was forced to admit that indulging in this level of depravity made her already wonderful snatch feel spellbinding.

Like a rutting stallion, Konrad creamed Gulistan with liters of demonic spunk. But no amount of cum could make his rod go limp, and still, he hammered, forcing her cunt to take his rod's shape.

Alas, without cultivation to power her, Gulistan was no different from a mortal woman. And such debilitating hammering was not what she could endure. Even she orgasmed on Konrad's rod, her lifeforce dwindled, sucked into Konrad's body like the bogeyman tales parents used to warn their offspring of the lust demons' lethality.

At her ninth orgasm, she died, both literally and metaphorically. But as life left her body that still bounced under Konrad's assault, his sclera turned pitch-black while chthonian energies erupted from his form to infiltrate hers!

And so she returned to life!

In that new life, Konrad increased her sensitivity a thousandfold, making her go through dozens of orgasms in a matter of seconds. This time, she couldn't last for more than a few minutes, and again her lifeforce crumbled.

Hence, in the next life, Konrad made her more resilient, allowing the blissfully lethal punishment to carry on for two hours before Gulistan again perished on his rod.

The bedsheet and slumbering consorts were all drenched with the mixture of her juice, sweat, and Konrad's teeming cum.


Night replaced Afternoon, and still, Gulistan groaned. And to better appreciate her vanquished face, Konrad shifted to the front, raised her legs so that they leaned on his shoulders and, while holding onto her butt, resumed the pounding.

By now, Gulistan's ass cheeks already bore the marks of Konrad's balls, and like he foretold, his size increased to a thirty-five.


In that life, Gulistan died, not because of lifeforce loss, but because she spent too much time moaning and not enough breathing.

In the following one, Konrad simultaneously filled her cunt and ass, which made her life force dwindle faster. But as if to give Gulistan some respite, Dawn reared its head, forcing Konrad to accelerate the pace, and let his tensing rods erupt in his mother's ass and cunt.

Thus, the pounding ended. And Konrad pulled out his shafts.

The chains broke, and Gulistan's cultivation was restored. But as she dropped onto the bed, she could still muster none of it.


Gulistan gasped for breath with her eyes still rolled back, and her tongue still lolling out. And looking at the silly picture her face now formed, Konrad burst into a peal of fiendish laughter.

"Hahahaha! Congratulations, mother. You're allowed to live. From now on, you and I shall have a lot of fun. I promise to treat you well."

Konrad declared before getting dressed. Of course, the sex-dazed Gulistan could barely hear him. Not that it mattered. Now donning his black robe and overcoat, Konrad placed Gulistan on his right shoulder, and with a wave of his hand, Cat-Else appeared right on his left.

From the beginning, Else had always been there. But thanks to Konrad covering her presence, not even Gulistan could see her. Not that she tried to.

"Impressive. The son must have surpassed the father."

Else appraised with a tone that showed neither compliment nor criticism.

"Enjoyed the show? Did you record it? I remember that in the past, she often bullied you. You can consider this half your revenge."

"Nonsense. This is clearly the realization of your long-awaited wish. Your very own box-checking. I have nothing to do with this depravity."

Else retorted to Konrad's comment while shaking her feline head from left to right.

"You're right. One hundred percent right! Oh lord, I did it! Ancestors in the grave, in heaven or in hell, you can rejoice! I, Konrad, have finally reached the apex! I don't just fuck mothers, I also nailed mine! What a motherfucking glory! Praise be me!"

Konrad sobbed with teeming emotions and his arms outstretched, causing Else and Selene, who both bore witness to this feast of debauchery to roll their eyes.

What was shamelessness? This was shameless.

"Alright, the Serkar elders' meeting is about to start. We can't make grandfather wait too long."

Konrad stated while dispelling his impish glee to return to "seriousness." With a step, he vanished and crossed the Serkar domain to arrive before the hall where the Supreme Elder Council gathered.

In the past, the Supreme Elder Council was a gathering of the oldest elders, who oftentimes also where the strongest. But now, Berken and the remainder of the thirteen made up the group.

Now, of the thirteen, only Gulistan and Hejin were nowhere to be seen. This was an unprecedented occurrence. Although Hejin remained a playboy, he always took house matters with utmost seriousness. As for Gulistan, that needn't even be discussed. Her devotion to the house went without question.

The tardiness of those two took even Berken by surprise, but within the house, what could possibly delay them?

He wouldn't have to ponder long, for the door opened, revealing the figure of a 1.9 meters tall, white-haired youth whose icy eyes only served to magnify his already transcendental looks. And though it'd been nearly three decades since they met in person, Berken recognized him at a glance.

If not Konrad, who could it be? And seeing a barely covered Gulistan lying unconscious on his right shoulder, Berken quickly summarized the events. The thoughts didn't please him. But in that moment Konrad stepped in, those were the least of his worries.

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