Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 377

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 377 One Punch

"The Serkars are unfortunate victims of those times. Although their ancestors weren't involved in the Grand Betrayal, like all the others, they suffered from the ensuing backlash and were expelled from the Titan Domain. The only way for them to return would be to complete a full Atavism. But if it were that simple, Atavism wouldn't be the least reliable way to increase bloodline level."

Selene pursued while Konrad's wide-open eyes stared at Berken.

"I've been trying to figure out the source of the suppression for all those years…and for all those years you kept silent…Selene, Selene, one day I will fuck you bloody."

Konrad assured as his hand patted the lazy Cat-Else's forehead.

"Look, it's not that I didn't want to tell you. I just don't want to answer the following, inevitable question, we both know you're going to ask."

Selene replied, and Konrad could imagine her shrugging in a "you can't blame me" fashion.

"Where is the sword?"

He asked right afterward.

"See? I knew it. Konrad, Konrad, even if you don't cherish your life, you must cherish mine! We've come so far and stand infinitely close to the goal. Five-thousand Sage level harem members and absolute dominion of the Ancient Crystal World.

That's all you gotta do before we obtain the Realm Gate, thenceforth allowing you to freely go throughout the Three Realms. Afterward, you can start working on cultivating, getting, or robbing your ten thousand goddesses and I shall be free at last!

So close, so bloody close! Please, for the sake of our profound relationship, and the love we've cultivated for thousands of years, don't ruin it all by courting destruction! Even if you can't be killed, quests have a timeframe. How wronged will I feel if you get suppressed beneath a mountain for eternity!"

Selene sobbed in a tone full of grievances.

"Where is it?"

"I won't say."

"If you don't, I will stop at the 4999th Sage level harem member, and not add the last one before the one thousand years deadline reach the end. Worse, I will spend the entirety of that time within the Tower to make it pass as slowly as possible."

"In the Warden's House."

Selene promptly capitulated, and Konrad now understood why she showed such apprehension.

"What can the Warden possibly do with that sword? He's not human. Or is he merely preventing the emergence of another God of War?"

Konrad inquired with glaring interest.

"That, I do not know. My humble guess is that on the one hand he's preventing that possibility, and on the other hand, he's studying the God Executing Immortal Sword. Within that Sword, all the Laws directly linked to destruction stand at a sky-high level. Even if you can't wield it, being able to study it can let you harvest massive benefits."

Selene hypothesized, and Konrad asked nothing further, returning his attention onto the silent Berken.

"You have lofty ideals. But I'm indeed not the right candidate. In my vision, humans, demons and devas all grovel, Primogens kowtow, my kind prospers, and none dares question our rule regardless of how fair or arbitrary it might be.

In my vision, men of all ranks thank me for cuckolding them, because it is their glory while the Overlord and the Warden serve as imperial eunuchs and provide beauties daily. Aint it much better?"

Konrad rhetorically asked, and his words caused all elders to wonder how such a miscreant could possibly stem from their blood.

"Well, I suppose the beauties and goddesses will be pleased."

Berken candidly replied, pulling an approving nod from Konrad.

"Well said. Well said. Just because of that, I give you an opportunity."

Konrad appraised and rose from his seat to stand right before Berken.

"If you can take one punch from me, I will only take away Gulistan. If you can't, well…you won't have much a choice, will you?"

Konrad offered in a calm, serious tone. But hearing this, all believed he was insulting Berken. But with the second elder's fate serving as a garish reminder, none dared speak out of turn.

"Only one punch?"

Berken sought confirmation, while his eyebrows rose in incredulity.

"Indeed. Between you and I, there is no need for deceit. If you succeed, I can leave your house, but Gulistan is mine, so in either case, she must come with me."

Konrad affirmed, and Berken couldn't tell if this was supreme conceit or absolute confidence. Although he knew himself unable to challenge True Gods, but to say that any early stage True God could kill him with one punch…he didn't believe.

"Very well."

Berken agreed and vanished to reappear several feet away from Konrad. Without hesitation, he activated Ashara's Seal and triggered his Blood Burning, causing his battle-power to rise while his full cultivation base erupted.

At his front, the shadow of his titan ancestor appeared as a nine-headed illusory giant with eighteen arms. However, due to space constraints, its height remained confined to nine meters. With all those cards laid out, to say nothing of one punch. Berken didn't doubt that under one hundred moves, Konrad could never claim victory.

"Do your worst."

He exhorted.

Konrad took a leisurely step forward and in an overflowing black and icy aura, chthonian energies erupted from his form. With that one step, he vanished, and reappeared before Berken whose Ancestral Shadow protected in a white light sphere. In that instant, Berken realized that even if he wished to avoid the blow, he could not.

Without hesitation, Konrad raised his right fist and punched! Within that fist, the pinnacle of chthonian forces exploded and Death roared as if to announce the decent of a sovereign reaper about to harvest all lives in his wake.

Feeling the might of that punch, all felt as if their lives were coming to an abrupt end.

At that time, Gulistan awoke, and was shocked to see Konrad's fist crashing onto her father's defenses.

The white sphere and Ancestral Shadow collapsed, and Konrad's fist carried on unimpeded, tearing through Berken's chest, and shredding his heart. The Serkar patriarch's eyes widened in disbelief!


Silence oppressed the scene as Berken's blood gushed from front, mouth, and back!

Konrad pulled out his fist, and to all the gathered individuals' horror, Berken dropped onto the ground without an ounce of life!



All roared in tandem and rushed toward Berken. Gulistan was no exception. However, before they could reach him, Konrad's overflowing chthonian energies sent them all spiraling in the air and crash in various locations.

Konrad closed his eyes and digested Berken's death. Fed by Berken's full strength, his chthonian energies rose to a new level while his monstrous fleshly body grew even mightier! But better, all the abilities Berken had cultivated in his life now became his!

And before the Serkar elders' cries of indignation echoed, chthonian energies erupted from the dead Berken's form, and as his fatal wound closed, he rose from the ground.

As he did, Berken felt an irresistible call stemming from the very depth of his blood and soul; a call that forced him to drop on his knees and proclaim:

"Greetings, master!"

By those two simple words, all were startled.

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