Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 396

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 396 The Omniarch Spurts Blood

But though Konrad knew full well who he was, having experienced the thousands of years of Dragon Warden's existence, upon glancing at Regretless' face, some foreign feelings welled up within his chest.

Meanwhile, the Primordial Seed within his right hand glittered in golden light, its ancient energy and the origin it contained allowing Regretless to figure out the root of this impossible scene. And his fury only blazed harder.

"No…that's not possible, I don't believe it!"

Regretless snapped while descending before Konrad. Rage twisted his otherwise flawless face. His veins erratically beat, his balled-up fists trembled, and his teeth clashed with one another with such intensity that a mortal in his shoes would have seen them clatter. Only Primordial Deities could channel the power of the Realm Wills to create such seeds. And even for them, it came at no small cost.

This was a part of their life they would never recover, the highest form of protection they could bestow. Highest Dragon, their imperial uncle used four to save Regretless and his sworn siblings, thereby ensuring that even without Celestial Slaughter's sword, he wouldn't live for much longer.

And following his demise, throughout the Empyrean, there was only one Primordial Deity left:

Celestial Slaughter!

And for that reason, this was inconceivable! But as the Primordial Force unfurled, revealing an energy signature Regretless could never forget, there was no doubt in the seed's origin.

"Why? He mastered the Supreme Conqueror Sutra and possessed no emotion whatsoever! Within his heart, that cold, kinslaying heart of his, only The Conqueror's Will existed. Why would he endure the pain of breeding this seed for you?!"

Regretless bellowed while stretching his trembling hand toward the Primordial Seed trapped within Konrad's grasp. But then, he stopped and lifted his crimson eyes toward Konrad whose indifferent, icy hues, held him in disdain.

Indeed, within Konrad's eyes, disdain was the only appraisal Regretless obtained.

"Why? What makes you different? What makes you better? I was born without equal, from infancy to maturity, no one could compare with me! Throughout all eras, I was the undisputed first. Yet, it is you that obtained the glory, the respect, the love, the care, while I was forced to suppress myself and endure humiliation!


I am the firstborn, I am the eldest! What rule within heaven and earth forces the elder to surrender everything to the younger?! Dragon Warden, more than him, I loathe you!

You robbed me of all that should have been mine, you robbed me of Peerless!

Everything that happened is because of you! You ruined me for eternity! I am Supreme! All things within the Omniverse bend to my will, but because of you, I cannot share it with the only one that really mattered!


Regretless howled in a maddened frenzy while seizing Konrad's collar.

And if not for this unique space suppressing his voice, Regretless' howl would have shredded all within the Omniverse. He was that mighty. Still, amusement and disdain stood strong within Konrad's gaze.

"Are you done? Boy, you are noisy."

Konrad replied with his lips curved in a derisive smirk.

"Regretless, I owe you nothing. You are the result of your own ineptitude. There is one thing all knew. Peerless knew it, Celestial Slaughter knew it, I know it. Only Dragon Warden didn't."

Konrad began while his empty, left hand grabbed Regretless' wrist and shoved his grip away.

"You are an insecure bitch."

Konrad spat without an ounce of restraint, his words causing the already twisted Regretless' face, to contort further.

"What…did you just say?"

Regretless munched the words.

"Think about it, with your talent and imperial uncle's backing, you only had to be patient, and the world would ultimately be yours. The only reason why father made your life difficult was to use you as a key to the Hidden Realms.

Once it proved useless, he would, of course, no longer bother with you. Father had neither emotions nor desires. He didn't know fear, he didn't know conceit. Naturally, he didn't know scorn or the desire to oppress.

He was driven by a singular purpose, The Will to Conquer.

That is the Supreme Conqueror Sutra. Therefore, at one point, he would have let you go to focus on finding new ways. That wedding clearly was his best effort. The stage he prepared for you to self-immolate yourself. And he knew you so well that he didn't doubt he'd succeed.

But you? The brother that had been by your side and grew up under your nose for centuries and the woman you claimed to love didn't even produce enough insurance for you to restrain yourself. You had no faith, you had no trust, all because you're insecure. It is in your nature, in your bones, and no amount of power can change that.

What a joke. You ruined yourself, stop shifting blame!"

Konrad verbally hacked at Regretless' heart, speaking truths he wished not to see.

"Oh, by the way. The boy you killed. That half-dragon, half-phoenix bearing an uncanny resemblance to Peerless and some 'faint similarities to me.' Remember?"

Konrad asked, and as he spoke, his tone grew crueler. Anticipating his next words, Regretless' eyes grew wider.

"He's yours. Of course he is. Peerless struggled so hard to keep him alive. Never did she expect he'd perish in his father's hands. I admit, Dragon Warden didn't, either. By the way, although hairs and eye colors differed, you and I used to bear a striking resemblance to one another.

And you were half-dragon, half-tribulation-spirit. Considering the boy's age and dragon blood proportion that couldn't escape your sight, how could you not guess that he was yours? Dragon Warden had to pass him off as his son, otherwise, how could he be raised in decency?

Tss, tss, tss…what a shame. What a loss. And such a good boy he was. Ah, I really am not good uncle material.


Konrad burst into a peal of fiendish laughter while Regretless' eyes went bloodshot and his heart's frantic beating shot ups!


An iron taste filled his mouth, and he spurted the first mouthful of blood in trillions of years!

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