Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 403 2

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 403 Routing The Ants Part 2

If there was one thing Ilkaalt had never forgotten across those decades, it was her abusive treatment at the hands of the vindictive Konrad who'd now faded from the battlefield. Like all the others, she believed Konrad enjoying the comfort of his imperial throne while the world beyond the Jade Dynasty went in flames.

A few even inferred that his ambitions lied in the World God seat, a seat he planned to seize once the chafing barbarians had wholly surrendered to him, and his own cultivation reached the threshold of godhood.

After much analysis, and corroboration of all available data, even the Zenith Ants didn't believe Konrad's cultivation at godhood yet. After all, when he clashed with Dasra, he merely stood at the peak of Star Fusion. Even if his talent transcended all reasoning, without earthshaking inheritances, there was no way he could reach that step in three decades.

And if he did, he wouldn't be quiet about it. The Ant Goddess hypothesized that the bulk of his strength came from his Laws and that his cultivation itself still stood at a negligible level.

Of course, the Zenith Ants didn't plan to give him time to rise further. After Nessriane completed the final step of her merge, they would turn their attention toward the Jade Dynasty!

Meanwhile, after those three decades, although her fateful date approached, a single meeting with her mother allowed Ilkaalt to no longer believe in Konrad's prophecy.

"Muddled and idiotic waste! No wonder you've been acting so strangely. How could you so readily believe the words of the enemy? As a Nether Wielder and Death Embodiment, how much effort would he require to give you a -genuine- image of your future demise?

He's clearly been playing tricks with your mind!"

That one retort from Nessriane pulled Ilkaalt out of confusion, and her distorted hatred for Konrad rose to new heights.

Now, as her roar erupted and her killing intent soared to lock on Verena and Yvonne, there was only one thing she wished to do:

Tear them to shreds!

Echoing her bloodlust, the seventeen queens shot toward the Jade Dynasty Duo. But long before they reach them, they barreled against an invisible barrier that sent them back to the starting point!

Their eyes widened in disbelief, but before they could comprehend the meaning of this twist, a spatial rift opened to welcome the entrance of a slender woman of unrivaled beauty whose long jet-black hairs fluttered beneath her short, crimson dress.

Naturally, that woman was Else. And after three decades of relying on Konrad's Life Fruits and the Serkars' resources, her cultivation had risen to brand-new heights while her physiques all reached one-star God Rank!

Naturally, thanks to Yvonne turning the Ancestral Blood Pool into a usable resource, neither she nor Verena were behind.

"Welcome, girl. Long time no see."

Verena greeted with a smirk as Else nimbly landed on the ground.

"That is not entirely accurate. And no, I didn't miss you."

Else replied and took her stance at Yvonne's right. Hearing this, Verena shook her head from left to right.

"How did you know we would be here?"

Yvonne couldn't help but ask. It hadn't even been five minutes since Verena and she decided to raid the World Tree. How could Else already be aware of it? Unless…

"I calculated Fate with my Laws and foresaw your battle here. Considering you're a bit low on manpower, I left an avatar within the Infernal Cult and came to lend a hand."

Although Else was now a Truth Seer while Verena was a Fate Seer, they both possessed a profound understanding of the path they didn't thread. Alas, the curses of demonism and devahood prevented them from achieving Wielding through cultivation.

Having witnessed firsthand the might of a Primal Law Embodiment, Else's sense of urgency was even higher than Verena and Yvonne's. Moreover, while fierce competition existed between them, the bonds formed across the years stood thicker than iron. She would naturally not stay out of this clash.

Else's appearance only further incensed Ilkaalt, if that was possible.

In a flash, the seventeen queens formed a circle around the Jade Dynasty Trio while Ilkaalt stood a step behind to summon the power of her laws.

"Since you decided to dive into the lion's maw, don't blame us for being merciless:

Nature Law!"

Ilkaalt snarled, causing the trees, the earth and all natural forces in the vicinity to rise against her foes! Vines and branches stretched out alongside massive earthen pillars and legions of leaves to barrel into the Jade Trio. And if that wasn't enough, Ilkaalt's life essence unfurled to empower her move as it descended upon Konrad's ladies.

The seventeen queens didn't stay idle, each summoning their Nature Laws which empowered by their life essence, merged into an earthshaking strike able to blow most Minor Gods into smithereens.

"After all these years, still using the same outdated tricks? How insignificant."

Yvonne disparaged the move and raised her hand. Instantaneously, her Essence Ruler Physique kicked into gear, releasing forest green light that immediately suppressed the Zenith Ants combined assault.

And with another wave of her hand, it rushed back toward them all! Ilkaalt and the Ant Queens' eyes widened in disbelief!

Although they'd learned of Yvonne's Essence Ruler Physique's abilities, never did they expect her able to take control of the combined might of their laws! Worse, it only took one move! In desperation, the Ant Queens sought escape. But all were startled to see that they couldn't move an inch!

This time, it wasn't Yvonne, but Else who used Truth and Space Laws to anchor them where they stood! Although in Truth Else still was a step away from Wielding, in Time and Space, she'd already crossed that threshold!


The first queen cursed before the avalanche of their forces barreled into them all!


Unable to extricate themselves, the seventeen queens bore the brunt of the all-out blow! Crushed under relentless earthen pillars and spear-like vines, eight directly surrendered their lives while the remaining nine flew in various directions and collapsed with grievous injuries!

Verena made a grasping motion, and the surviving nine all fell into a lethal future and perished without further wounds.

At that time, Ilkaalt realized she'd kicked an iron sheet, and without hesitation, turned heels to rush back to the World Tree!

But before she could, Else appeared before her.

"You and I have a score to settle. Remember how proud you were thirty years ago when the gap of three cultivation ranks stood between us?

Good, now that our cultivation is the same, please show me that conceit."

Else goaded with a derisive smile while her right hand beckoned Ilkaalt.

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