Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 400

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 400 Atomic Bomb

In the instant Konrad's eyes opened, Selene was forced to admit that now, perhaps High-Gods were good enough to fill the gaps between his teeth. If before she feared that Konrad's rise to the Higher Realms would set him back to underdog level, now, she no longer possessed such concerns.

"Now girl, what should we do with you?"

Konrad inquired, bringing Selene back to a fact she had neglected:

The reality of the mess she now stood in.

No system, no new body, no revenge.

As those realizations dawned on her, Selene's eyes expanded at Konrad who still stared at her with a calm, smiling face.

"You don't happen to have use for a nephilim soul right?"

She asked with the brightest smile and fluttering eyelashes she could muster. She considered tugging on Konrad's clothes, but alas, as a soul, she'd just pass through him. But before her display, Konrad remained undaunted.

"Absolutely not. Regretless is a lazy harlot. Although using the soul of a nephilim as battery makes it much simpler for the system to produce bloodlines of various races, there are ways to skirt that requirement. And even if there weren't, little girl, I'm more nephilim than you can ever be."

Konrad replied with a garish chuckle. 

"Holy cow…"

Selene despaired. Now, she didn't have any chip to bargain with Konrad. Although one million years of "exploration" allowed her to obtain vast knowledge, she didn't doubt that to the current Konrad, her entire arsenal showed no appeal.

What was she going to do?

*Sniff* *Sniff*

"Konrad, you can't be this ruthless. After all, I've served you quasi-faithfully for decades. Was it not for my grand generosity in negotiation, how could you lay your hands on the Blossoming Death Art so soon? And without it, how could you reach your current altitude?

*Sniff* *Sniff*

If only for that, you should have some mercy on me!"

Selene sobbed and dropped on the ground without an ounce of shame. Seeing this, Konrad rolled his eyes. Quasi-faithfully! She even dared admit it!

"Alright, considering that you're honest, and a meritorious official of the Jade Dynasty, I will give you a path to survival."

Konrad replied and waved his hand, causing a twister of black light to appear from nowhere. And as the swirling black rays dispersed, the ravishing, firm and voluptuous body of a sultry, golden-haired woman appeared.

Seeing that excessively provocative body fit for the temptress of an era, Selene recoiled in fright!

"What do you expect me to do with…this?!"

She asked the obvious while waving her wobbling finger at the crime-inducing body Konrad shamelessly summoned.  

"Isn't that obvious, this is the body you were promised. With perfect constitution, talents, and most importantly, looks, it will make your future cultivation path a breeze. But better, I sealed a Devil Seed inside its heart, thereby allowing you to thread the False Bridge stemming from mine and become a Devil!

What a glory!"

Konrad exclaimed in an unabashed show of brazenness. But as his words echoed, Selene rose in outrage!

"Nonsense, look at the size of those tits, those hips, and that ass! Do you expect me to walk the globe with a body like this? Even the face breathes lasciviousness! What are you taking me for? In the future, how do I face my brother? How do I face my grandfather? What? Are you expecting me to turn into the jailbait of the era?"

She retorted without delay. Even if she were barefaced, there was a difference between charming and salacious. Though the face was perfect, the body Konrad offered her was an atomic bomb that would ensure she'd get no respite from now on!

And poor her didn't even know how right she was! In the future, when she found Malkam, Surya and all those traitorous cunts for revenge, when her cow-tits bounced without end, what credibility could she produce?

It would be great if their eyes didn't remain glued on the cleavage!

"This is my only offer. It's a take it or leave it bargain. If you don't want it, there is nothing I can do about it. Good luck on finding better options."

Konrad declared with his hands crossed beneath his back and his complacent lips humming a jovial tone.

To dare offend him on so many occasions, that is your fate!

And knowing that this petty soul wouldn't relent, Selene had no other choice but concede.

"At least…make the curves smaller…"

She pleaded. Alas, her words fell on deaf ears. Or devil ears in that case!

"Negative. Hurry up and take your new home. Your soul still needs to grow and adapt to the body. That alone will take years. Afterward, you'll need to officially embark on the cultivation road.

But lucky you, reaching the early-stage of the Heart Devil Realm already makes you nearly equal to a peak-stage True God. Although your battle-power will be somehow inferior to mine, in the future, catching up to Malkam and even Surya will be a breeze."

Konrad denied the ancient lassie whose sass now stood tamed within his depraved clutches.

"And this is merely the beginning! In the future, see how I plow you!"

Konrad said within his mind. Unfortunately, the evil look on his face betrayed all his debauched thoughts. Knowing that the future looked grim, Selene trembled. But having no other recourse, she walked toward the body and took her "seat" within.

Black light erupted from her, and the integration began.

Konrad waved his sleeve, causing Selene to reappear within a small internal world he created within his body. The Infiniteness Principle was truly handy. From now on, space treasures were entirely expendable.

"Alright. It's high time the Ancient Crystal World, and the entirety of the Mortal Realm falls in line. Henceforth, we play by Konrad's rules."

He stated, and with one step, crossed the void to return to the Ancient Crystal World!

And though Konrad didn't feel the weight of time, within the Ancient Crystal World, three decades had passed. Three decades of bloody warfare and earthshaking events that saw changes none expected!


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