Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 392

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 392 Nascent Infiniteness Insight

Within Konrad's mind, a multitude of forces emerged, connected in a radiant chart of all colors imaginable and unimaginable within existence. Those star-shaped forces were nothing less than the Laws!

All Base Laws appeared!

All Higher Laws followed!

All Primal Laws joined the fray!

Thus, within Konrad's mind, the complete chart of Laws now stood like a constellation. Konrad bound them all, forcing them to show the way toward their origin, that one source they heralded from. The process didn't take ten-thousand years. It was a single moment determining whether the candidate had what it took to see through the veil of the Supreme Principles.

In success, the new road opened. In failure, it closed for good! However, before Konrad's pressure, open it did!

Bright light erupted from all the laws, connecting them all in a single dot where a new realm lied. A new realm of knowledge, force, and understanding all bound in one principle:

The principle of Infiniteness!

And in that instant, Konrad achieved Nascent Understanding in Infiniteness, thereby taking another step toward Supremacy! Sensing the change, the monk nodded in approval.

But Konrad's eyes didn't open. Instead, building on his new understanding and Transcendental Powers, he opened the door he desperately sought, the path toward the formation of his own Cultivation Bridge!

As he did, the peaceful realm was disturbed by the garish descent of Tribulation Clouds! Those Tribulation Clouds didn't stem from any Realm Will, but from the Omniverse itself!

"Though the steps differ, all True Bridges begin here."

The monk stated, more for himself than Konrad who could no longer hear him.

"Suffer Ten Thousand Tribulations, go through all your incarnations and return to your origin, the life that saw your appearance in the omniverse, your emergence from nothingness. If you can endure all incarnations, and extricate yourself from your very own samsara, then you have the right to form your bridge."

The monk declared, and as if to back his words, a lightning bolt erupted from the Tribulation Clouds to slam Konrad where he stood! That cloud didn't target his body or soul, but the very principles of his existence and samsara!

Once it struck, Konrad's appearance changed, going from his transcendental looks to an above average man with short black hairs. His previous incarnation, a life he now knew nothing of. In a flash, Konrad relived the decades of that existence, enduring all it implied before another lightning bolt struck to send him into the previous one. And so, it went on, ten, one hundred, one thousand incarnations.

And in every single one them, there was one thing that he never lost:

The golden rod!

Shockingly, it always followed, accompanying him throughout all incarnations. Most of these had little impact, and Konrad could effortlessly extricate himself from them. However, when he reached the six-thousandth, it became a completely different story where destruction lied at every turn!

In this incarnation, Konrad sank deep, too deep and threatened to lose himself for good! His eyes and hairs became a bright gold that outshined the sun while his ancient clothing embodied imperial dignity.

In that life, his first life, Konrad could finally see the root of that ability the System's Owner dubbed "insignificant."

At that time, the System's Owner crossed the void and bypassed all wards to land within that world. And seeing the Tribulation Clouds, his eyes widened in disbelief.

"He's crossing the Ten Thousand Tribulations to build his Cultivation Bridge? Then it means…he already succeeded?"

The System's Owner realized, for indeed, the Hidden Goal he set was for the candidates to use the System he built to reach a preliminary understanding of Infiniteness! Of course, he never planned to allow a successful candidate to build his own bridge. At least not before they completed the task he had for them…after which…if by some inconceivable miracle, alive they still were…then it no longer was his business.

Alas, he was a step late. And as Tribulation Clouds draped Konrad in Samsara mist, even he couldn't see his current shape, or interfere in the process! In a violent spin, his crimson eyes turned toward the only remaining person:

The sitting monk.

"Dharma Lord, how dare you interfere in This Sovereign's business?!"

The System's Owner roared in a fit of fury. In usual days, the Dharma Lord or the creation of a True Bridge could never provoke a ripple within him. However, when thinking of Konrad's possible connection to the Empyrean Dragons, he couldn't sit still!

There was only one thing he would never allow. One thing that could make him lose himself in bottomless rage and hatred:

The Empyrean Dragon Race!

"Tribulation Demon, although you rule the omniverse, there are things even you can't interfere with. I'm merely a guide, a counselor to those in need of advice. I do not interfere in paths or alter results. If you wish to stop his breakthrough or destroy him afterward, that is your matter.

However, I must remind you that in this place where the Three Supreme Forces stand at their strongest, even you can't run amok. If you're not careful perhaps your very existence may suffer irreversible harm.

After all, you may be the only High Supreme across creation, and well into the Third Layer, but you've yet to master it."

The Dharma Lord replied with his imperturbable eyes not glancing toward Tribulation Demon.

Hearing this, Tribulation Demon burst into a peal laughter.

"What hubris, to dare speak with such conceit before This Sovereign, how bold. Dharma Lord, do you think that just because you reached Supremacy through Nothingness, the only layer This Sovereign has not mastered, you can run amok before This Sovereign?

True, This Sovereign cannot erase you. But that doesn't mean This Sovereign can't make you live a life worse than death."

Tribulation Demon replied and waved his hand, causing an irresistible crimson force to shackle the Dharma Lord and leave him at his mercy. Still, the monk was undisturbed.

"In the past, of the Firmament's Nine Supremes you're the only one This Sovereign let escape. The reason is indeed that This Sovereign couldn't be bothered with trampling a cockroach. However, since you don't cherish freedom, This Sovereign shall remove it from your rights!"

Tribulation Demon proclaimed, and with another wave of his hands, the Dharma Lord exploded into disconnected subatomic particles that flew into Tribulation Demon's sleeves. And from beginning to end, he didn't bother struggling, for indeed, it was pointless.

And if anyone that understood the concept of Supremacy saw the Dharma Lord collapsing with such ease, they would have undoubtedly be scared out of their wits.

However, the Dharma Lord found his fate unsurprising, for throughout creation, only one person could say the three words "I Am Supreme" with absolute confidence. That person was Tribulation Demon, the Sovereign Ruler of the Omniverse!

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