Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 382

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 382 Myriad World Immortal Blood

Myriad World Immortal Blood.

Konrad didn't pick this name to sound awe-inspiring, but due to the unique ability this new lineage possessed. As a nephilim lineage, it of course combined the abilities of the Lust Embodiment, Titan, Ravmalakh and Chthonian Immortal bloodlines. But on top of all that implied, Konrad could now refine the bloodlines of those he killed and add their lineage to the mix!

Even if this four-lineage nephilim blood didn't rank first in the omniverse, Konrad didn't believe that one with stronger potential existed. But as the integration ended, no glaring appearance change lied in Konrad's form. His eyes remained icy-blue, and his hairs snow-white. But naturally, his strength again rose.

"With that said, I will soon go into secluded cultivation to break through another level. I can't tell how long that cultivation session will last. But among other things, I will use it to create a top dual cultivation method unique to our new lineage so that you may cultivate your flesh and soul in a less garish manner."

Konrad added, and hearing this, both Berken and Gulistan breathed a sigh of relief. If such a thing were feasible, then they would have time to lay down a strong enough foundation before turning into the enemy of the multiverse.

"Also, Gulistan aside, the whole lot of you are tasked with turning the remaining Serkar scions into Chthonian Immortals. Though, I must warn you. Ceteris paribus 1 , the worse the bloodline level, the worse result you'll get. So, if you want more outstanding children, choose carefully. And those sired in that manner cannot disobey your will."

The balance between quality and quantity was the sole reason why Konrad picked humanity as the foundation of his Chthonian Immortal Race. Whether it was an aftereffect of the Realm Will's curse, or a unique trait they possessed, humans below the titan level possessed strong fertility rates.

Although the closer to the titan level, the weaker it was, their fertility rate remained leagues above most demons and deva houses. The pedantic Berken being able to sire eight children in less than fifty-thousand years of existence was proof enough of that ability.

Therefore, building the new legion on the back of the human race was the most cost-effective choice. And throughout the Ancient Crystal World, his maternal house was undoubtedly the best specimens.

"Wait, why can't I?"

Gulistan asked with flaring disbelief and blinking eyes. But of course, while she acted surprised, she could guess why.

"I naturally won't allow you to give anyone such a direct claim to me. I have enough siblings as things stand. The list doesn't need more entrants."

Konrad candidly replied.


Gulistan muttered while shaking her head.

"Be that as it may, you're free to sire the second generation. The second will sire the third. But I will not hear of a fourth. The maximum count is ten thousand. Berken, Gulistan and Chimera will oversee the process."

Konrad clarified, then collected the Tablet and led the Blood Shadow Pavilion toward the Ancestral Hall.

"People from the Jade Dynasty will deliver seven heart-less God-Corpses. Five will become nutrients for the second and third generation. Although that will not allow them to reach God-level, they should at least reach the Divine level. The last two will be turned into puppets when I return. Keep them fresh."

Konrad told Chimera who bowed in agreement. A woman of few words, she spoke rarely. But that didn't undermine her undying loyalty to her lord.

"What about the Zenith Ants? Shouldn't we dispose of them?"

Berken finally asked. For indeed, this was a matter they couldn't ignore. Now that they possessed the strength to flatten them all at lightning speed, there was no need for further delay.

However, Konrad thought otherwise.

"Without them running amok, this secluded cultivation may not go smoothly. I need the death they unleash to perfect my cultivation and lead the barbarians into a new faith. Once I breakthrough the final layer of my art, we can deal with them. But fret not, I have taken measures to ensure they can't go too far."

Konrad replied, making Berken realize that the unstoppable flames of war would soon engulf the Barbarian Continent. Or rather, they already did.

All were subsequently dismissed, leaving only Konrad and Cat-Else.

"Dasra recovered and broke through. Once his cultivation is consolidated, he will lead the Devas against the Zenith Ants. But to obtain a perfect stalemate, that will not be enough. Though, I suspect our dear celestial friends have requested heavy reinforcements from their beloved seniors.

Moreover, Ashara will not take the insult lying down. How soon, I can't say, but Demonic Legions will undoubtedly make an appearance. In that war, God Artifacts will run amok, and even True God level existences may lose their lives.  

Krann will dispatch troops when necessary. And when the situation requires their appearance, the Serkars won't stay idle.

But in such a cataclysmic confrontation, the Ancient Crystal World is doomed to destruction. I want to bind you to my soul so that you may use your Truth Laws to enhance the World-Level and allow it to withstand the clash. That will also be an opportunity to hasten your Seer's Vision and Truth cultivation pace. Who knows, you might even reach Wielding before my return."

Konrad told Else who remained perched on his shoulder. And hearing this, her feline eyes contorted into a frown.

Worlds all possessed a Structure Level, with Mortal World Structures being much weaker than Higher World Structures. In the mortal realm, Star Taming Saints could cross solar systems, Sages could shred space, and Minor Gods could blow up worlds. But in the Higher Realm, Saints couldn't fly, low-level Sages struggled to blow up a mountain, and Minor Gods fell to city-destroying level.

Likewise, in barren worlds like Konrad's Earth, a low-level Saint could flatten countries.

Although the power of Konrad's soul that now stretched throughout the entire world could certainly give her enough strength to tinker with the world's Structure-Level, enhancing the fundamental structure of a world was no mean feat.

Else didn't want to make Konrad a promise she couldn't keep.

"Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm having the same conversation with Verena as we speak. Although, unlike you, she chose to become a Fate Seer, once she breaks through the third layer, her foundation in Truth Laws will still be more than enough to assist you."

Konrad added to placate Else's fears.

Starting with the third layer, Seer's Vision cultivator had to choose a path to major in and either become Truth or Fate Seers.

Past and Present lied in Truth. Future lied in Fate. Such was the fundamental difference between the two.

Due to the Blood Mountain Range events and because her foundation lied in time and space, Else chose Truth. Meanwhile, Verena who wanted control of her future, chose Fate.

Of course, the Ancient Secret would still allow them to build a strong foundation in the path they let go of.


Else agreed, and in a twister of light, reassumed her true form which now sat on Konrad's shoulder.

With a graceful leap, she landed on the ground.

Nether chains erupted from below to tie Else to Konrad's soul. And within the Hidden Forest, the same thing happened to Verena.

Their eyes shone with icy light! All conditions being the same. Sorry, I was feeling lazy when I wrote this.

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