Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 390

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 390 Taming Death

Within that silent world of obscurity where neither breeze nor breath lingered, Konrad faced Death. Be it mortals, cultivators, or deities, the one adversary none could truly defeat was Death. From the moment we set foot in life, the scepter of death would forever linger beside us. Even those Gods with endless lifespan couldn't escape that truth.

In fact, besides strength, no, even before it, the reason why all set path on the cultivation road was the vain hope of escaping death's clutches. But throughout the omniverse, how many dared boast success?

But as Konrad peered into Death's face of darkness, he didn't doubt he would join the ranks of the True Immortals.

Death was a silent adversary. Wasting no time, it stretched its hands toward Konrad, releasing two beams of pure chthonian energies that barreled into him. Konrad didn't evade, and while closing his eyes, let the beams strike him.

The silent collision sent Konrad's death laws into chaos, but before Death could inflict genuine harm, Konrad clenched his hand, causing the chthonian beams to shrink and become a chain that bound him to Death.

With a yank, he pulled the chain and Death that stood at its other end right toward him to throw a punch into Death's face!

Another noiseless move, for as soon as Konrad's fist collided with it, Death vanished in chthonian fog and reformed where it previously stood.

Konrad's eyes opened, and his lips curved into a smile!

"I know how to defeat you."

He stated with clenching his fists, causing dozens of chthonian chains to erupt from his body and bind Death where it stood! Death thrashed against the chains, seven of which wormed into its formless body!

Thousands of spears of pitch-black energies descended from the void to slam into Konrad, but he ignored them all, focusing his eyes solely and death, and accepting all the blows it unleashed. Meanwhile, his chthonian chains targeted Death's laws, and broke them one by one!

Thus, they clashed in a silent confrontation that stretched across an unknown amount of time!

And bits by bits, Konrad grasped and broke Death's laws, taking control of it, and turning it into his slave!

"Henceforth, throughout the Three Realms, I am the Supreme Lord of Death!"

Konrad proclaimed while extending his outstretched hands toward Death whose vain struggle carried on! The last of the laws broke, and the chains tightened, taking full control of Death and forcing it on its knees!

Indeed, Death dropped on its knees, and as Konrad's chains retracted, Death kowtowed, acknowledging him as its master before dispersing in an eruption of black wind!

The scenery changed, and from within the Ancient Crystal World's inner core, limitless Chthonian Energies erupted from Konrad's form while his body became a beacon for all the chthonian forces of the Mortal Realm! And although the many couldn't sense this glorious event, beyond the Three Realms, some didn't miss it.

"I lost."

Night stated besides a jubilating Cloud.

"Dare bet with me and underestimate my sworn brother. Night, did my absence make you grow balls the size of the sun? How bold!"

Cloud rejoiced with a burst of laughter. And before such a deplorable sight, the Happiness God dared not make a sound. After all, time taught him that although his cultivation now stood at the summit of the Legendary God Rank, before those existences, he was nothing more than an ant.

No, he didn't have the qualifications to call himself an ant.

To say nothing of the System's True Owner. With a wave of their hands, Night and Cloud could eradicate all lives within the Three Realms! Before them, even the Overlord and the Warden couldn't raise any storm.

And thinking of how from the start, the people of the Three Realms were doomed to never reach such an altitude, the Happiness God couldn't help but suppress a sigh. The Overlord was right. Talent and fortuitous encounters mattered not. For those born in the Three Realms, especially demons and devas, Supremacy was a sham, an alluring pitfall!

But seeing how Konrad left the shackled road and broke that sham by taking his first step toward Supremacy, the Happiness God's heart teemed with joy. Of course, he didn't expect Konrad to see that road to the end.

"Never did I expect that a philanderer's comprehension level could reach such an extent. He even manage to decompose Death's laws and make them his own. Impressive. Perhaps he really can succeed where even you failed."

The System's True Owner appraised without sarcasm. And hearing this, the Happiness God released a laugh of discomfort.

"Your Excellency had too high expectations for me. Even with the system, achieving that level is forever beyond my abilities."

He straightforwardly replied while scratching his head. Then, he lowered his eyes, aiming them at his lord's back.

"Though, I'm still curious as to where the ability of his rod hails from. With Your Excellency's eyesight, surely, you can understand its roots."

The Happiness God inquired, and by ability, he of course meant the golden rod.

"Who knows. Throughout the omniverse, such abilities are not uncommon. Even within the Three Realms, you have more than one race with similar innate powers. Meanwhile, some people are born with natural blessings or curses that cannot be traced to anyone or thing.

I am not that bored as to investigate the root of such an insignificant ability."

The System's True Owner replied in a casual tone, and the words made the Happiness God unwilling to probe further.

"Eldest brother, no need to be that uptight. I actually find it to be an interesting topic of conversation."

Cloud began, then shifted his attention toward the Happiness God to whisper a "don't let him startle you," that naturally didn't escape his eldest brother.

Night shook his head.

"Only you can find interest in such boring matters."

The System's True Owner retorted, forcing Cloud to shift his attention back onto him.

"Haha, one must know how to enjoy eternity. Though, while it is true that similar abilities are not uncommon, I find it strikingly similar to some forgotten -friends.-"

Cloud pursued, kindling both the Happiness God and the System's True Owner's interest.

"Oh? And who would that be?"

He asked with mild curiosity.

"The Empyrean Dragon Race, of course. I know it's been trillions of years, but eldest brother how could you forget? In the past, Dragon Dark and Dragon Mercy even abused that ability to snatch unsuspecting women from other immortals and enslave them for good until the Great Elder took actions to stop them."

Cloud replied while stretching his hands in a yawn. But little did he expect his words to trigger a violent reaction from within his eldest brother. The System's True Owner turned to face Cloud, paused, and stared at him with frowning eyes.

"What did you just say?"

He asked after a moment of silence, causing Cloud to wonder why his brother showed such a strange reaction. Wasn't this an obvious link anyone in their position would have made?

"The Empyrean Dragon Rod does exactly the same thing as that Konrad's -golden rod.- There is absolutely no difference. And in the past…"

Cloud reiterated, but before he could finish his words, the True System's Owner's eyes widened in disbelief, and he turned, shifting his eyes back toward Konrad for closer examination. Alas, he was startled to see that Konrad was nowhere to be seen!

He no longer stood within the Three Realms!

"Where…where is he?!"

He snarled, and stretched his vision throughout all verses and dimensions!

In less than a breath of time, he found Konrad's new location and vanished to pursue him!

The Happiness God was scared out of his wits while Cloud blinked in disbelief.

"Why…such an exaggerated reaction? It's not like Konrad is part of the Empyrean Dragon Race."

Cloud muttered, unable to comprehend this wild outburst and shifted his eyes toward Night whose face had long-since contorted into a frown. Seeing this, Cloud understood his thought.

"Come on, that's impossible. To say nothing of the fact that we know full-well his bloodline and origin. Assuming we didn't, how could the Empyrean Dragon Race remain in this world? In the past, eldest brother exterminated them all in body and soul!

Not one was spared!"

Cloud objected to that silent thought trotting within his brother's mind, speaking words that only further confused the Happiness God.

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