Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 375

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 375 Surrender Your Soul

With several leisurely steps, Konrad made his way into the hall where the elders sat by order of rank, with Berken sitting alone at the end of the room. As Konrad stepped in, the elders rose without exception, with the thirteenth being the only one without apprehension. None were fools. If at first, they wished to snap and snarl, upon seeing Gulistan lying on Konrad's shoulder, they refrained.

Hejin was nowhere to be seen, and a barely covered Gulistan lay unconscious in Konrad's grasp. Berken aside, who dared utter a word? Therefore, it was without hindrance that Konrad made his way toward Berken, who also rose to face him.

For an instant, the two faced one another in silence, a deathly silence that suppressed all within the room. Konrad's lips then parted, breaking the stillness.

"Greetings, grandfather."

Konrad said with a smirk.

"Greetings, Konrad. Or do you prefer August Jade Emperor? I must say jade didn't suit you."

Berken stated with his arms crossed beneath his back.

"That's the beauty of it. Purity on the incarnation of depravity. What an engrossing painting. But you wouldn't understand. And I prefer Profane Prince."

Konrad replied while running his hand around Gulistan's cushy rear. Berken's face contorted into a frown.


He inquired while keeping his ancient eyes locked on Konrad's face.

"Taking a nap. I'm afraid he's been traumatized. Poor uncle. The things he's endured in the last twenty-four hours. He'll never be the same."

Konrad sighed while his "cat" shook its head.

"What is it that you want?"

It didn't take a genius to realize Konrad appeared for a precise purpose. And it clearly wasn't to acknowledge Berken as his grandfather.

"Alright, let's speak true. Berken Serkar, I have a great deal of respect for you. Even with the Ancient Crystal World's conditions, you reached the peak of Divine Transformation more than ten thousand years ago but kept it hidden from both the church and your peers, including the previous Infernal Cult Leader, Draven Torul.

Unlike the Zenith Ants, you didn't have a World Tree to siphon. Still, you managed. And I have no doubt that even without Talroth's boons, you would have reached Divine Ascension.

You are a calm, shrew, and far-seeing man. And without a shred of doubt, the most competent leader of the Ancient Crystal World's history. To say that I don't admire you would be a lie. However, we have a great many deal of problems than can be summed in one sentence.

You are too proud of your human lineage."

Konrad began while bypassing Berken to seize and occupy his seat. Of course, he first lowered Gulistan beside it, and as he sat, Else dropped onto his lap.

"What's wrong with that?"

Berken inquired, showing no trace of outrage before Konrad's glaring mark of disrespect.

"In essence, nothing. Taking pride in one's lineage is undoubtedly a quality. But as far as the two of us are concerned. That is a critical issue. One putting an insurmountable gap between us. I may have been born with half your golden human blood, but the other half was of demonic nature.

To other demon servants, it would perhaps be a glory, but to you, I'm afraid it's just a necessary evil, and certainly nothing to relish in."

Konrad pursued with his eyes locked on Else while Berken still didn't turn to face him.

"And that was before. Now, to your cognition, I'm a triple lineage nephilim, with titan, lust embodiment, and ravmalakh blood. I'm confident that anything beyond the titan part, at best, puts you ill at ease. You wish to use me to further your house's rise and are willing to pact with demons to usher that rise. But you will never let go of your bloodline, and the inward disdain you bear for non-human races.

It is quite queer, to be honest, that one raised under the banner of demonism would display such attributes."

Konrad pursued still without turning toward Berken. But this time, Berken spun, to again face that unruly grandchild of his, and Konrad's eyes finally rose to meet his.

"You're wrong about one thing. I do not despise non-humans. I despise demonic beasts, fiends, non-nature spirits, and non-Primogens."

Berken candidly replied, and hearing this, Konrad arched his eyebrows.

"Humans aside, you've just described about the entirety of the Three Realms. May I inquire as to why? Though, I can vaguely guess it.

Demonic beasts, fiends, non-nature spirits, and non-Primogens, all either are or descend from the human race. They forsook their bloodlines for the sake of greater power, and for that, you despise them all."

Konrad hypothesized.

"Indeed. But it goes slightly beyond. According to our house's records. The reason why all humans beneath titan level find themselves suppressed is due to the greed of those individuals."

Those words of Berken caused slight surprise to flash in Konrad's eyes.

"Oh. Be that as it may, with your disposition, even if I were willing to accept a simple cooperation, you'll never really be by my side. Even if today you offer me the position of patriarch and fall back in my shadow, we both know that's a political move.

This whole –let's make humanity great again- is bound to get in the way. I don't take chances. I like things to be cut and dry. And there is nothing more trustworthy than the enslavement of the soul. Moreover, to obtain thirteen of Ashara's Seal, you undoubtedly made a crooked deal. It can't just be about Merits.

Therefore, I only have two roads to offer you:

A) You surrender your soul in life.

B) You surrender your soul in death.

Part A is a courtesy for you being my grandfather. Respect your elders and all that."

Konrad explained while rubbing his hand across Cat-Else's fur. Hearing this, before Berken could reply, the ninth elder aside, all flew into a rage!

"Konrad, don't go too far! Although you're the son of Talroth, sons, he has more than one. And he's nothing more than a distant figure within the Southern Infernal Domain! In the Mortal Realm, your maternal family is your strongest backer.

Relying on it is the correct path. But if you think that just because you had some achievements, and your strength experienced a meteoric rise, you can disrespect it, think again!"

The second elder snarled in indignation.

"You may have taken down Gulistan and Hejin, but that's because they suffered from the twenty-four hours weakness time. No one here is affected, no one fears you! You can run amok before the Celestial Church, but house Serkar is not…"



Before the second elder could finish his words, Konrad snapped his fingers, and he burst in a blood fog, destroyed in body and soul.

In a flash, silence returned. And seeing a peak-stage Divine Ascension expert destroyed by a finger snap, all were frightened, and all eyes widened in disbelief!

Berken was no exception!

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